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Time to winterize?


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It kinda depends on where you are. I never winterize even though we typically have a week or so where the lows are mid-20s at night. I just turn on a space heater and open the access between the hulls. We like to camp year round so as soon as I would winterize we’d be looking to leave! If the temps are going to be around freezing for a few days I wouldn’t worry about it. If it will be colder longer, then you might consider it. Mike

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If you have a decent air compressor you could do a partial winterization..... blow out all four of the exterior lines and also the outside shower head at 60 psi max. You can get a garden hose adaptor fitting at any hardware store. That takes care of the stuff that would be the first to freeze. Keep the cabin heated and the water heater on and you will be fine, even without doing this. But blowing out those most vulnerable lines will give you more peace of mind.... normally this is all I do now since my RV bay hasn’t dropped below freezing in three winters.




John Davies


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If you have a decent air compressor you could do a partial winterization


One caution. I read online that some air compressor units can blow oil or other debris into your water lines, and to avoid this you should use an oil-less air compressor. That is the reason that I bought a Viair compressor recommended on this and other forums, and I use it for my winterization.

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