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  1. I never thought I'd ever own an Oliver and last year we bought a 2020 Tundra TRD Sport 4x4 1/2 ton. I really thought it was overkill for my Casita but since Ive owned three 4th generation V8 4runners , I couldn't bring myself to go back to a V6~5K towing capacity. The truck performed beautifully on our trip out west with the Casita. It will remain to be seen how the Oliver does. The main issue will always be payload now as I'm limited with all of the hardware/suspension that they put on this thing. Thankfully, I like to travel light. I can always put the hubby on a diet, right?
  2. Thank you. This is why I pushed the egress window out and thoroughly cleaned all the tracks. I even lifted the rubber up and cleaned everything and toothbrushed the weep holes! Now you can understand the reasoning behind naming my Casita 'OCD' ~ Obessive Casita Disorder! I'm hoping that I don't get too much dust now that I finally figured out how to pop the screen back in. Looks like such a poor design to use those metal clips to hold it in. I had no idea that screen is stationary which is why I couldn't figure out how to put it back. There's at least a quarter inch gap and a dust collector there. Certainly something to keep an eye on. Now ~ On to installing the MaxxAir Window Vents that I purposely took off my Casita before selling her to use on the ILOVHER!
  3. I did in fact use the Loctite Marine from HD in the big caulk tube. I won't be buying it again as it was a bear to get flowing and it was not particularly easy to work with. I'm sure it's a great product, just wish I would have bought the smaller hand held tube.
  4. So after struggling and cursing at my caulking gun and the stupid thick expensive marine sealant above.. Ive had success! Used the sealant as the adhesive and the outer caulk line. A little more detailed cleanup and I will be golden!
  5. Thank you , very helpful except mine are tight and together. I've cleaned that entire track!
  6. I imagine the VHB tape is used just to hold the lense in place while the sealant is applied. I'll probably do the same and use this to do the caulking:
  7. For those of you reading this thread.. I've been documenting my progress here:
  8. So, this is where I'm at. This took about an hour and a half total. I used a box cutter to break the sealant and then a putty knife to drag along the edge to pry the lense off. The lense did hairline crack in one spot about 1/2'' long but I think I can use flexseal tape to mend it... otherwise I'm probably out a week or so before Oliver will send me a new one. My lense is held on to the surface opening by 3M double sided HD tape and then caulked all around. I'm not entirely sure if this is where my leak is stemming from as the caulking looked fairly plyable and contiguous. Do I need to caulk those marker lights up there? They look completely void of any caulk. Now, the arduous task of cleaning all of the remaining sealant and try to get that tape off!
  9. Thanks. I saw this earlier but I thought a simple hose bib would be cool!
  10. Ha, that didn't occur to me to use the outside shower! I guess having a garden hose fitting there would be nice to run the water away from the trailer, but I see your concern. Could be quite low hanging.
  11. Has anyone installed a Sharkbite or equivalent garden hose valve for the pex fresh water drain? I'm used to getting water for my dogs bowl from a fitting I added to my Casita. Is there any harm in installing one and leaving the inside valve open?
  12. How did you cut the epoxy part of the lense? I'm dreading having to cut it out!
  13. I'm not sure I'll be able to get it out in one piece. There's no going back now! I've already removed the sealant on 70% of it.
  14. Since I'm dealing with a number of messy issues with my new to me LE2, I wanted to shift my attention and share with y'all a couple recent mods that I'm proud of. Some were the genius of others on this forum that I copied and some are my own.
  15. I'm tackling this too but am trying to get the lense out.. Its in there good.. Im done for the day and will continue tomorrow. Taped it up with white duct tape. The only good thing I can say is that I went ahead and peeled the black Oliver sticker off! With the way I feel.. Im not ashamed.
  16. So, RideandFly, you're saying that the lens can be removed once the caulking is removed, right? How does it come out? It looks like from the inside that it would have to slide out one side or the other from the grooved white bracket it's held in and there isn't any room for it to slide either way. Do I have to dis-attach the wire going to it?
  17. I'm dealing with the exact issue! Waiting on responses
  18. Just so you guys know..I went ahead and peeled the insulation back from the interior rear brake light and ScubaRx is the winner winner chicken dinner. There is definitely moisture back there! I'm not sure exactly how to take it apart but I took the obnoxious amount of Gorilla tape from around it and am studying how it's fixed in there. It looks like it slides out..but I'm not sure. I'm off to buy some Fllexseal tape and figure out how to proceed. If you have any tips ..please keep them coming! Oh, and just so you guys know, I DO have EZ rv rain gutters over every window..might try to add some to above that brake light! Thanks guys/gals! Claudia
  19. Like I said.. I wasnt completely delusional about maintenance as ALL RVs need some kind of upkeep .. Just ask my rivet gun! Its just I thought I wouldnt be encountering one issue after another in a trailer that is considered in the top three FB manufacturers! No offense, just am annoyed to sleep in a wet bed!
  20. Thanks everyone.. I'm aware of trailer maintenance items as my Casita was my baby and I took exceptional pride and care in keeping her pristine. I have no problems doing the work, I actually enjoy it, but this has been one heck of a week! I thought I'd be able to put down the tools a bit with ILOVHER and camp!
  21. I read nearly all of your posts on the rear lens. I am bound and determined to get to the bottom of it and will now tear into that freaking light. I realize all trailers need maintenance but am just getting upset that I'm having this many issues with a unit this young. I took out a large portion of my retirement savings as this was my dream trailer..but its feeling more like a nightnare!
  22. Thank you..I had an older Coleman Polar Cub that was quiet considering the smaller space but this Penguin is ridiculous! I hope I never have to sleep with that thing on! We were just up on the roof as when we bought the trailer, the first thing we had to do was remove a nice sized bird's nest from under the shroud. It's tight and I've added rubber washers to help rattling.
  23. Thank you. I will check the window caulk. The trailer already has the ez rv gutters running on every window!
  24. I've worked for a solid week on various issues/mods and am trying to learn all the systems in my new to me LE2. I seem to keep coming across problems! Besides the city water slowly filling my fresh water tank, I've finally managed to get the fresh water outlet unplugged with two rounds of bleach solution, one round of vinegar and some compressed air! My trailer sat for awhile so I understood that algae/mold clogged the drain and pump prefilter. I'm a little miffed that the fresh outlet is so small, that it takes forever to drain and there's no way to clean it! On my Casita, I installed a top marine deck plate so I could scrub it out! I had a party when I finally got this thing flowing. But here's my next irritation! Now...unfortunately, the rain for the last two days has somehow soaked both mattresses & brand new bedding in the rear! I've thoroughly pipe cleaned all the weep holes days before this rain came... I did this with my Casita so I know to do it.. As I lay here I'm watching water come down from the rear window and cross over the silver belly band trim and on to the other streetside bed! I went up on the ladder and the rear brake light doesn't seem to have a break in the caulking. There's no leak I can see from the inside of the rear cupboard either! What the heck? This wasn't a cheap investment...I'm getting frustrated...whats it gonna be next? I never had this many issues so close together in 10 years of owning my Casita..and I also bought it used! Help me out here folks! I'm getting discouraged. Even the Penguin air conditioner sounds like a jet engine..is it really always going to be this LOUD? There just shouldn't be this many issues with a four year old trailer of this caliber!
  25. Y'all would be amazed at the things I've seen! Two ways are always a great idea.. I've seen absolute divorces created through backing trailers! I've only been in one situation with my Casita that was tricky and stressful. I imagine the learning curve is going to be a little higher with my ILOVHER because of her added girth and height. Let's hope I stay married!
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