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Domestic refrigerator not working on A/C

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If you haven't tried turning the fridge off, waiting for 15 seconds or so and then turn it back on - try that.  Of course I assume that other AC driven things are working when you tried the fridge on AC.



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You'll probably want to check the outlet under the sink area. Some people have reported that the fridge 110 plug has come loose, or been knocked out completely over time.

I believe the dc power is hardwired, and of course gas is poweted by dc board. On your system. The 110 plugs into a household type outlet, out of view, under the drawers.

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Remove the three left kitchen drawers. Remove the plywood panel at the back. See picture for location of the plug. Before you put everything back together move the weighted sink hose so that it is between the back of the drawers and the back wall of the cabinet.



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I would guess that has happened before, based on Paul and Sherry's and Bill and Martha's response.  Which gave me another project for the honey do list.  Since I would rather fix problems at home rather than while camping, I am going to replace the offending plug with a 90° plug.  That should allow me to secure the plug and wire, possible with a tie wrap.


Thanks for the problem to solve, it more fun than chess, for me.







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You could always use one of these?P-A000146N - Mains Power Cord, NEMA 5-15P to IEC 320 C13, 152.4 mm, Black


I could have, but I didn’t have one in my parts bin!  So I just replaced the plug.  The following the pictures tell the story.


This picture is the bottom of one of the drawers I removed and shows the latches that allow removal.




This picture is the rear drawer support.  3 screws hold it in place.  And it is upside down in this picture.




This picture is of the kitchen faucet access panel and it is mounted with 4 screws.




The existing plug.




And the replacement plug.




And hopefully the new plug will not become unplugged while traveling to the next campsite.









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Mike and Krunch   Lutz, FL   LEII #193 “the dog house”



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I came up a different solution, using a split key ring and a zip tie, both of which I already had.


I put the fridge power cord through the key ring.








I could then put a zip tie around part of the electrical box and through the key ring. I think this should prevent the plug from coming out during travel.



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