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Spider Cracks

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Yes, it can be very normal. In 40 plus years of fiberglass hull ownership (boats and trailers), we've seen a lot of gelcoat cracks . 

Gelcoat doesn't have the same  strength of the underlying mat and roving plus resin.  Gel's both more brittle, and more beautiful. 

Stresses like a rock dings, dropped tool, excessive flexing from standing in the wrong spot, or overtighted fastener can cause a spider crack in gelcoat.  On a rare occasion, a tiny  void pocket beneath , in the fiberglass, can cause a crack above with flex or extreme thermal expansion. The good news is, it's almost always  just cosmetic, and doesn't really affect anything. And pretty easy to repair, especially where yours are, on the roof, out of sight. Unless it's really deep, or you live in an extreme climate zone, (or, it's  below the waterline as happens on our boats) it probably will never cause any underlying issue.

It's disappointing, I know, but pretty easily repaired. I'd probably get a gelcoat repair kit, and do it myself, if it's on the roof, out of view.  Unless you're still under warranty.  Then, call Oliver 



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Those look more like tool scratches than cracks.  Contact the service department for a repair solution. Be sure to also point out the cracked flange on the vent cap where the screw was over tightened. The cap needs to be replaced as well.

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On 3/9/2020 at 8:29 PM, bhncb said:

Those look more like tool scratches than cracks. 

Definitely, try some automotive rubbing compound to see if the "cracks" go away. Been under any low overhangs lately?  And also be aware of the condition of the sealant when you are up there inspecting stuff. This is a water leak - if not now, it will be:


You can get an entire new cap assembly shipped from Amazon Prime for about $5.... just swap it out and seal it with a high quality marine sealant, and you should be good for a long time.

John Davies
Spokane WA

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