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  1. Seadawg, yes, the backing plates were part of the standard construction, at least on our 2019.
  2. I am actually on day 3 of a 2 week shake down test of my recent self install of: 2-Zamp 170w panels, a Zamp 3 port roof box, Victron 100-30 solar charger, 2 - 100ah SOK lithium batteries, a blue sky cutoff switch for the solar panels as well as the appropriate circuit breaker and the proper sized cables and lugs. I had previously installed a blue sky battery cut off and a Victron 712. My 2019 has the PD4060 with the lithium jumper. Our camping style doesn’t call for an inverter and I want a less complicated system. I did all of the work myself and have probably $3k total in it, including the harbor freight lug crimper tool and wire locator. I learned a lot and the project was fun. I totally relied on AndrewK’s instructions and lots of advice / encouragement from Andrew as well as ScubaRX and Mike Mossy. These guys are the best!! I have kept the PD charger circuit breaker switched off when we plug in and batteries are quickly getting back to 100% by midday from the panels. I’ll give further thoughts as I get more familiar using the system. The Install took probably 2 full days by my self but knowing what I know now, to do it again I could pull it off in 10-12 hours. Probably less with some help. I’ll give further thoughts as I get more familiar using the system. So far I really am impressed
  3. I'm embarrassed to admit it but mine would mysteriously come on in the middle of the night too. I figured it out in the middle of the third night of ownership that it even had an alarm clock function. I didn't intentionally set it but it blasted out some wrap song @ 03:17 at full volume. I didn't wake up happy. I don't remember what I did but I found the answer in in the manual.
  4. see if the alarm function is activated..
  5. Mike, I look forward to what you learn from Zamp. It probably doesn't matter but I'm going to likely go with a Victron 100-30 solar charger.
  6. Mossey, I saw the picture of your switch and that makes sense. My interest in wanting to install a panel cut-off switch using only the positive is purely ascetics. I already installed a battery cutoff switch for the battery positive lead using a Blue Sea switch. I was hoping to have side by side Blue Sea switches, one for batteries and the second for the panels. If both positive and negative panel leads must be simultaneously switched, then I will be forced to change my plans.
  7. On a YouTube video by Nate Yarbarough in his series The Explorist Life, he mentions an electrical code that says when installing a switch between solar panels and a charge controller, the switch used must simultaneously disconnect both the positive and negative wires. I'm looking into installing solar and lithium on my trailer and am working through the details. Anyone have any input, knowledge or discussion of any potential problems with installing a Blue Sea switch on only the positive wire between the solar panels and the charge controller?
  8. I'll be checking...thanks
  9. So how does one find out when in the summer the BBs are on sale?
  10. This sounds like a good trip. We are interested as well
  11. I’ll be there this year hull 512.
  12. What are brand / spec are you using for the replacement white gear grease?
  13. I purchased 8 Timken seals today in preparation for tomorrow's repack of my Timken bearings. To my disappointment I discovered after opening the boxes, these Timken seals are red, not orange and are now made in Mexico. Any one had any quality issues with the Mexican Timken seals?
  14. John, I’ll throw my 2cents in. We have had our Oliver for about 2-1/2 years, pulled it over 25,000 miles and camped in it around 200 nights. We are actually ending week 4 of a 5 week trip. The only problem that we have ever had was with a First Alert smoke detector that malfunctioned in month 4. Oliver sent me a replacement. These trailers and the folks you deal with when you buy them are as good as it gets. As you can probably already tell, the owner community is great too They are pricy and I am a tightwad but If I lost it I would not hesitate to replace with another.
  15. I did the same as Townesw. I like to feel the hubs to check temperature during fuel stops. Plus I also think they look better with the covers removed.
  16. Try opening the cold water valve on the outside shower while pumping.
  17. The heat strip that is built into the air-conditioner on our LE2 has never blown warm air. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to trouble shoot the unit? Is there a re-set switch somewhere that should be checked? any suggestions are welcome and thanks..sj
  18. Congratulations Jim & Francis. it was great meeting both of you and we look forward to seeing you down the road.
  19. Connor77, I’ll throw my 2cents in here. I have been pulling our LE2 for the past 20 months over about 19,000 mi without any problems. We live in TX but have pulled it up and down mountains of CO, WY & MT without any problems. I don’t use an Anderson hitch and drive between 60-70. We have the 20lb propane tanks, don’t have a front basket and I generally travel with a full fresh water tank. In the truck bed we carry a Honda 2000, gas can, full cooler, small Webber grill and a couple lawn chairs. We don’t have a topper, only a trifold backflip cover. Sure a diesel would pull better but I use the truck as my daily driver and really like the reliability of the Tundra. Mine is a 16 and has 87k on it. It even has the original brakes. I am considering replacing it with a new Tundra just because I have read somewhere that Toyota is going to stop producing the 5.7 v8. I do like the F250 gas trucks but it is 2” too long to fit in our garage.
  20. Jumper cables or an inexpensive battery charger from Walmart to finish the trip.
  21. This thread really motivates me to add solar to my 2019 LE2. Mossemi has already giving me plenty of advice and recommended a good book on the basics. My trailer came with the panel wiring already in the walls. One end of the wire is bundled under the street side bunk and it is also visible passing through through the area behind the stereo and then continues upward to the roof somewhere between the hulls. My biggest unknown is exactly where is the top end of the panel cable located on the roof between the inner and outer hulls. I don’t have an opportunity to get a close look at another Oliver with solar already installed. Can anyone shed light on how to locate the top end of the wire and where to drill the hole for the port.
  22. I replaced the temporary battery cutoff I had previously installed inside my battery Box with a new Blue Sea 300 amp switch that I mounted on the panel under the street side bunk. Thanks Salorashore for the idea. I also installed a Victron 712 battery monitor. The seller was out of the smart shunts so they sold me the 712 for only $20 more. The display will stay under the Rear dinette seat mounted in a plastic junction box. Thanks Mossemi For the idea.
  23. the space you are referring to is already occupied. Once I receive the switch, if the dimensions of the face and knob are thin enough when surface mounted to not interfere with the slide and side of the batteries, I could consider mounting it on the side of the battery housing with the switch knob facing the batteries. On/off function could be done by reaching into the battery box and turning the knob. any thoughts / opinions??
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