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Stupid Campground Designs, post some pics.

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It is frustrating when you locate what appears on the map to be a great spot, right next to swimming and a boat launch area.... the reality is often less appealing. This is Porcupine Bay CG, on Lake Roosevelt WA, operated by the Corps of Engineers. Most of their other campgrounds on this huge lake are OK to excellent. They know this one is bad, because there is a display showing “Proposed Development”. But the info is about twenty years old, faded and peeling, and they obviously never got the funding....

Looks great from 2000 feet up, but the Campground is not where indicated, that is the day use area. The sites are off to the left....

Somebody had the bright idea to turn those neat pull-through “Ollie friendly” sites into DOUBLE sites, by placing dividers and adding extra sign posts.


Site 6 on the left is just 14 feet long....


Sure, I want to camp my mini Motorhome  with my back window touching my neighbors back window, or pay for two spots per night to park my Ollie there. The sites are so narrow you can’t unhitch and park the TV next to the trailer.

The off season rates make up for it, if you could fit. $9.00, or $4.50 with the Geezer Pass. These pics were taken in March, midweek at noon, and there was not a single soul around, though the boat ramp lot had a couple of dozen parked trailers. I was without “Mouse” but plan to never return....

John Davies

Spokane WA


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Oh, the time I've invested click-click-clicking on a campground map trying to divine the best site. The ones that are clearly superior are usually reserved so I'm left guessing which sites are less inferior. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes...meh. But even some "meh" sites have become base camp for some very fun weekends. And some gorgeous sites have been wasted on a weekend of stormy weather. Camping, right?  https://www.campsitephotos.com/ is a super-helpful site if it happens to feature the park I'm looking at, but it usually doesn't have photos of the smaller state and county parks we usually camp at.

So I guess it's back to, "Let's see--#18 has a little extra frontage...but how close is that pit toilet? Hmm, #43 might work...eh, it backs up to the parking lot. I suppose #26 looks pretty decent...no, wait...it might be right in the footpath to the shower house..." 


Doug & Dan

Des Moines, Iowa

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Seeing that 60% of the pull throughs on that map are on the left hand side, it doesn't seem like a well designed campsite from the outset.  The reason that we opted for the second awning on our Ollie was because we stayed in a campground like that once and took note of the poor souls with their awnings facing the street - some of them with furniture out in the road because there wasn't even a green strip divider.  

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3 minutes ago, BackofBeyond said:

There have been days when any spot was a good one.....


Anywhere but Walmart is often best. Got that. 


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