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Am I gonna continually bang my noggin if I buy a Legacy II ?


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I second Commanche's comments - I'm also 6' tall and I've never hit my head.  Even if I did there is a "bumper" there covered in the same fabric as the cushions.


2023 Ford F150 Lariat 3.5EB FX4 Max Towing, Max Payload, 2016 Oliver Elite II - Hull #117 "Twist"

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At 6'7", I have learned to live with banging, scraping, gouging, slicing my head on things around me, when I have two feet on the ground.  In addition, I no longer hesitate to help when asked if I can reach something on a high shelf by a total stranger in a store.  It is something that comes with the territory or altitude. 

The clearance in the Ollie is something my wife & I discussed at length, she researched all the dimensions, and asked me if it would be an issue before we made the decision to travel to Hohenwald.  At the factory, we walked thru an OLE II, I rubbed my head on the A/C unit to see how much damage would be self-inflicted.  I sat down and got up to see if I would hit my head on the overhead cabinets, above the beds and dinette, well… NOT if I remembered to close them before I sat down.  The Shower is a bit tight, but hey, I have had less room in worse showers.  I am able to sleep diagonally in the “Twin Bed” arrangement, and if I get a cramp in my leg at night, I just stretch out and press against the wall.  Getting in & out the front door, does require ATTENTION; notice the padding on the inside above the door… half the job of padding the doorway is already done.  Have I banged my head in the Ollie... YES, but that would happen on many trailers, and they are NOT an OLLIE. 

I have learned to adapt to the world designed for people shorter than myself, and momentary lapses remind me there is more to be aware of…  I have also learned to wear a cap; it softens the blow and absorbs the blood.  

That said; I would rather bang my head on an Ollie whilst out camping or on vacation, than at home. 

Respectfully,  Bryan

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Maggie & Bryan | Arnegard, ND | 2020 LE II "Twins" Hull #665 | 2021 RAM 2500  6.4L HEMI Gasser  4dr  6.5' bed


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