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  1. I've had good luck with products from Spectrum for fiberglass ding and chip repair work. Would still suggest a call to service first as Bill mentioned. https://spectrumcolor-com.3dcartstores.com/
  2. Hi Fritz - were you able to find out if the 2000 is the XC Pro or just the XC? I'm still debating my power options (lithium vs AGM's) and learning more about the actual components that are used is homework I'm doing now. I can obviously check with my rep too but others may also benefit from knowing. Thanks...
  3. I have this same question so I'm also looking forward to your feedback Katanapilot. Separately, thanks for taking the plunge and doing this install. This is a priority mod for me too when we get our trailer. I am a light sleeper so the Dometic just won't work. How cool are you able to get your trailer? What is the lowest temp setting that you can choose?
  4. Bill, thanks for the tip on contacting the Chamber of Commerce. I just called them and requested literature for an upcoming trip my wife and I have planned for Wyoming. I had a very pleasant phone call with someone who was very eager to help with getting me information about what to do in that area. Hope you have a great fishing trip!
  5. Dewdev - I just got a quote from Calmark and it was $1280 plus shipping. They are also switching fabrics from Sunbrella to Weathermax. Weathermax has different properties and is a considerably less expensive compared to Sunbrella. It's lighter and offers better waterproofing but it may not provide the same UV protection as Sunbrella. I remember seeing a quote on the forum similar to mine ($1280) but it was for Sunbrella. The cost of the cover has gone way up for sure. From what I've read, Weathermax is about 33% cheaper than Sunbrella. Maybe Sherry (Seadawg) has some insight into pros and cons of Weathermax. I know Sunbrella from center console boats I owned and it was a superior material if properly cared for.
  6. South Shore Bearing in Quincy, MA. They are an authorized Timken dealer and have very knowledgeable people working there. They're almost local to you in Falmouth, ME. Good luck! https://southshorebearing.com/
  7. I'm not getting that error. I just sent you a PM as a test and I'm pretty sure it worked. I don't know if there are multiple ways to send PM's but I just click on your avatar and see the "message" box and take it from there.
  8. Yes, agree wholeheartedly with SeaDawg. It's super helpful to others when an owner "closes the loop" on an issue that they've posted about. Sharing what actually fixed the issue is obviously very much appreciated as well.
  9. Best of luck! Whether you know it or not you've sort of created a small fan club based on your laugh out loud posts and your genuine humility...Your questions and the answers you've received have undoubtedly benefited many others including me. You've been given great advice most especially the feedback about going slow and that doesn't mean just driving or backing in. You can now breathe and learn at a pace that is comfortable for you. Your rig looks awesome and, as far as I can tell, you parked perfectly! Keep the pics coming and enjoy!
  10. Your checklist was really helpful. Anyone that gets different options can just add a few additional rows to this file. Thanks a lot for sharing this file and for your reassuring comments on Oliver quality...and your experience with the service department.
  11. I have many of the same questions Fritz. I hope that some of the more technically gifted owners respond...
  12. Hi John, not just you. I've been seeing this same message intermittently over the past few weeks as well. It's only the Forums that seem to be affected. The other pages on the Oliver site haven't thrown errors...at least not for me.
  13. Thank you for your service!
  14. If they're keeping it can a moderator remove the listing in the classified section? Might be helpful so that someone doesn't think they've found one when it's no longer for sale...
  15. This is the one we bought. I was told (by Yamaha) that it would operate an A/C provided it had soft or easy start. I wish it had the 30amp plug but I can get around that. It is super quiet, I can pick it up and it's made in Japan. I think the build quality is excellent. When I fueled it up it started first pull. https://www.yamahagenerators.com/Yamaha-EF2400iSHC-p/ef2400ishc.htm
  16. Hey John, this is great info - thanks. Have all of your modifications eliminated the need to consider additional heating sources down below? Meaning do you now know that a bilge heater (or heaters) wouldn't be necessary or helpful? I have the same question about skirting - have you determined that you won't need to use anything like this for extended cold weather camping?
  17. I completely agree with Overland's assessment... This post was really helpful QuestionMark but also quite disconcerting. Many of us live quite far from TN and, personally, I would have zero interest in traveling (back) there to have my trailer fixed especially after only a few short months of ownership. Great that they're sending parts but unfortunate that they're expecting you to install them yourself. As RB mentioned, we pay a premium for these trailers. Some of these issues impact being able to tow an Oliver safely - they are not just concerns around premature wear and tear. I really hope they get their production quality and QC back on track.
  18. Thanks MJ. Can you give me the actual Sumo model you bought as there are many different models with very different prices. Thanks...
  19. Kayaks weigh about 80lbs each. They are fishing kayaks (pedal mechanism) so definitely not the lightweight ones you can throw on your shoulder. Might only bring one as my wife also likes to fish from shore....No rack system yet but I will probably buy the Yakima system and mount it on my soon to be installed diamondback tonneau cover (also around 80lbs). We wouldn't ever bring both bikes and kayaks on one trip. I really like your set up on the back of your Ollie John. I'd like to do that mod for a couple of reasons - first is to reduce tongue weight and second is to avoid adding to the truck's payload. I bought the same Yamaha generator you have. Not light but I can pick it up pretty easily and had planned to put this in the bed of the truck. It's amazingly quiet by the way. I'll be curious to hear back from KatanaPilot on his suspension updates. I'm sure that airbags are in my future as I want to drive level or as level as possible. It's no fun trailering with the front of the truck pointing up. I'm aware I'll need the WDH also. Maverick, thanks for your feedback. Knowing that you've had no issues with a gear load similar to what we plan to bring is reassuring. And JD's suggestion to see how it goes before buying a new TV makes sense. Truthfully, I'm not that worried about (lousy) gas mileage. The Tundra is notoriously bad to begin with but I didn't buy it because it got good gas mileage. I bought it because they don't break. Appreciate everyone's feedback so thank you...
  20. I recently purchased a 2020 Toyota Tundra before my wife and I decided to buy an Ollie 2. I've read most, if not all, of the threads on pros and cons of 1/2 tons vs larger tow vehicles. After doing some number crunching in terms of payload, I'm going to be really close or a bit over what my truck can handle. It has the larger gas tank (38 gallon) and tow package which reduces my payload capacity which isn't great to begin with. I'd really like to avoid trading in my almost new truck but will if I have to. In terms of "stuff", it's conceivable that we'd have golf gear, fishing gear, bikes and possibly kayaks with us along with generator, clam, food, fuel, etc. In the winter, we'd like to ski some places out west so traveling at elevations will be in our future. Of course we can plan wisely and try to take only what we need but not bringing some things we'd like to have won't feel great. I'd like to hear from Ollie 2 owners that have Tundras to get their feedback. I'd be interested to know what you bring along with you in terms of toys and other camping "stuff" and your experience overall. Is the trailering okay, just tolerable or do you often find yourself wishing you had a different TV? Thanks...
  21. I want an F250 too but I just bought a 2020 Tundra. I'm looking at the new 7.3L in the F250 instead of the diesel. Still pondering my options as I think I'll have issues with payload with my Tundra based on the recreational stuff we'd like to take along (kayaks, grill, generator, etc). Lots of research still to be done. Good luck with your swap if you decide to do it.
  22. John, sorry for this trouble you're dealing with. Since we have similar interests in terms of cold weather camping I'll be following your thread closely. The resolution from either OTT and/or Xantrex will influence what power options we choose. Hopefully you get good tech support from both OTT and Xantrex and the issue is gone for good. I like JD's approach to isolating stuff and having back ups which is an approach I'll take because my brother got the "electrical gene", not me. I'd have a hell of a time fixing or troubleshooting anything electrical related while on a trip.
  23. Get home safely. I'm sure your pictures will be great and we can wait until you're home and recovered from your trip to see them. 🙂
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