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What are your sources for weather reports and alerts when on the road?

John E Davies

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I used to use the Weather Channel’s wonderful Storm app and loved it. They recently replaced it with Storm Radar, which is pretty much useless, slow to load data, buggy and very frustrating to use. It no longer shows highs, lows and fronts. I found an “old school” interactive map with those features which looks interesting.




Here is an article “The Demise of the Surface Weather/ Frontal Map”. ... informative and also quite sad for me, who grew up with these maps.




Here is an air quality (smoke) map I refer to often. Current level for my home area is 162, hazardous ;( The AQI Loop video is cool.




Anyone have a recommendation for a better IOS weather app?


How do you monitor the weather, especially when far away from radio or tv news?


Do you use an emergency weather radio, and what features do you like and utilize? Do you need an external antenna?


I am planning a week long west coast trip (Ocean Shores, WA and then north) for late September and would like to be able to receive tsunami, earthquake and storm warnings independntly from my phone. But not have to leave it turned on constantly. Please educate me.




John Davies


Spokane WA

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Not to be a smart ***, but as I try to go places where cell signals don't, I don't rely on them for weather - over time... especially in  higher altitudes. Sure I'll look at the long range forecasts, but I often try to be prepared for whatever the season will throw at me.  If there is something looming, I adjust appropriately, however,  I must admit - I've never wondered about air quality. When we go out for a day long hike - I take the appropriate stuff, - just in case. If we are out for weeks - we just deal with what the day brings. Grin and bear it.


Course - I've been know to paddle whitewater while its freezing water on the paddle shaft, and icicles are forming on the rock ledges - and it was winter - sure  it was gonna be cold, I was looking for the sun to come out, and if it did - mo better.


I love what technology, the WWW, and all these cool apps do for us, but to be honest, I don't rely on technology to keep me  safe when I'm out side, well anywhere really. I'm convinced, Mother Nature goes out of her way to piss me off, so I just grin back, cuss a little, ok a lot, and go on.


By the way, John, you do post lots of really good information - please keep them coming.



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I generally use accuweather, both the app and website.  They have the best long range forecasts and also a really nice, simple app that you can customize to display the data you want - things like dew point, which is often overlooked on most apps.  I'll bookmark ahead of time in the app the places we're headed and then take screenshots of the long range forecasts from the website for later in case we don't have a signal.


I also like the hourly graphical charts from NOAA, which are much easier to interpret than the typical list of data from an app.


If we're at a park, I'll usually check their weather charts since they'll often have weather for specific areas within the park, which can be dramatically different from what you'd see on an app.


I'll also look up at the sky on occasion, just to verify that it's not raining.

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I make sure to deploy this when we set up camp:




Sorry, I couldn't resist.  On Android I use "eWeather HD" because I've found its severe weather alerts to be more configurable and superior to other apps.  For forecasts I also use Accuweather.

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OK, i am just going to ignore the jokes. This is a serious thread, or was intended to be.


I was thinking maybe a handheld weather alert radio, so I could run it off batteries if necessary, and leave it connected to inverter power the rest of the time we are inside. I like this one, and I already have a Midland CB and GMRS handhelds that have been working well:






But I learned it is discontinued, and in an email Midland told me that they will not be replacing it or coming out with a new model. So I am reluctant to buy a radio with no future support.


This is similar, but I suspect it is poorly built.






I do actually like that Rust color.


Any comments about these, or any other radios that will run off batteries for more than a few hours, and/or can preferably  be plugged into the RV 12 volt system instead of 110 v AC? I really don’t like the ones with crank handles, solar panels, lights, sirens, SOS, AM FM, knobs, analog tuners, 1950’s styling, TVs, etc etc. I just want reliable weather alerts in a handy package.








John Davies


Spokane WA

SOLD 07/23 "Mouse":  2017 Legacy Elite II Two Beds, Hull Number 218, See my HOW TO threads: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/topic/john-e-davies-how-to-threads-and-tech-articles-links/

Tow Vehicle: 2013 Land Cruiser 200, 32” LT tires, airbags, Safari snorkel, Maggiolina Grand Tour 360 Carbon RTT.

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We have a emergency use Kaito receiver and they have many models available. It has better reception than Ollie's Furrion receiver. We use it for current WX info when we don't have internet/cell service and TV reception during dangerous weather conditions.








Going to use the rock backup system.  :)

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