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  1. I found that some covers just wouldn't go on despite cleaning the area. Most did go on. Have you had that problem? John
  2. Dealerships add so many things when they're trying to close the deal. Brakes, wheels, rear seats on quad cab trucks. You get the idea. It's all marketing. John
  3. I think Camping World offers free dump services. Not as convenient as a gas station, but just fyi, at least one in Oregon offers that. John
  4. Wheels are overrated. 😂🤣. As long as he has three, he should be good to go. John
  5. Thanks very much Max. I will plan that. John
  6. Thanks Max, I appreciate the thorough comment. We go to Colorado at least once a year with the trailer as our daughter lives in Denver. Any idea if they could install them if we came by Grand Junction? I suppose we could buy them then have someone install them. I confess that I am not too handy. John
  7. I second that recommendation. Wait until it's maybe 75% full. John
  8. Max, How common has it been to have a leaf spring break? I have been following this issue. We stay on good roads with the occasional pothole. I see a lot of owners who are switching out. John
  9. And did Oliver account for an opposite force when we take our trailers to the southern hemisphere. A lot of us want to explore Australia with our trailers and we need to know how Oliver designed the frame. 😂🤣 John
  10. Did you drive into Palo Verde? I was on a bicycle trip from San Diego to St. Louis and an Austrian cyclist rented a car and we all drove through it. I had never heard of it. How is the ride for the trailer? Any stiffer? Any down side? We have a 2022 LE2 and I checked under the trailer for welds and leaf spring condition. All looks good. John
  11. I took a wet paper towel and ran it along the track. That seemed to take care of the fuzzy look. I will keep the night shades up a couple inches as I had them completely closed before. I did check the drain holes and they're free of debris. Thanks for your comments. John
  12. Bill, I don't know why it posted as an ".heic". Since they all look the same, I just took a picture and added it directly. John
  13. Out 2022 is stored outside uncovered with the night shades pulled down. We're on a camping trip at the Oregon coast and today I noticed all three sliding windows have mold/mildew (not sure if there's any difference) in the track. What's the best way to clean that? We haven't used any dehumidifier yet. What's the best electric dehumidifier? Should I keep the night shades up a bit for air circulation? Any other tips? We're in the Portland area and it's stored by the house so I have electric to the trailer. John
  14. Congrats! I hope yours is closer than our first grandchild that lives in Tasmania, Australia. We just got back from a seven week visit there. John
  15. My water pressure in the bathroom is the same as the kitchen. John
  16. I hope I was successful in changing the map size. This post will be a test. Thanks for the guidance. John
  17. I was there! We rode our bicycles from San Diego to St. Louis that year. I remember cans of spray paint all over. John
  18. My sister has a Luxury Travel Van made in Canada that is high on bling, but in my eyes, is lower in function than our 2022 LE2. John
  19. We had our one year old 2022 treated by CGI in November, 2023. Very nice and highly recommend. John
  20. I went outside to see how loud the movie was that I had going inside as it was late and the trailer is parked by the garage and is my "man cave". I also couldn't hear it. No worries for the neighbors. Good selling point for OTT to mention. John
  21. We have #1290. We're in Australia now, but do you know if the leaf springs that we have are 4 or 5 leaf? We mostly keep to freeways, but some freeways are dodgy. I am thinking of I70 in eastern Colorado. I am just wondering how serious the issue is with mostly freeway driving. John
  22. I wonder if they would still feel the same if they pulled a larger stick built trailer several thousand miles, then had the chance to tow an Oliver an equal distance. Also, I was hesitant about a wet bath until I saw how easy it was to keep clean. John
  23. I have a gas sniffer unit too for #1290. It worked great to find my leak. John
  24. Tasmania has been great. Summer temperatures here in Hobart are between 70-75 every day with a breeze. I drove up north to the Bass Strait to meet a Facebook friend. Greener there. The Midlands was dry and warmer. Our son lives in Hobart and bought a house here. We're spending time with our granddaughter. Great times. Seven weeks this visit. We will be back. Driving on the left is easier than I imagined. Just look right when at a roundabout! John
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