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Hull 707 Dec. 17, 2020


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We were delighted when we found out our hull number was to be 707.  In 1959, Zef’s godfather Capt. C. Macatee flew the first transcontinental US commercial 707 flight LA to NY.  Could there be a more perfect coincidence?  We’re ready for our flight!

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Here is a picture of the 707 Prototype in the Udvary Hazy pavillion of the Smithsonsian at Dulles airport.  I was the Flight Engineer on the airplane when we flew it from Boeing Field in Seattle to the museum in August of 2003.  This is the airplane that Tex Johnston did the barrel roll with at Seattle Seafair in 1954.image.thumb.jpeg.1b9ae3171c86cfb5011c312d04987401.jpeg



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George and Gretchen

Gig Harbor, Wa.

Hull Number 178

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Hello All!

Thanks for the warm congratulations.  We’ve made it through the newbie gauntlet!  (High praise for Tucker!) This included the major face-palm moment when we realized that the “tow package” on our new F-150 did NOT include a trailer brake controller.  We went down to David Crockett for the night.  So peaceful... beautiful sunset through the silhouette of bare trees. Luckily, the guys at Oliver helped us find Darin Runions in Hohenwald who could install a controller on Friday morning.  This pic was taken mid-morning Friday since we stopped by to ask a couple more bone-headed questions (What button do we push?  What light comes on?).  We think we’re going to name her Heart-A-Lee... a nautical nod to our past and the yawl we sailed for many years and the voyages we keep in memory...

Ready about...Hard a lee! 

Thanks especially to George for the photo of the prototype.  Chuck Macatee was a large influence in Zef’s openness to new adventures and self-reliance.  Z’s amazed you could still fly that lady in 2003!

We plan a few shake-down cruises before the hoped-for trip to see our son in Denver...late spring.  Looking forward to running across you all some day...we signed up for the NOT A RALLY in May.

Zef and 00na 

# 707 Heart-A-Lee


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