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Official Update from Oliver Travel Trailers

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Thank you Rodney.

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2020 OLEII - Hull #634 aka-  “XPLOR”

2021 F350 6.7 liter Diesel Lariat Ultimate Tremor 

North Carolina 🇺🇸



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Never had any doubts, but thanks for the update and reassurance!

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What's today?............. the most frequently asked question as a retiree 🙄

Chris and Stacie Neuhaus Greenfield, Indiana

2021 Ford F350 7.3L Tremor (Redzilla)

LE2 #1373 - Ordered 10/21/22 - Delivered 05/10/23

States Visited Map

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15 hours ago, Ollie-Haus said:

Never had any doubts

We had no doubts, either!  Thanks for the well written clarification, Rodney!  The Oliver family and business always comes through with the best path going forward.


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Art, Diane, Magnus & Oscar (double-Aaarrf!)

  • 2022 TUNDRA
  • 2017 LE II; Hull #226 "Casablanca"
  • HAM call-sign:  W0ABX


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Thanks for the confirmation of Oliver Travel Trailers' continued dedication to Oliver customers, past, present, and future.  "Transition" is a common event in the life cycle of businesses as they mature and grow.  With OTT's strong heritage and dedication to building a quality travel trailer that, with proper care, will last a lifetime, you have brought value to the market and joy to many individuals and families throughout the nation. 

I wish you and all employees of OTT all the best as your company evolves into the future.

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Pete & "Bosker".    TV -  '18 F150 Super-cab Fx4; RV  - "The Wonder Egg";   '08 Elite, Hull Number 014.


Travel blog of 1st 10 years' wanderings - http://www.peteandthewonderegg.blogspot.com


visited-united-states-map (2).pngvisited-canadian-provinces-map.png





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On this note. I think Jason did a good job on the summary. However, I do find that this is the first somewhat "bad news" item I have ever seen written about Oliver if that provides any context around how this has been bumpy. I agree with Jason that it is not necessarily a bad thing, as he does call out how picky they are trying to be in dealer selection and the challenge of growing without this. It does show how poorly people view dealers and dealer service though. I wanted to post here so Oliver could respond to RVMiles if they so choose (I have not even joined the Oliver family yet but find myself rooting for them to get through this growth challenge. 🙂 ) . 


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