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Storage room?


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I think I have made up my mind that I definitely want to buy an Oliver trailer.  I sold my Bigfoot, which I loved, and am now ready to try an Oliver.  Does anyone  who has the twin bed riser option know if the risers have enough room in them to store a full size dreadnaught guitar case?  I cannot seem to find any info on the company website showing the dimensions of the riser box, or the size of the door opening.  This could possibly play into my decision to order a new one without the risers, or try to hold out until I find a used one with the risers for sale.  Thanks!

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The twin bed riser option is no longer being offered by Oliver.  There were only a few produced.  If you can find one used (there was one that recently sold) I think a full sized guitar would fit.  Even without the riser, you could travel with your guitar laying on the bed.  I have a parlor size guitar that fits neatly on the floor under the lip of the twin bed upright and out of the way.

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Do you travel alone? If so you could build a custom storage box on the one side .... but access to the stuff underneath will always be a big headache even if you add hatches on the vertical part of the existing area.

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Elite II - Has a front closet will  fit that Guitar Case and leaves more room.

The front closet is really quite deep and wide...and tall enough under that mid-shelf.
There's about 14" of space between the back of the closet wall to the backs of the hanging clothes.
In my case, I have a big guitar case, which has exterior dimensions of 45" x 19" x 7" in that space.

From the Oliver Dimensions Guide in Oliver University:
Overall Closet Dimensions -  72" H x 28" W x 34" D 

Key is Depth, Floor to Top of Bottom Shelf - 49-1 /2" (Behind the Clothes Rod is plenty high for a 45" case)

Bottom Shelf to Top Shelf - 9-3/4"
Closet Door Opening - 49" x 16"

Interior travel trailer closet

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On 11/18/2019 at 11:24 AM, Trainman said:

I found two pics of the twin bed option with risers here,   https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/2004-twin-bed-riser/

I feel like Oliver probably still has the molds, but would they make them for you and at what cost. 


Can guarantee you they won't do a one-off even it it's something they've done before.  The busier they get, the less inclined they are to make custom mods.  They just don't have the resources (time) to do that anymore.

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