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Y’all are amazing! A few weeks into this and your Oliver is already heads up over some of ours, where in my case we’ve been working hard for over a year. Maybe that’s due to your 6 years of careful thinking and planning. G-bless!

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Chris & John in Prescott, AZ | 2016 EII #113 | '01 Ram 2500 Cummins!

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6 hours ago, josmith68 said:


24” TV  and dinette are no more, replaced with 32” TV


Very nice!👍🏻 I’m also looking at replacing the TV with a 32”. Did you use the existing TV mount, if not can you post a link for the mount and 32” TV, please and thanks? Oh and can the TV still fold backwards for storage? 

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On 7/10/2024 at 11:24 PM, josmith68 said:

replaced with 32” TV

Did you switch to a 12V DC TV, or stick with the AC version? When/if I replace mine, it will be 12V, and I've already converted the AppleTV to 12V. So I'll only need the inverter for the microwave or the air conditioner.

Edited by Steve Morris
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Steve - Northern Ohio, USA
Wandering around on occasion, always lost.
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10 hours ago, josmith68 said:

Thanks Rich, yes, “32 was the largest TV available while maintaining the same mounting bracket; although, it will no longer fold back into the ceiling—something to consider.

You may be able to adjust the bracket so that the TV is closer to the ceiling so it can fold back.  We were able to do this on our 2022 LE2 when we installed our Free Signal 12 volt 32" Platinum Smart TV and it folds up just like the original TV. 

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Steve & Mary Allyn

San Antonio, TX

2022 LE II Hull #969 "Un Œuf", 2021 MB Sprinter 3500 "Polly"

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