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  1. I have resorted to just taking the Andersen chains off and putting the whale tale on once I've driven to a nice level DRY straight section of asphalt. Sometimes slack and raising the front doesn't seem to help and I don't love the stress on the hitch or jack.. Removing the chains is easy and I don't mind it. Better than the frustration and subsequent swearing at the campsite.
  2. I received my Calmark cover last week from Oliver.. Ouch$.. and I'm starting to think about the dreaded Ohio winter sleep that ILOVHER will endure in my driveway. I realize there are Oliver videos and numerous posts on winterization (& I have that experience from my Casita days and will fully do so) but I was wondering about leaving the trailer plugged in (30amp) and not removing my Duralast batteries. I have this crazy idea about wanting to still camp (if weather permits me to remove the cover) I used to remove the battery and keep it on a tender in my basement. I guess I'd like to know if there's any harm in doing so?
  3. Yes, this was my concern as well when considering replacement. You'd have to be diligent in remembering to remove them for travel and stand in the rain to install. Not ideal but maybe a good enough replacement when my Maxxair ones brittle-out! I've got hairline cracks and have repaired them with clear flexseal tape. All of my screws are cushioned as well with rubber washers and NOT torqued too tight. As far as cleaning, I'm thrilled with being able to open the windows in my Oliver and clean from the inside! Makes it so much easier than when I had to take them off of my Casita due to lack of non opening windows!
  4. If anyone is looking for vents.. There's a guy on the Fiberglassrv forum who has 3d printed a vent in his own design. If you private message me, I can dig that email/ info up and share. They work slightly different as they slide into the track and are not permanently affixed like the Maxxair but they come in three colors.. black, white and smoke. I certainly knew the vents were the first thing I was removing before I sold my Casita! But ~ I will say that eventually mine will need replaced with this alternative, as the Maxx do get brittle. I have a couple hairline cracks already!
  5. I just received my estimate for items to be worked on. Apparently, they still do the water pickup mod..but it's pricey at $400. Might necessitate a local plumber instead of a roadtrip. Not exactly the 'warm and fuzzies' since this is a serious design flaw of the fresh water tank.
  6. I was in love since the day I saw one in person about five or six years ago. I was content with my Casita for ten years and never expected to ever own an Oliver. Sadly, we too had a hard time swallowing the cost as it dipped heavily into our retirement savings. The thing that sold my husband was the resale values of fiberglass and finding one close to home eventually sold us. We were lucky! I expect this to be my last travel trailer but I feel confident we can recoup much of our investment if something springs up. Good luck !
  7. Yes, I've tried that. Don't really like my fridge being much out of level. I've read you can be up to 6 degrees off on an absorption fridge but I find it a design flaw of this trailer and would really just like it repaired. Sensor is basically useless with it until you realize 38% means empty.
  8. That would be most unfortunate as it's one of the main problems I have with my ILOVHER. Not being able to utilize 10 or more gallons of water in a 32 gallon tank while boondocking is inconvenient and a pain to do multiple times during even the short trips! Major design flaw. I started my service ticket and am patiently waiting a response.
  9. Exactly the reason it's on there 🐶
  10. Hi All, I've been thinking about a visit to Hohenwald for service/potential upgrades on ILOVHER and wanted to know (prior to starting a service ticket) what your experiences have been with planning a visit. It's a long haul for me and I really don't know anything about how they handle service to used Ollies but have a number of questions: 1. Where do you stay when your trailer is being worked on? I saw in a thread that there may be room on their lot for service customers but if they have your unit for a few days, is there any place to stay close by to possibly tent camp? 2. What things are included in the general service and is it worth the price? Not sure if I should just contract someone local for brakes, etc. I know they would answer my questions readily but I thought I'd ask anyway. 3. Is there a long wait time for service appointments? 4. Have you been happy with the service you received? I really have a short list of items I'd like addressed (definitely the fresh water pickup) but I feel a visit with the infamous tour might be enjoyable! Regards..
  11. I too do not drink from the fresh water tank and bring my own. My experience with different water sources (aside from plastic taste) is that most campground water tastes terrible! Mineral content and rust come to mind. At the NF campground I managed the water was tested every day for public safety however it always had a tinge of yellow from the two sixty year old 50K gallon tanks and wasn't the best tasting. This begs the question about cleaning out the fresh water tank. Obviously, sediment settles. How on earth is one to clean the bottom of the Oliver tank? I have first hand experience with a clogged fresh water outlet. The black gunky grime/algae from the stagnant water clogged the outlet, the bathroom faucet and the pre-filter! I used a combination of bleach first then vinegar to get things rolling again...but I hate the idea that there is rust and sand sitting flat against the bottom of the tank. On my Casita, I added a waterproof marine deck plate that allowed me to completely wipe out and clean the tank at the end of a season. There was ALWAYS a film of rust no matter what sources or pre-water filtration I used attached to my fill hose. I hope that the tank in the Oliver doesn't ever need replacing due to a build up of sediment. I can't even fathom how it would be done. I will continue to do a fresh water vinegar treatment every year and try not to lie awake at night about sediment. I don't intend to ever drink out of the tank unless I'm dying from thirst.
  12. I didn't want to cut and have the drill twist up into the insulation so I just peeled it back to find the center and used some spray adhesive to put it back when the job was completed.
  13. Landrover's mod has been high on my mod list since the day I brought ILOVHER home. Imitation is a genuine form of flattery they say! I have a sewer clean out near my driveway and I really wanted to be able to run grey into it while keeping the door shut and locked. I have a few tools/cords that I don't want to walk off. Keeping the door open while raining also seems counterintuitive. I admit to showering in the trailer and driveway camp as we get frequent power outages here. Something that I was worried about was exact measuring. I came up with an idea to use a pencil eraser super glued to the middle of the handle. I added bit of chalk line chalk to hit the inside of the door to find center. I'm happy to say it worked well! Attached are the photos of my progress. I'm a girl and these kind of things freak me out a little but I'm happy to say everything worked out perfect! I used butyl tape around the marine fitting and stainless screws and nylocks nuts. I decided to paint the handle silver as well since the shortening and grinding of the handle (with a Dremel) made it look ugly. I'm really pleased with this mod.. THANK You Landrover!
  14. I hate mine too but I'm lucky that my counters are more ivory so it's not as distracting. Someone here recently painted theirs with Krylon, but it looked to be quite the job. The frames look easy but not the interior parts. I also read that total replacement is somewhere in the $500 to $700 range. Too expensive for my taste. Let us know John if you ever tackle it; if anyone can do it, it's you!
  15. I did the same thing with my Casita (OCD) by keeping a spreadsheet of what I was actually spending on my hobby. I came to be known locally (our tiny OH rally) as the 'Mod Queen' I didn't do it for notoriety but to substantiate my selling price if I were to sell. It worked well in my sale but also allowed me to share all I learned by logging websites, videos and sources to share with others. I haven't done it with the ILOVHER because I'm fairly sure this is will be my forever trailer!
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