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  1. Great colors and really clever and creative. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Trailer looks great Susan. Hope you continue to have good weather for traveling and light traffic too.
  3. Looking forward to photos as well. Hope the travel was smooth. That's a lot of driving for sure!
  4. Welcome Tom and Shari. We are also in shopping mode (June 21 delivery) and came across a couple of pillows that you might like that are most definitely applicable for my wife and me...Separately, you may have seen this already but we found this thread particularly helpful. Looking forward to seeing your pics!
  5. Thanks a lot for the detailed update. The central hotel is beautiful for sure. Safe travels to Hohenwald and we're looking forward to some pictures once you've picked up Pearl!
  6. Susan H, have you come up with a satisfactory mount for your 890? I'm specifically curious if you went with the bean bag mount. Your truck and my truck have a similar "landing area" for a GPS and I think the bean bag location of the GPS would be preferable to attaching it to the windshield. Operating it only in landscape view would be my preference. If you went with the bean bag mount can you provide a part number for it? Did you consider the magnetic mount with HD traffic or will getting traffic through your paired phone be as good?
  7. Patriot - Thank you for your service. I, too, have the deepest appreciation for all members of our military. My Dad is a WW2 veteran. 93 years old and soon to be 94. He went into the service when he was 17...
  8. You already have a wealth of knowledge about it without having used it! Thanks for all of the great info. Looking forward to hearing from you again when you've had a chance to use it and have figured out the best way to mount it. Would be interested in seeing pics too. We still have lots of time so no rush. Your delivery date is very close. My wife and I are excited for you. We've also benefitted from all of your research and thoughtful posts so thank you again. 🙂
  9. Susan Huff - just wondering if you might have received your 890 and, if so, any initial feedback on it if you've had a chance to play with it? Based on how many trailers have been sold recently I'm sure there are others that are interested in your feedback.
  10. Rose, you're awesome! Thank you so much for this post!
  11. I'm still looking into security options for our RV including cameras and tracking devices. Weighing all of the variables like monthly fees, being somewhere with no cell coverage and ease of installation. What happened in the video that John posted was pretty disturbing and could ruin a trip. This link has a few security camera options. I'm still looking and will post anything that looks like it has merit. https://nerdtechy.com/best-rv-security-camera
  12. Sounds like a plan John....I had found the RV America site when searching for ski resorts that might allow RV's and found the information interesting but I didn't watch Alan's video until you posted it here. Good info for sure. It's almost too bad that Oliver doesn't make a "cold weather" package especially considering they tout a four season trailer. Although I'm not sure there'd be much demand...but there are at least 3 of us that would have been interested! When you spoke with the owner of airskirts did the owner mention where the product is actually made? Their website says "Designed and engineered" in the USA which usually means it's not actually made in the states. That's sort of a big deal for me considering the price. I may have some other questions for you and I'll PM you if I do. Let's keep in touch. Thanks...
  13. Congratulations. Beautiful trailer. Enjoy it!
  14. NC Eagle, I also ordered the Oliver because I wanted to be able to do the same thing you're planning to do in terms of skiing out west. I live in Maine not far from Sugarloaf and Sunday River but I still want to ski out west. I've only skied Steamboat and the conditions weren't great when I was there. I also like to fish and plan to do some of that out there too. I'll be following this thread and if I find anything that might be of interest regarding the skirts or other ways to keep the cold out and things working I'll post it. Hope everything goes well with your upcoming delivery.
  15. Congratulations fun times. I also like your colors. Enjoy it and be sure to answer SeaDawg's questions because I want to know too 🙂
  16. I'm researching GPS units and would like feedback from owners on whether they have dedicated GPS units and, if so, would they recommend them and why. Also, if there are suitable apps for iphones that people would recommend I'd be interested in these too. Thanks in advance. I searched GPS and nothing returned. If there are existing threads for me to reference please just let me know.
  17. I know this is an older thread but would there ever be an instance where a 2" ball/coupler would be preferred, better or necessary vs the 2 5/16"? I've read all of the threads related to John's coupler modifications and did a quick bulldog price check of 2" vs 2 5/16" and the difference is $20 I have a long wait for my Oliver (June 2021) but this is one modification I'm planning to do. Unless there is a reason why a user would actually need the smaller bulldog I don't understand why Oliver wouldn't install the larger one on all units. What am I missing aside from 2" is a more common/available size? For reference, I have a 2020 Tundra and, from everything I've read, my towing experience will be considerably better with the weight distribution hitch which I'm planning to purchase. Ultimately, I'd like a diesel tow vehicle ($$$) but that will have to wait a while.
  18. This may be of some interest regarding Ring and RV security...
  19. Super helpful. Thank you very much Cindy! Hope you enjoyed your factory tour!
  20. Thank you for the images. I continue to appreciate the importance of quality wiring especially in this type of application. If re-work is needed due to poor workmanship it is probably very difficult.
  21. Wondering if anyone knows if they have shut their doors? I have tried calling during regular business hours and no answer to either number and emails get kicked back with an "address not found" message. I've checked to make sure I typed it correctly. At least a few people have commented about how happy they were with their products which is why I tried contacting them.
  22. Overland - I like that idea. The thought of removing a screw and seeing daylight is disturbing. The strip of PVC (or better yet - Starboard) wouldn't cost much at all... Thanks for all the feedback thus far. Andrew's pictures made me feel better about the wiring and I watched a Youtube video supporting topgun's message of improved consistency in the wiring department.
  23. Thanks SeaDawg - I've learned a lot from all of your posts and experience...
  24. I have an Elite 2 on order and I'd like to hear from owners that have newer models and get their feedback on overall wiring quality. I'm interested in neatness of work, appropriate use of connectors (like butt connectors instead of wire nuts), tie wraps appropriately spaced and just overall layout and quality. My brother does high end home theater installations as well as marine electronics installations and I've helped him on some projects. He's super OCD and the quality of his work is impressive to say the least. I'm wondering if, once he starts to look at the trailer, he'll want to redo some of the wiring. Obviously without voiding my warranty. Thoughts? I've read several threads from owners that have older models. Just curious to know what the feedback is like on the later models. The forums are incredibly helpful. Lots of great information from people genuinely interested in helping others and willing to share their great ideas and modifications. It is very much appreciated. Thanks to all...
  25. Thank you very much for sharing all of this. Fantastic information especially the Amazon list you provided. Thanks again! 🙂
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