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  1. Since we went from a 17 foot trailer to a 23 foot trailer, I’ve disconnected the trailer and parked our pickup on the side, a couple of times. A bit of a nuisance but…
  2. Just came back with an Elite II from Hohenwald to the West Coast (took the long way). Had a few issues with the trailer but nada with our 2008 Tundra with 5.7 V-8 and tow package. I’ve owned and towed with bigger trucks but the reliability of a Toyota is so good that I was very happy that it towed the trailer so easily. If I buy another truck it will be a Tundra.
  3. I was responding to the OP who has a Tundra
  4. We will have the same truck and trailer combination. I couldn’t quite make out if you had the Anderson sway hitch or not. Curious because we’re getting one but had mixed feelings about it. Looks like you are living the good life!
  5. You might want to have your excuse planned if they invite you over for lemonade.🤑
  6. Since Tundras are being discussed, I thought I’d put my two centavos in. We have a 2008 with the 5.7l engine and tow package. I got it to pull a boat which probably weighed 8000 pounds or so including trailer. The boat was wider and longer then the Ollie II. The truck never cracked a sweat though I didn’t enjoy pulling something that big, hopping curbs in filling stations, etc. With our current trailer - Casita 17, I can almost forget its back there. We have hull 1227 coming in August and I intend to start out with the Tundra. I’ve owned Fords, Chevies, and Dodge pickup/service trucks. The Tundra has been, hands down, the most reliable and comfortable truck that I’ve owned. We do spend a lot of time out here in the West with mountain passes, etc. and we are getting the Anderson sway hitch. I am a cautious driver and go slow. That being said if the truck doesn’t seem to be a good fit, we’ll do something different but I hope to get a few more years out of it 🙂. After all I’m 68 and the boss hasn’t traded me in, yet.
  7. Lived in California for 60 years and never heard of that park. Not so good with So Cal. Looks like a winner. After all these years I should be able to tell the difference between a coast redwood and an inland redwood (sempervirens vs gigante). Was that a picture of an indian grinding hole?
  8. Griot’s Garage seems to have nice wax/polish setups. I use their foaming wash and wax products with good results.
  9. Josh White from Oliver said that our Honda EU2200 will be able to run the air conditioner with soft start in our Elite II we’ve ordered. I can actually run the air conditioner in our Casita 17 without soft start using that generator. At least on low cool.
  10. I know that if I was having problems with food preparation AND water, I wouldn’t be a happy camper. You have my sympathy. Just out of curiosity - do you think that the door was locked when it blew open? Our Casita door can definitely open if if isn’t locked. Jeff
  11. One other thought I had was that there is a good chance the driver was in an alcoholic (or other drug) blackout. That means that he might not even remember what he did, assuming he made it to his destination in one piece. If they don’t nail him this time, it’s likely he’ll do it again with possibly even more dire consequences.
  12. Thank you for sharing this. Good on you for getting back in the saddle again. It’s hard to imagine that this wouldn’t give you some nightmares. Just out of curiosity, do you have an idea of how fast you were going when this happened? How about the other guy? I apologize if you already discussed this and I missed it. The bottom line is that you weren’t injured. Something to be said for newer vehicles with extra air bags.
  13. Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan with Bison and Prairie Dogs was pretty cool. What I liked about the public parks that we’ve stayed in, in Canada. Is that they all had electric hookups available. Normally State (at least California) and Federal parks in the U.S. don’t have that option. Which means we get to listen to those…..generators of varying levels of muffling. We are signed up to take the Rocky Mountaineer train from Vancouver to Banff this June. Really looking forward to it. Hope they let us in :)
  14. We have been fortunate in having had a 25 foot C-Dory Cruiser, which we could tow, and a Ranger 29 (classic) which I didn’t tow. There certainly is overlap with travel trailers. Lots of good times and memories with the possibility that we might get another boat some day. We kept the boats in marinas and used them as our condo on the water in SF Bay. We don’t really need a place to stay down there anymore and boats = $$. (ranger=$$$). One of the selling points of the Ollie was the marine grade hardware and clean interior. If being a landlubber gets too much for me, there is also the option of a bare boat charter, which we have done a couple of times in the PNW. I agree with Ralph, when they tell me I’ve won the big powerball (which I never play), a Nordic or an American Tug could definitely make the cut.
  15. We stayed on the south side at a Forest Service campground. The talk was of the ranger who had been responsible for the camp. He had been mountain biking in Glacier and come around a corner to encounter a Grizzly. He didn’t survive the encounter. A knowledgeable person in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m sure many thousands don’t have problems but…. strong bear spray at least.
  16. I would stay at a park outside Glacier, leave the trailer, and drive in. We didn’t do that and parking was a nuisance and, of course, we couldn’t take the Sun road. Alternatively if Canada is open, the north side of Glacier is Waterton. Much more “user friendly” and spectacular too. However we only stayed for a day on each side and this is all pre-pandemic sooo maybe one cent worth of info.
  17. Think I got it now. Had some great trailering and camping experiences with our friends to the north and south so I included them.
  18. Italian stove top expresso maker. Makes an authoritative brew but then you had hot milk or other “white” stuff. Works well for me and you don’t need electricity (assuming you have a way to grind coffee or, as I do, grind some before leaving home).
  19. Great dogs, my friend had a couple when we were growing up and they were a lot of fun, even when they got excited and “heeled” you.
  20. Boon… you remind me of a couple of people I drink coffee with on occasion. Persons who have strong beliefs and are willing to share them. I know that when I sit with them that there will be a discussion. As long as I don’t take them or myself too seriously it will be fun. We live in a redwood forest in Mendocino County, CA. The most dangerous critters I run into are deer ticks, that can carry Lyme disease. Yogi recently moved into the neighborhood and is tearing up everybody's trash. We’ll see how that plays out. For us - ground clothes, tents, camper, trailers. Cheers
  21. Apparently Spam has been popular in Hawaii for a long time. I crave and eat crispy fried Spam every once in awhile in spite of facing ridicule and abuse from certain family members. I have a case stuck in a corner of my closet for emergency rations.
  22. I was skeptical about electric but now family and friends have cars, they seem happy with them. I also agree that towing a trailer we’re going to need gas or diesel for awhile. i think the point of all the electric vehicles is that with enough solar, wind, and nuclear power we can transport ourselves without dumping more pollutants into the atmosphere.
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