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  1. Hmm. "Value". I looked at Casita, Escape and others before emphatically deciding on an Oliver. So for me, Oliver was a "better value". Why? Overall design, construction, quality of materials, and many things standard without being add-ons that add to the price of the other makes, if you can even get them. The conventional style interiors that I find much less durable and harder to clean, were a real detractor for me. After six weeks on the road visiting national parks and other rustic environs, just can't seem get those interiors back up to snuff like you can with the Oliver. These are just a few things that caused me to decide what was the better value. In the end, what fits one's budget will be the deciding factor on what is purchased, but to me value is highly subjective, and in many ways separate from base price. Depending on the type of camping you like to do I would seriously consider the solar option with upgraded batteries. We live in NW Florida and Downeast Maine, and like to take trips west to the national parks. When in Florida we rely on facilities with hookups to power air conditioning. Outside of the south, I look for much more out of the way sites that often do not have hook ups and look forward to the flexibility that solar will provide. Surge protection as well to protect the sensitive electonics and wiring. We also have the 30lb propane tanks...might be overkill, but I like the comfort of having more than I will probably need on any given trip, and probably any entire season of camping. The Dexter EZ flex is a very worthwhile add-on as well. Oliver has been fantastic to work with in my opinion. I bought mine used. Even though I didn't buy from them, when I brought my trailer to Hohenwald for a couple of upgrades ( change out Coleman ac and add Dexter EZ flex),they treated me as though I did, and they took it upon themselves to do a few upgrades that are standard with the newer models as well as correct a defect in one of the items provided by another manufacturer at no charge. One thing to watch out for though....just washed and waxed Oliver and he is looking mighty fine....and he knows it....asked me to borrow the keys to the TV so he could go out and meet a little Casita somewhere....
  2. I can't see how that cable attachment is done without ripping the insulation off the door on mine, but it has a metal ring that protrudes through the insulation, and the cable hooks onto that. If yours is the same, you might try opening the door and propping it up so it is perpendicular to Ollie, leaving the cable off. Put a big dab of 3m 5200 behind the attachment piece, and secure it with a slightly larger screw. Once the 5200 dries, it will probably never come off.
  3. Can someone who has taken delivery of an Oliver with the Dometic Penguin 2 A/C , or perhaps someone who has swapped out their Coleman for a Dometic, give an opinion on the noise level and how it compares to the Coleman? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Buzzy. I am torn between what you have and having Oliver install the model they have has an option. Either way, I don't think I want to be without one.
  5. Our agent was able to add the Oliver same day during a five minute phone call. Perhaps that's because I already had a trailer on the policy, and replaced it with the Oliver. But I can't imagine that yours would not be able to do the same, with coverage starting at midnight that day at the latest. Seems to me that Oliver would have your paperwork ready at least the day before delivery day, and would be able to give you the VIN # then, and you could call it in and be insured by delivery time.
  6. You need look no further than their own website....Notice the nice fat dent in the aluminum (front corner) and it's not even off the factory floor yet.....Not to mention the wood floor, conventional frame style, looking forward to replacing leaking rivets, etc. I've had several camp trailers in the past that have relied on wooden components, and they just don't stand the test of time. Glad to spend a little more $ for the strength of construction and lower maintenance of a fiberglass trailer.
  7. We recently purchased hull #98, and looking forward to picking it up this weekend. This particular unit does not have the factory surge protector option installed. Wondering what others are using and recommend for surge protection. Thanks.
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