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  1. Definitely recommend reaching out to Diamondback to let them know of your issues. They are known for their exemplary customer service. I would be very surprised if they didn't try to make things right for you.
  2. To sort of close the loop on this thread I started...Oliver has shipped me a new radio. Haven't received it yet but fingers crossed it works as it should. Even after a hard shut down - as John Davies recently commented on which is holding the power button for like 5 seconds - my "old" radio would still come on randomly. And it was not an alarm that I or ScubaRx set that was causing it to come on...A mystery for sure. I tried multiple resets and it still would also not load a movie when we actually wanted the unit on. Separately but somewhat related, Oliver shipped me a new bathroom light and a long piece of bulb weather seal for the lower section of the doghouse. Pretty happy with that level of service. They shipped things quickly and without me needing to negotiate to get them to replace the defective items.
  3. GJ, CAPTURE WASHER or CAPTIVE WASHER? Link would still be helpful so exact size that you bought that works and fits would remove any uncertainty.
  4. GJ, thanks for all of your effort in finding a solution here. Would you please post a link to these HEX HEAD CAPTURE WASHERS as I'm sure others would like to buy them and apply the same fix to their trailers. Thanks.
  5. Can anyone ascertain what caused this? Is this a bearing quality issue? Just normal wear and tear? Since RLEOG has done regular maintenance and used a premium grease it would appear to me that this is a bearing quality issue. I'm asking because the answer will likely determine if I swap out the original Dexter (Chinese) bearings (when I'm ready to do this service) instead of cleaning and repacking them. The answer might also motivate me to do this sooner than the recommended 10k or 12k miles that Dexter suggests.
  6. This is with minimal pressure. I am not "pulling" here. Doesn't appear that there was ever a good bond between the black - I'm assuming butyl tape strip - and the fiberglass. I've asked Service to send me a piece of this so that I can replace it but I still wonder if there is something better out there.
  7. My dog house weather seal is coming off and I'm wondering if people have replaced this with something different. I'm talking about the squishy foam seal on the top edge of the dog house, not the cover. I'm aware of what people have used for the cover edge and I have ordered this already. This weather seal gets really dirty. I'm wondering if there is something that would work that isn't quite as soft that might also be easier to clean.
  8. Thanks for your post Fritz. I have submitted a ticket and hope to have a similar experience with Oliver's support team. I suspect any call or emails directly to Furrion will go straight into the same black hole that your correspondence did.
  9. Can you help me a little more with this Carnivore? I don't use the radio often and I am unfamiliar with the alarm function. Thanks...
  10. Yes, it has a remote. Were you asking just so I wouldn't have to get up to turn it off or should I be looking for something on the remote that might help?
  11. Our radio comes on automatically and sporadically without the power button being pushed. Anyone else have this happen to them and, if so, what was the fix? I think I'd be happy disabling it completely until we actually use it which is rarely.
  12. Not sure this was really answered...No, there is no Lithium label on the battery door. And I'm stealing John's "sewer hose" label idea!
  13. Good for you for tackling this work! I will swap out the bearings on my trailer in the not too distant future and you (and FrankC) have inspired me 🙂 I dislike most of the grease guns in the marketplace so I did a bunch of research and bought this kit. It's a really well made gun (made in Germany, not China) and doesn't leak. The only disadvantage to LubeShuttle is you must buy their grease but it is very high quality and they have a full synthetic (KH150) if you want to avoid a lithium based grease. I bought some of the LubeShuttle empty tubes and filled them up with Red Line CV2 grease. That was fun. 🙄 https://store.advancedenginetech.com/collections/greasing-kits/products/lube-shuttle®-travel-trailer-greasing-kit I also recommend getting a longer hose (30") from LocknLube so that your grease gun isn't dangling in the air if you need both hands to put the coupler on the zerk. As RiverNerd mentioned, get the LocknLube coupler. You'll never go back to a conventional one after using the locknlube product even with the 45's and 90's you've installed. I got a few of the accessories from this page and the 30" hose. https://locknlube.com/collections/greasing-accessories You may want to consider a good creeper if you're going to continue to work on your trailer yourself. https://www.griotsgarage.com/cadillac-of-creepers/?sku=38912&code=PPCPLG&adlclid=ADL-9f22e23e-58b7-4742-aea5-e4b8f85474d2 Safe travels to the rally!
  14. Thanks SeaDawg. You found the thread that Patriot started that I was looking for.
  15. Could someone direct me to the thread on the mods some have done to raise the propane tanks up a bit? I believe there were a few ideas on types of trays bought or made to protect the bottom of the propane tanks. I think someone made something out of heavy duty rubber with drainage holes in it.
  16. I'm afraid the term "massholes" is sort of well deserved when it comes to how many people drive. Most drivers believe that using your turn signal is akin to giving information to the enemy 🙂
  17. Hey Rleog (Bob)! That was us! It was great to see a fellow Oliver owner and, as mentioned above, you were brave to be towing your Oliver on the SE Expressway. I drive that route a lot between Maine and MA and I hate it with nothing in tow! Sorry that I'm responding 7 months late. My wife just saw your post from surfing the forum and she screamed "That guy sent us a message!". She actually startled me she was so excited. I will PM you too but thanks a lot for saying hello. And despite the fact that I've traveled on the SE Expressway thousands of times, I will NEVER do it with my trailer! You're way braver than me.
  18. So glad you are okay. Must have been horrifying for sure. As people have mentioned, stuff can be replaced. Really hope you are made whole by the insurance companies and that you're able to get back to camping as soon as reasonably possible. Your concern for the family that was traveling behind you speaks to the kind of people you are. And you are handling the whole thing incredibly well given that you can laugh about people that mentioned your boat not faring too well.
  19. I have not removed my cover yet but I will within the next couple of weeks and will report any wear issues to the Oliver. I don't expect any primarily because of how light the cover is. When it was incredibly windy the cover would move slightly despite being cinched down pretty well. Even with this, I'm not anticipating any wear to the trailer. Can't over emphasize the need for pool noodles (or something similar) for the sharp corners like the solar. The cover will wear in those spots without them.
  20. This is what I did. My batteries were at 50 SOC prior to storing them. I did buy a charger directly from Lithionics for them which I will use if I need to.
  21. John W - I'm sure others will chime in but getting the cover on isn't that hard if you have two people. The new covers, as I mentioned, are pretty light. If you get each side "started" and just work from back to front it's not too bad to install. I could do it myself but it's way easier with two. We have the Lithium batteries and we live in central Maine which can get quite cold so it was suggested to me by people on this forum as well as a tech at Lithionics to remove my batteries which I did. They are stored in a cool, dry place in my home. I feel much better about having taken them out considering some of our night time temps this winter.
  22. We have a new Calmark cover and as Topgun mentioned, it is very light considering it's overall size. They are well made but expensive. Any and all sharp edges must be protected. We also use pool noodles on the top of the trailer and old, neutral colored bath towels for the corners on the bottom rear of the trailer. The better it is secured, the less it moves. Movement creates abrasion and wear.
  23. I checked my truck today and there was a sizeable piece of insulation that had come loose and was rubbing up against the driveshaft. I read that the Fix from Ford is that they drill holes and re-rivet the insulation. I wasn't inclined to have holes drilled so I simply cut the insulation in a straight line right behind a section that was still well secured with rivets. When it's not 16 degrees out, I'll get underneath my truck again and secure the cut edge to the bottom of the bed. Doubt I will bring it back to my dealer for this unless more of the insulation works its way loose. New trucks are no longer being made with this insulation. There is now something installed under the carpeting.
  24. I also have the diamondback tonneau cover for my F250 and like it. It is well made and came with good installation instructions. As JPS mentioned, it makes the contents of the bed pretty secure. It is, however, expensive compared to most other tonneau covers. I also ordered the Front Runner rack system for it but have yet to install it. I got the smooth black finish to make installation of the rack system a bit easier. I wanted something strong enough to carry 2 (heavy) fishing kayaks on it which also influenced my decision. Their customer service is also quite good. Good luck!
  25. Thanks Patriot and FrankC. The heads up you both provided prompted me to check online to see if my truck (2021 F250 gasser) is impacted by this recall and it is so I'm following up with my dealership to have the issue addressed. If there's anything notable about the actual repair work I'll post it.
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