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  1. "Hope this helps" John, that is now crystal clear. Thanks very much for the explanation. I will start using the same method. If I put a 2x6 or two on top of the Camco jack stand, it appears that I would create that same effect and also limit the travel of the stabilizer jack even more. The goal should be to limit the travel of those jacks to be more stable with more of the jack in the housing. Then if I do drive off, there should be minimal damage if any to the jack. John
  2. "I carry a milk crate full of 2 X 6 blocks. I use three under all my jacks to act as a shear-plane. Should for some reason the trailer moves, I'll hear a clunk and recall that I failed to use my check list." John, we use Camco yellow jack stands. Do you have pictures of how you use the 2x6 blocks? I don't understand the shear-plane concept. I do understand not extending the stabilizer legs too far. In the OP, he asked if there's anything wrong and the long extension is probably the thing that pops out in my mind. I would need more blocks in his situation, maybe a milk carton full of 2x6, but how to use them along with the Camco jack stands? John
  3. I see a rubber or stainless steel option. Any preference for either and what length is commonly needed? John
  4. I fixed it. I loosened the Allen set screw and was able to get the wire past the housing end and back into the push/pull rod. How do I lubricate that gray water blade to prevent it from seizing up. I put some Dawn into the tank so maybe that helped. John
  5. Hi all. I was pulling on the gray water handle, but it was stuck and the entire wire came out. I have pushed it back in, but it is hanging up at the end of the housing. If I can get it to the aluminum pull rod near the blade, maybe I can attach it back in. It looks like an Allen set screw that tightens on to the wire. Any idea how to get the wire to travel all the way to the pull rod near the blade? Why is the blade stuck? Why are there any problems with a 6 month old trailer? John
  6. I searched the forum for my answer, but does anyone have a preference for type of tire covers? Ease of use and durability are qualities that I am looking for. We're in rainy Oregon, but eventually this seemingly infinite cloud will have an edge and we will see dry land and sun. We bought in November, so wasn't too concerned about covering the tires until now. Maybe I should have covered them even during the rainy season. John
  7. 1. Has Oliver resolved Truma AC installation issues that caused roof leaks (something to do with screws and or seals)? Our trailer was the first one with the Truma package. #1290. We didn't have a leak until we had 6 inches of snow and when it melted, we had about a pint of water. This was discovered on month three of ownership. It was in for a gas leak which the local RV dealership fixed with parts and guidance from Oliver. Longer screws are coming soon to get the AC leak fixed, again working with Oliver service. 2. Warranty and Post warranty service. Oliver realizes that most of us live far from Tennessee and in my case, they're working with a RV dealer in our area that I used for our pop up. It was a concern too for me but they appear to be quite willing to work with a local shop. Not much of a list, but the second issues gives me a lot of concern. If I can resolve these issues to my comfort level we plan on placing an order soon.. John
  8. "Sorry to hear about your bike rack failure what brand bike rack was it?" Patriot, it was a hitch bike rack between our tent trailer and our tv. It was made in Portland, Oregon. The failure happened because they forgot to finish welding the rack! It had 1/2 welds and 1/2 tack welds if I remember right. Never having seen how it was supposed to look like, I trusted it was done right. I was just lucky that it failed so close to home and not at freeway speeds. Thanks for the info on the rack. I have the Oliver bike mount but haven't bought the rack yet. John
  9. I am not an engineer, but your comments make perfect sense and it would seem that it's not a good idea. We had a bike rack fail. Lucky for us it was 1/4 mile from home after a 4000+ mile trip. We were going slow so no damage to cars behind us. I want an over engineered rack and want to error on the side of caution. John
  10. How many linear feet did you use for the beds, dog house and spare tire cover? I am guessing something like 30 feet. Thanks. John
  11. Mike, I read all the comments above in the thread. My understanding of PEX lines are that they can expand quite a bit without breaking. 3 times their size if I recall. Water expands something like 9%, a figure that wouldn't present a problem for the PEX lines. One source I read said that the temperature needed to freeze water in a PEX line that isn't insulated is 20°f. Two problems that I see happening in freezing temperatures are the inability to have water at the faucet due to the water now being frozen in the PEX lines and possible breaking at the non PEX junctions. Maybe if they use PVC fittings which I think are used, that wouldn't be able to expand like the PEX and they would fail. I would think that the water in the small PVC fittings would expand out into the PEX line laterally instead of pushing against the walls of the PVC fitting, in other words, the path of least resistance. I can't see myself camping in sub freezing temperatures, but a brief period of sub freezing temperatures might happen while pulling the trailer through mountains, for instance. Maybe for most of us, we don't have to worry about freezing lines. I winterized the trailer and will take it out when it's safely above freezing. Am I being overly confident in the ability of the trailer to withstand a little cold? John
  12. Steve, I was directed to Torjik company for any hoses I might need. They might be able to help you. John
  13. There are six screws that hold the Truma AC cover that don't have any rubber washer or sealant. The screws sit in a small cup indentation about an inch across so any water on the roof will leak inside. That's the first area leakage. Seems crazy not to have some rubber washer under the screw head. The MaxxAir screws weren't sealed either. It's still in the shop waiting for Oliver to give guidance on how it should be remedied. Frustrated that a new trailer first had the gas leak, then this water leak. Hope to have it fixed before 2024. John
  14. #1290 is still in the shop. It was in the RV dealership lot for about a month, so moving into the shop area is progress. They will look at the MaxxAir too, in addition to the Truma AC, to hopefully move this trailer into usable condition instead of a decorative yard display. They plan to remove the AC and try to figure out where the water was coming from. John
  15. I wonder when they noticed the need for the longer screws. It looks like at least #1290 and #1291 got the shorter ones. We hadn't noticed any leak until the half foot of snow melted. We have had plenty of rainy days with no problems. Is your trailer under cover in Idaho? John
  16. How are these screws used? I can see a bolt and nut being used, but there's no wood in the trailer except in the drawers. John
  17. Oliver was made aware of the leak on Friday, so hopefully they're working on a solution. The service center sent 10 pictures to OTT after they removed the inner A/C cover. I also created a service ticket, which may be redundant as it's still in the shop after they fixed the gas leak to the Truma heater and OTT was made aware of it when someone was checking the gas leak and saw the water. John
  18. Hi all, we have #1290 and as far as I know, our hull was the first to get the Truma A/C. We picked up on November 7. No leaking until last week. We live in Oregon so we have had rain since pick up. We had about 6-7 inches of snow last week. It's at the RV service center as I had a propane leak on the Truma heater. After the snow melted, the service center went inside to check the propane leak and discovered about a pint to a quart of water that had leaked onto the floor. None on the mattresses. OTT is working on it. The service center said there wasn't a foam seal between the roof and the A/C unit. If you have a Truma A/C, you might want to check your trailer. Hopefully an easy fix. Our camping trip this week won't happen. John
  19. "Thanks, Rich! Our new Oliver will be our first travel trailer with electric, plumbing, or gas. Maintenance on the square drop is pretty basic! Plus, this will be 12 feet longer than what I have now." You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier it will be to back up because it's longer. Shorter trailers are harder. John
  20. That pup is looking forward to the new adventures! John
  21. You also get the Truma Varioheat heater in that Truma package. That's a nice furnace that has variable furnace fan settings. With our old furnace it was either full on or off until the thermostat turned it to heat again. The Truma just turns the fan speed down and keeps the trailer at a constant heat. John
  22. Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. I am sorry about the loss of your wife. We're newbies to Oliver, having just picked up in November. Congrats on your order of an LE2 due in June. Great time to pick up. I retired at 64 and highly recommend it. The forum members are a great source of information. There's a rally in Alabama every May and lots of information at Oliver University and videos. Time flies. It will be delivery day soon enough. Can you retire in June instead? John
  23. The Costco black with yellow top storage bin fits in the basket. Because of the shape of the basket there's a little gap in the front. It seems water tight, but I just put chocks, jack stands and things in there that don't require absolute water tightness. That's not answering your question, but my two cents worth. John
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