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  1. I have them on my off road moped that I use to get to remote fishing spots.
  2. That's a RotoPax set up....great idea if you have a flat surface with structural support behind to support the bracket. http://rotopax.com/
  3. The heater looks nice, and says it is safe for indoors, but you might want to double check on whether it's ok for the confines of the Ollie. I would worry about carbon monoxide for one, and the amount of moisture propane puts into the air, perhaps causing a moisture issue that you ordinarily would not have in an Oliver.
  4. Saw those a couple of days ago... figured "Outlaw" or "Lone Star" should post on this forum..her video on " My Camper Broke in Half" is scary on s bunch of levels...
  5. Thanks. After I applied loctite to the screws, I noticed that it was easy to get the latch out of alignment. There is about 1/4" of adjustment room in the slot in the hinge. I found that if that was adjusted properly it would catch enough of the plastic lip so that it would not pop open.
  6. I ran into the same dilemma when I brought my Ollie to the factory for an upgrade..... the options are few and far between- I didn't even venture into the parking lot of the options in Hoenwald. I ended up picking the Commodore Inn in Linden, about 1/2 hour west of the factory, based on the reviews on Trip Advisor. It was clean, but VERY dated, and kind of like staying in the spare bedroom of that very first fixer upper house you bought when you were younger...????.
  7. I did see the other Ollie in the photo. Meant to comment, but got sidetracked. BTW- park service says all of the non-reservation campgrounds in Yosemite are closed until sometime in July due to heavy snow. Had to make reservations at a campground in June at a nearby state park to see Yosemite this year, as you recommended.
  8. Thanks!....I was hoping to have redundancy by having the IPN ProRemote set also, but it looks like it is as good as its going to get.
  9. My charge controller is, and always has, had the equalization function disabled, or "OFF". So equalization is not occurring. The IPN ProRemote however, is still set at the factory settings. I don't see in the manual anywhere what it should be set at to prevent equalization, just a note indicating that AGMs should never be equalized. Without knowing precisely how to disable equalization in the IPN ProRemote, I was hesitant to cycle through the settings. Does anyone know if I should look for ? .... "OFF", or do you set the the parameters to zero, or answer "NO"?... just trying to verify what "no equalization" looks like on that unit. Thanks.
  10. Buzzy- I would like to see the parameters Stacey helped you with. Would you mind posting? Thanks.
  11. We only use the small filler cushion and the underlying support at night when the dog is with us. The filler cushion is removed and and support section is stowed away under the mattress during the day. So the only time we do not have access to the drawer in the night stand is when we are asleep.
  12. The stainless looks like it was no fun to cut through...looks neat and durable though. Good job
  13. Don't know if this helps....Here is a photo of the inside of the vanity from a project I did earlier. I believe the black tank vent is the pipe on the far left of the photo.
  14. We have one of those covers on our front jack. It works well to protect it from the weather. It's 18 months old now and starting to show signs of UV damage.(faint cracking) Will replace at the end of this season.
  15. Is Jason referring to the fuse panel under the dinette table that converts to the single bed?
  16. Here's a video of a 16k BTU a/c unit starting with EasyStart powered by a Honda 2000 generator.
  17. Buzzy- Thanks for posting all of this info. I haven't had any trouble with my BlueSky equipment, but if I do, this will be very helpful to look back to for reference.
  18. I use this headlamp for around camp and night fishing. Multiple settings, dims, and has red for preserving night vision. Very light weight and comfortable. https://www.amazon.com/Black-Diamond-Strom-Headlamp-Aluminum/dp/B019EY4VZM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1492568890&sr=8-2&keywords=black+diamond+headlamp
  19. I get a new one of these every year and keep it in the truck. https://www.amazon.com/dp/097254898X/?tag=mh0b-20&hvadid=77653023178595&hvqmt=b&hvbmt=bb&hvdev=t&ref=pd_sl_gdzntbz8n_b
  20. Yeah, sorry. Some of the earlier responses did pop up on my iPad until after I responded for some reason.
  21. A dedicated gray colored hose may do the trick to remind which hose is which..... https://www.amazon.com/Valterra-W01-4180-Gray-Flushing-Hose/dp/B0006N5SJ4/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1492459735&sr=8-2&keywords=gray+hose
  22. The shaking out of rugs and sweeping routine works well for a while for us, but after a little time, the nooks and crannies seem to need a little extra. I thought about the Dyson, but after looking at reviews, I figured I can burn up three of these before I reach the Dyson price point. And it had the first decent review of a Black and Decker product I've seen in a really long time, so gave it a shot. Like Raspy, I have almost always regretted a B&D purchase, but so far so good with this one. ( knock on fiberglass)
  23. I'm usually not a fan of Black and Decker products, but this one is an exception. Much better small vac than anything else I've tried. Great suction and a battery that lasts more than long enough to clean the trailer a few times before needing recharge.
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