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  1. I started to look at the privacy room and decided against it. While the quality seemed to be pretty good from what I could glean on YouTube, when I camp I am outside nearly all day with the exception of bedtime. If there is really inclement weather, that is the time I hunker down with a good book and enjoy the comfort of the Oliver. So I thought I would never really get the use out of the privacy room to justify the cost.
  2. Hi Buzzy- Very sorry to hear about your buddy. I suspected as much when I saw the change in photo. Lost our 14yr old pal this summer, but we are now accompanied by a new youngster 5 months old. A lot of work, but a lot of fun.... headed to Apalachicola area (St. Joseph Peninsula State Park) in a couple of weeks for her first trip in Ollie. ?
  3. I purchased my Ollie from the previous owner in Virginia. He just had it inspected as a courtesy, I believe by the VA State Police. It passed with flying colors....it has the twin 30 gal propane tank option, which is apparently illegal to tow in that state! (Max allowed is 20 gal tanks)
  4. Found this link. Never really thought about different speed limits for towing vs. posted speed limits. Texas was particularly interesting, I thought. http://www.doityourselfrv.com/state-towing-speeds/amp/
  5. Ok, I couldn't stand it anymore and went to look at my upper cabinets. The fiberglass flange that the catch is attached too is also flexible on mine, so I don't think that is it. Seems to me though that the ones that "open too easily" can be shimmed...found these on line...various thicknesses down to 1/32"... might help. http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=83923866&cid=CAPLA:B:Shopping_-_Catch_All&bingpla=bingpla_23251792&k_clickid=6cad95ce-e0a5-472d-b65c-42ffe1a60bcd
  6. Buzzy- Until others chimed in, I thought you had a unique experience, apparently not. But unique or not, I agree with Bill, a flaw like that should not go unattended by Oliver. What a source of annoyance it must be to have to tape your doors shut every time you move your trailer. If I were the owner of Oliver I would fly a service person to New Hamshire and make it right. (Hint...hint....)
  7. Hi Buzzy- I cant help but think that your cabinet latch issues are unique....haven't heard of any other such problems, and mine all work flawlessly. Perhaps the catches for the latches just need adjustment, and it was missed before delivery?
  8. Regarding warranty, I also purchased a year-old Oliver past its warranty period. I brought it to Tennessee to upgrade the suspension and replace the Coleman a/c with Dometic. Even though it was past the warranty period, and I did not purchase directly from them, Oliver performed three other upgrades/service items free of charge- 1.)welded gussets on the a-frame as they did with TrytoRelax, 2.) changed out battery cables to larger gauge, I think for solar efficiency, and 3.) the manufacturer of the battery tray that was installed had a run of trays where the rivets were installed backwards, and in some instances rubbed on the sides of the batteries. They drilled them out and installed the rivets correctly to avoid potential problems down the road. I don't think any prospective Oliver buyer should have any concerns about a 1-year warranty period.
  9. Good info. The deadbolt does work much more easily for me than the other lock.
  10. I would be interested to see how these work out for anyone that order these. The only issue I seem to have with my Oliver is the door locks....they can be hard to open, and I think it is because the door gasket needs to be compressed to get the door closed tightly, making the door lock sometimes hard to turn with a key. I wonder if the battery and electronic mechanism is strong enough to overcome this.
  11. When I brought my Oliver to the factory in October to have the Dexter upgrade, they did grease all of the fittings.
  12. Just thought of another question. I assume that if 4-5 gallons of antifreeze is drawn into the fresh water tank, there would be some residual antifreeze left in the tank after getting the faucets to run "pink". Rather than leave residual antifreeze in the fresh tank for the season, is there any reason why we shouldn't open the fresh water tank drain and let the excess antifreeze out into antifreeze container(s)?
  13. Thanks! The white hose on the bypass junction answers my question.... Great photo.
  14. I live in the Florida panhandle during winter, so fortunately have not had to deal with winterization yet. (Although came close with the recent cold blast) I've been trying to visualize the plumbing system in my head while reading about this process. It has caused me to wonder if,with the valve to the water heater closed when pulling anti freeze through the pipes, does the "hot side" of the system fill with antifreeze, or just the cold side?
  15. ScubaRx, thanks very much for your input. I am aware of how the solar panels work, but I decided to experiment with a smaller opening, primarily for longevity of the cover....I was concerned that a complete opening would tend to have edges catch and rip. So far the batteries are maintaining at 100%, but if that changes I will know what the culprit is and will alter the opening.
  16. I have the Trojan T 105 AGM sealed batteries. My understanding is that they do not vent, except in an overcharge situation. I did leave the solar system charging. The battery compartment is ventilated, and the cover is also ventilated; the darker gray flap that hangs at the roofline of the trailer has screening beneath for ventilation, as well as the 9 square foot opening at the top that I opened up for the solar panels. While the cover is snug enough to keep it from blowing off, it does billow a bit when there is a breeze. I think there will be enough circulation with the cooler air under the trailer being drawn up by the hot air escaping up through the vents, and more than enough air movement to exhaust the little vents on the outside of the battery compartment.
  17. When I purchased our elite II in September, it came with an inexpensive Expedition RV cover, sized for 18-24' travel trailers. I've been wanting to get the trailer out of the Florida sun, and keep it from prying eyes and sticky fingers at the storage lot where it's kept, but did not want to cover the solar panels. I decided to cut a 3' x 3' hole in the top and give it a shot. Seems to be working OK so far.
  18. Should have included above, but it has 3.55 rear end; non-towing highway mpg has been at the manufacturer specs of 29mpg, combined hwy/city is 26.5. Around town I do drive a bit for improved mileage, meaning no jack rabbit starts and drive the speed limit.
  19. FWIW, I don't have a heavy duty diesel truck, I have the light duty Ram 1500 diesel. My one trip towing my elite 2 so far has been round trip from Pensacola FL to Hohenwald. Not flat by any means, but not the Rockies either. On that 900 mile trip I averaged 17.5 mpg driving at the speed limit, with plenty of power going up all sf the Tennessee hills.
  20. Wow, that's good to know....this is the first installation of these switches that I've run into where it's purpose was not to isolate the batteries entirely.
  21. Having a weird phenomenon occur.... New responses to posts have a copy of the header or banner overlays on the post such that it can't be read.... See below thanks.
  22. I brought mine to the factory a couple of weeks ago, and one the the things they did was install the Dexter EZ Flex. Here are a couple of photos that may help with zerk location.(note the zero hidden in the mounting bracket). I noticed that some that have installed themselves have located the zerks differently.
  23. The battery switch I referred to is pictured below. It's under the access panel located under the bed that is closest to the cupboard (and the batteries). I believe if you turn this in the off position it will isolate your batteries from all of the electronically connections in the trailer. Sorry I can't help with your battery issues above; I'm fine with mechanicals, when it comes to sorting out electrical issues I am on the sidelines....
  24. Curious to know what everyone does with their batteries for winter storage. Those with solar, do you leave the battery switch on and let the solar trickle charge all winter? Those without, do you leave the batteries in the trailer with the battery switch off, or remove batteries all together? Thanks.
  25. Would it be possible to access this area through a hatch put into the closet wall to the right of the vanity? The hatch wouldn't be visible in the closet, and would provide access at anytime rather than have to dis- assemble and re-assemble the vanity.
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