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  1. HELLO! Has anyone found a way to put a blade valve between the PVC and the flexible hose in the aft compartment to prevent "dribble" ? We've had a couple of accidents. (wasn't sure if we needed to start a new thread with this question) This thread has been very educational. We are getting better at it -- so far three sessions at the pump-out during three shake down cruises. Practice practice practice. "Big trip" planned mid-May beginning with the NotRally. Zef and 00na
  2. Zefan00n will be at site D-08 with Hull 707 (Heart-a-Lee). Our first stop along the way to visit our son in Denver- the first long distance voyage in our new OE II. Very much looking forward to meeting OOO (other ollie owners)! Arriving on the 13th, leaving on the 17th.
  3. #707 logo Mock-up... what you say when you are about to take a different tack...
  4. Hello All! Thanks for the warm congratulations. We’ve made it through the newbie gauntlet! (High praise for Tucker!) This included the major face-palm moment when we realized that the “tow package” on our new F-150 did NOT include a trailer brake controller. We went down to David Crockett for the night. So peaceful... beautiful sunset through the silhouette of bare trees. Luckily, the guys at Oliver helped us find Darin Runions in Hohenwald who could install a controller on Friday morning. This pic was taken mid-morning Friday since we stopped by to ask a couple more bone-headed ques
  5. Waiting till we have better wifi! Staying at David Crockett for the night... some issues involving the trailer braking system, so we’ll get help from Daniel in Hohenwald tomorrow and then off home!
  6. we’re UPSIDE DOWN with happiness!!
  7. We were delighted when we found out our hull number was to be 707. In 1959, Zef’s godfather Capt. C. Macatee flew the first transcontinental US commercial 707 flight LA to NY. Could there be a more perfect coincidence? We’re ready for our flight!
  8. Hello to all, Zef and 00na Fessenden awaiting our 9 AM launch!
  9. We WERE more than grateful! We even called Duke later for more TV advice... now our new F150 is awaiting the partner who is scheduled to come "home" mid-December. Thanks to Chris and Duke who were very helpful and friendly. Today we sold the "SOB" (some other brand) and are planning the tin shed building for the Ollie.
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