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Rock Tamers


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Anyone using Rock Tamers? If so can you provide feedback and thoughts? Please limit comments to only to the Rock Tamers as to stay on topic.
We are also having XPEL.com 10 mil paint protection professionally installed next week on the front tub and lower corners, dog house and lower street and curb side areas. This includes where the courtesy lights are on our Oliver.
Not sure how I like the looks of the Rock Tamers, but form over function maybe the flavor of the day if they help keep the road rash and rock dings nicks mitigated/reduced. I still always stop and do a tire tread check when departing a CG...use a flat head SD and remove gravel from our truck tires. 

Thoughts and feedback on Rock Tamers?

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The Rock Tamers install directly to the hitch - just behind the Andersen hitchball housing.  Since the 2X2 hitch assembly which slides into the receiver was not exactly square, I had to use a couple of shims in order to get everything lined up to my satisfaction.  But, once that is done and you cut the rubber flaps to the desired length (allowing for the sag of the rear of the truck once you are hitched), you never have to touch them again.  However, they do add to the weight of the Andersen (which is not light) assuming that you do not remove and reinstall them each time you remove your hitch from the truck.  This plus the overall size of these things makes the entire unit a bit cumbersome.

I have found that between the mudflaps on the truck, the Rock Tamers, and the protection film that I had applied to the front of the Oliver, rock chips, scrapes and dings have been reduced as compared to what I had prior to the Rock Tamers.



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We've used Rock Tamers for over 12 years. They are well built. Most of the "chrome" trim has flaked off over the years, but that's about it.

We think they are quite effective, as we've had very few dings on the front of the trailer over the years. But, I guess like lightning rods, you only know if they don't work. 😃

We can still get some mud sprayed up on dirt roads, but I do think they offer a lot of protection. 


We bought both sets at Costco,  but I  don't see them on the Costco us site anymore. Amazon and etrailer seem to have the best price right now.

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I used them for a year, behind a Ram 3500, and I was very unimpressed. Most folks do not adjust them correctly “Aussie fashion”. They should sail at a 45 degree angle to the road at your typical cruising speed. You can’t really tell if that is happening, unless you have a chase car, but you can adjust them so they have about a 20 degree static angle back. When the are set correctly, they deflect stones downward to the pavement, not straight back at the TV. And onto the the top of your bumper and the back of the tailgate......

If you add a strip of rubber ( I used the three inch cut off pieces from trimming the flaps) at the TOP of each flap, when you rotate the flap to 20 degrees the extra strips will rest against the bumper and seal that huge gap on top, stopping a lot of the small stuff from getting past that direction. That also stabilizes the whole assembly a little.

I had to add two slopper stoppers to keep down unwanted motion, it was pretty floppy without them.

They are really bad on undulating gravel roads, they must be low to the ground to be effective, but every time you drag them into the ground in a dip, they send up a ferocious rooster tail of gravel back onto the trailer. IMHO they should be removed entirely for low speed  forest roads where they might drag. Or you could rotate them up close to horizontal.

I still have mine, I keep them handy for a future trailer rental or other non-Ollie use. Do they compare to Stone Stompers plus trailer chassis guards for effectiveness? Not at all. If a SS is a 10,  Rock Tamers are a 3 or 4. They are probably the best alternative solution out there, just set them up right and be aware of their limitations.

John Davies

Spokane WA

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I have them on my truck and have been very happy with them.  They seem to do the job well.   The front of our Oliver is still like new.  I don’t drive at high speeds on unpaved or gravel roads though like some of the more adventurous members of the Oliver family.  Our driving is typically all highway driving.  The only gravel roads we typically encounter are usually just the KOA campground roads which are very low speed limit.  I do have mine angled slightly as John mentioned above.  And I had to order the 2-1/2” hub for the Rock Tamers since my F-250 has a 2-1/2” receiver and ball mount.   



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