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  1. How many linear feet did you use for the beds, dog house and spare tire cover? I am guessing something like 30 feet. Thanks. John
  2. Mike, I read all the comments above in the thread. My understanding of PEX lines are that they can expand quite a bit without breaking. 3 times their size if I recall. Water expands something like 9%, a figure that wouldn't present a problem for the PEX lines. One source I read said that the temperature needed to freeze water in a PEX line that isn't insulated is 20°f. Two problems that I see happening in freezing temperatures are the inability to have water at the faucet due to the water now being frozen in the PEX lines and possible breaking at the non PEX junctions. Maybe if they use PVC fittings which I think are used, that wouldn't be able to expand like the PEX and they would fail. I would think that the water in the small PVC fittings would expand out into the PEX line laterally instead of pushing against the walls of the PVC fitting, in other words, the path of least resistance. I can't see myself camping in sub freezing temperatures, but a brief period of sub freezing temperatures might happen while pulling the trailer through mountains, for instance. Maybe for most of us, we don't have to worry about freezing lines. I winterized the trailer and will take it out when it's safely above freezing. Am I being overly confident in the ability of the trailer to withstand a little cold? John
  3. Steve, I was directed to Torjik company for any hoses I might need. They might be able to help you. John
  4. There are six screws that hold the Truma AC cover that don't have any rubber washer or sealant. The screws sit in a small cup indentation about an inch across so any water on the roof will leak inside. That's the first area leakage. Seems crazy not to have some rubber washer under the screw head. The MaxxAir screws weren't sealed either. It's still in the shop waiting for Oliver to give guidance on how it should be remedied. Frustrated that a new trailer first had the gas leak, then this water leak. Hope to have it fixed before 2024. John
  5. #1290 is still in the shop. It was in the RV dealership lot for about a month, so moving into the shop area is progress. They will look at the MaxxAir too, in addition to the Truma AC, to hopefully move this trailer into usable condition instead of a decorative yard display. They plan to remove the AC and try to figure out where the water was coming from. John
  6. I wonder when they noticed the need for the longer screws. It looks like at least #1290 and #1291 got the shorter ones. We hadn't noticed any leak until the half foot of snow melted. We have had plenty of rainy days with no problems. Is your trailer under cover in Idaho? John
  7. How are these screws used? I can see a bolt and nut being used, but there's no wood in the trailer except in the drawers. John
  8. Oliver was made aware of the leak on Friday, so hopefully they're working on a solution. The service center sent 10 pictures to OTT after they removed the inner A/C cover. I also created a service ticket, which may be redundant as it's still in the shop after they fixed the gas leak to the Truma heater and OTT was made aware of it when someone was checking the gas leak and saw the water. John
  9. Hi all, we have #1290 and as far as I know, our hull was the first to get the Truma A/C. We picked up on November 7. No leaking until last week. We live in Oregon so we have had rain since pick up. We had about 6-7 inches of snow last week. It's at the RV service center as I had a propane leak on the Truma heater. After the snow melted, the service center went inside to check the propane leak and discovered about a pint to a quart of water that had leaked onto the floor. None on the mattresses. OTT is working on it. The service center said there wasn't a foam seal between the roof and the A/C unit. If you have a Truma A/C, you might want to check your trailer. Hopefully an easy fix. Our camping trip this week won't happen. John
  10. "Thanks, Rich! Our new Oliver will be our first travel trailer with electric, plumbing, or gas. Maintenance on the square drop is pretty basic! Plus, this will be 12 feet longer than what I have now." You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it will be to back up because it's longer. Shorter trailers are harder. John
  11. That pup is looking forward to the new adventures! John
  12. You also get the Truma Varioheat heater in that Truma package. That's a nice furnace that has variable furnace fan settings. With our old furnace it was either full on or off until the thermostat turned it to heat again. The Truma just turns the fan speed down and keeps the trailer at a constant heat. John
  13. Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. I am sorry about the loss of your wife. We're newbies to Oliver, having just picked up in November. Congrats on your order of an LE2 due in June. Great time to pick up. I retired at 64 and highly recommend it. The forum members are a great source of information. There's a rally in Alabama every May and lots of information at Oliver University and videos. Time flies. It will be delivery day soon enough. Can you retire in June instead? John
  14. The Costco black with yellow top storage bin fits in the basket. Because of the shape of the basket there's a little gap in the front. It seems water tight, but I just put chocks, jack stands and things in there that don't require absolute water tightness. That's not answering your question, but my two cents worth. John
  15. That's one way to keep burglars away.
  16. I would just leave the battery warmer switch on for a while until you're out of the cold temperatures. It won't come on unless it's cold. Can you just keep plugged into shore power? John
  17. "After 3 months, Lithionics recommends discharging, then recharging the batteries, as described in the Long Term Storage paragraph of that Storage Procedure document. Then the batteries are o.k. for another 3 months." We both have the same battery package. As I understand it, as long as I am connected to my 30 amp outlet, there's no need to do anything. I have the battery warmer switch turned on and solar switch on also. The first paragraph of the Lithionics directions says that "doing this will eliminate the procedures below". Those procedures are the ones that says what to do for short term and long term storage and discharging and bringing it back up to 100% SOC. John
  18. But look how close they all are to each other! John
  19. "I'm going to file an amended tax return (using that form) and the very worse that could happen is it could be refused... but based on common sense (it's still makes a good argument) and with enough persons that have already successfully done so, I don't think our tax credit will be denied." Thanks Dave or Kimberly for your post. It makes sense to me that the whole amount could be used for the basis of claiming the 30%. The point about whether or not it would be excluded because the batteries CAN be charged via shore power and the converter shouldn't matter. What about people that only boondock and never plug in? I plan to claim the whole amount also. If the IRS says no, then I could appeal. Nothing to lose if I try, but if I don't, then I could be giving them $3000+ that they shouldn't have. John
  20. It goes surprisingly fast. Nice to get yours in the Spring so you can start using it asap. We got ours in November. John
  21. "It seems to me that our Oliver trailers can't meet the 100% requirement because the inverters can, and do, charge the batteries from either shore power or solar. So, it appears to me that regardless of the installation date, batteries installed as part of a solar upgrade in an Oliver do not qualify for the federal tax credit." It would appear to me that only the panels and the wiring possibly would be the only items that would qualify. I will let our tax accountant figure it out. John
  22. Bryan, we have an LE2 and find it's easier to back up than our smaller tent trailer that we had before. The shorter the distance from the hitch ball to the tires of the trailer, the harder it is to back up. At least that's what I experienced. I think you made a good choice. Ours tows very easily behind our Ford Expedition. Congrats on your upcoming trailer. John
  23. In looking at the directions for federal form 5695, it appears that the only tax credit is for a home or primary residence. That could be something other than a house, but it's where we primarily live in. I was under the impression that we could write off as a credit on taxes owed, the cost of the solar panels, and possibly the lithium batteries and inverter. Has anyone looked into whether there is a way to take a credit on taxes owed because we have purchased solar panels on our travel trailer. If you live in your Ollie and that's your primary residence, then it may qualify, but as a vacation trailer, does it qualify? TIA John
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