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  1. One hit wonder, really, but this song is just awesome...The best of "Boomer" music Overland 🙂
  2. We also need a ladder but haven't chosen one yet. If you're going to be detailing your Ollie you'll be standing on it for a while. Looking forward to your review!
  3. ScubaRx, do you happen to know where these are made?
  4. Bheki reminds me a bit of Guaraldi. I like him.
  5. Interesting that the batteries are different from the E1 to the E2. I learned that my E2 would come with Bright Way Group batteries if I choose the AGM's, not Lifelines as you received JRK.
  6. I don't really care for jazz but I love Brubeck and would have enjoyed seeing him for sure. You were fortunate Overland. I used to work in product development and worked closely with designers. There were many designers that were huge Radiohead fans. There's a lot of stuff people are uploading that I'm not familiar with but I'm giving all of it a try.
  7. Can someone who has taken recent delivery of a 2021 E2 with AGM's please advise the brand of the batteries? Thanks!
  8. Just checked out the Rotopax site. Not surprisingly, many of the larger containers are sold out. I ended up ordering a couple of 2.6 gal Jerry cans from Wavian and a water container too. Hope to do a similar mod as JD did and move the aluminum basket to the back of the Ollie. https://wavianusa.com/products/steel-fuel-jerry-can Still wish there were chassis mount tank upgrades available for gas as there are for diesel but so far, I've not found anything.
  9. Just read about this park. Looks perfect. Have added it as one of our stops. Thanks Paula...
  10. JD - Yes, like this link. Transferflow sells several of them. As you mention, they don't give them away. I watched an install video. Very straightforward but I don't want a tank in my truck bed. https://www.transferflow.com/shop/product/0800115195
  11. I've run into the same issue. I've been looking too and found tanks that can be added to the truck bed but I just wouldn't do that. If you do find anything Frank please post it. I'll do the same.
  12. My wife and I will pick up our trailer at the end of June and we would appreciate feedback from anyone that has camped northeast of Hohenwald. Our plan is to stay in the general area of OTT for around a week before we meander back home to the northeast. We will probably stay in DAVID Crockett SP for several days and do the appropriate shakedown and learning exercise before we depart. Our total trip length could be around a month. A combination of boondocking and campgrounds is our plan. Based on what I'm reading about how challenging it will be to make reservations, we need to make ours soon or plan to do a lot of boondocking. We like quiet, off the beaten path types of places. Not into shopping, traffic or crowds. If there are camping spots where there are clean bodies of water for swimming and fishing, we'd likely put those on our list. Golf and mountain biking too. Thanks for any advice!
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