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Have any Oliver owners taken their trailers to Alaska?  I have read some posts on the Airstream Forums suggesting that the rocks give their trailers a beating on some of the roads north. Is there anything you can do to protect your fibreglass trailer?  Also, if it has taken a beating with rocks can it be resurfaced in return to the lower 48?

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There have been a number of Oliver trips to Alaska.  There are also some different ways owners have protected the front of their trailers.  Do a search on “Alaska” and you will get a list of posts that should help with your questions.  I’m sure those who made the trip will chime in too.  Mike

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Hi, this is often discussed. The options are varied, as are their initial cost and effectiveness. Search for topics about “gravel protection” and “rock chip” repair. 

It really is an “ounce of prevention” situation. Minimizing the damage before you depart is more satisfactory than paying a shop to repair stuff later (some of which, like frame erosion, may not be repairable at all.)

At the very least you should have   effective mud flaps on your tow vehicle, not the little factory ones. After that you can consider tire choice (tread design)  and trailer protection.

After reading some older discussions, post any specific questions here and we will be happy to help. We are headed to Alaska by road in the summer of 2021.

John Davies

Spokane WA

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    I have applied closed cell foam on the front of my Oliver with non- residue duct tape, put it on in British Columbia traveled for a month thru Alaska and removed it just before we went into Washington state. We went up the Alcan and back down the Cassiar, Great trip. The application took the rain , mud, washing, back on the dirt and gravel and it held up well no dings or dents to the gel coat. Safe travels and don't hesitate try to catch the salmon runs it is also when all the Grizzley's come out to feed. If you want to stay in Denali make your reservations when they open up.



Gary & Jona

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Yes, those guys in Service are amazing.  I had a small spot (about 1.5 inches in diameter) on the roof that needed repair.  After they were done I can't really tell exactly where the damage was.  However, just as with a re-painted car, many times the color simply will not match exactly and in the right light it will look different either due to the color or the sheen as Overland points out.


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