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  1. Agreed, we always talk about why they didn’t put a window over the kitchen sink.
  2. Problem solved, thank you dewdev! It was the #3 fuse in the attic. I've owned the trailer for two years and never would have looked in the attic for another fuse panel. Looked almost everywhere else. Thanks to everyone!
  3. Thanks for all the help & feedback. Would this be the 12V fuse under the dinette? I've checked that one, but I'm assuming there is another fuse somewhere that controls only the curbside area? Correction - my ac on that side does work. We park the trailer about 30 mins away and I couldn't remember if it was all outlets or just the USB and DC plugs. My wife (her side of the trailer) thought it was all. Sorry for the confusion.
  4. My USB ports and AC plugs are not working on the curbside of the trailer (2018 Elite II). I'm assuming it's a fuse, but I can't find it. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  5. Thanks Mike for the tip. One of my rear jacks would not come down. I thought it was shot, on day three of a three week trip. Saw your post, so gave it a try. I went under the bed and hand cranked it down some and then it worked fine. Thanks so much!
  6. That's terrible...it is amazing you are all ok!!! What a blessing! Thoughts and prayers are with you, as you deal with this and begin to start your new camping journey.
  7. I'm thinking about purchasing the 2k Champion generator as well. Will it run the a/c with a soft start? I believe it puts out 1,750 continuous watts.
  8. I can't believe that right after I read your post, the next day I get a call from the manager of the place where I store my Oliver 2018 Elite II that there is some kind of alarm going off in my trailer. When I went by to take a look, sure enough it was the propane/carbon monoxide sensor. The date on the back of the sensor was January 25, 2015. This post probably saved me a bunch of time. I just took the old one out and ordered a new one. Thanks!
  9. I just wanted to say thanks for everyone that posted on this topic, lots of good advice. I put the gutters on my trailer today. It was 85 degrees in Franklin, TN today, so a great day to do it. I was having trouble with water coming in mainly the dinette window. I replaced all the window seals, but didn't notice any difference. I then caulked all the porch lights and did a little touch up around some of the windows. That made a big difference, but I was still noticing some water intruding. I really didn't want to add the gutters for cosmetic reasons, but finally bit the bullet. They ended up being very easy to install, thanks to all your advice...and if mounted right up against the window, it almost looks like it was made that way. Again, thanks for all the help!
  10. I know there has been numerous posts regarding bike racks, but haven't seen one where anyone talks about the Jack It bike rack. Has anyone had any experience using the "Jack It" bike rack with their Oliver? Trying to decide whether I should have the bike receiver installed from Oliver or go with the Jack It bike rack. The Oliver receiver will cost $1,250 to install and still wont be perfect, with the 1 1/2" receiver. Will have to get an adaptor to use my 2" Yakima bike rack. The Jack It fits on the tongue, where the bikes should ride better and the cost would be much less. I have some pretty expensive bikes, so I don't mind money, I just want to choose the best option. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I'm curious on how you got the 2" receiver. Did you have it custom made?
  12. Thanks for the advice! We just bought the trailer and I'm wanting to remove the front decal. It's one that just says "Ollie" and we're not thrilled with it. The trailer is a 2018, so a little worried that the rest of the trailer will be a bit more faded.
  13. Curious, what is the best way to remove the front decal?
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