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  1. YES, we have this problem in less than one year since delivery. i would attach a picture; however then you could figure out what our door combo is... we will order a new cover when we return home for the season, and maybe start using a UV protectant. Bryan - Out
  2. Heading South on Atlantic Coast, Does anyone have any CG recommendations for the following states Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New Jersey Delaware Maryland Washington DC (a peripheral CG, where we could get some sort of Mass Transit connection into the DC area to see all the sites) Ohio Kindest Regards, This Camping Season, Bryan (Scrambled)
  3. Steve and Ann, Welcome to the Oliver Family, Yes, read the forums, lots of good experienced and tips shared by many. and if you have a question, ask away, someone has probably done it...
  4. Have been in Maine (Bangor & Acadia area) for 2.5 days. Enjoying (making best of) the Rain & Fog. We will not try to enter Canada this season, but will drop down to Mass. tomorrow, do the East Coast for a while, then head back West and (then Home) up to ND, before the snow fly's. Been on the road 65 days, enjoying the various landscapes and all that this wonderful country presents to us. Bryan (Scrambled), Maggie (SnySdUp) & Willis (the Kamper Kat)
  5. Leaving (Burlington area) Vermont this morning, headed to NH. Working our way up to Maine.
  6. Other than "you should have made Reservations weeks ago!!!" we are running up (SW to NE) the Blue Ridge Parkway, then the Shenandoah Skyline Drive, so we will be in the Front Royal, VI. area this weekend. but we are having difficulty getting in next (Labor Day) weekend at the places we have been looking at. we will wait to enter the Maryland/DC area until after the L-D Weekend we headed up to Maine before heading back to ND. and are hoping after L-D Weekend/School starting up, reservations will open up. Any camping areas SW of the Maryland/DC we should look at? Kindest Regards this Camping Season, Bryan (Scrambled) & Maggie (SNYSDUP) & Willis the "Well Seasoned" Kamper Kat...
  7. We are up here now. we picked up the Blue Ridge Parkway at the SW end leaving the Great Smokey Mountains NP. we are up to Fancy Gap, doubled back with out SNYSDUP to see Music Center & Mt. ARY (Mayberry). Tomorrow we head out to Lynchburg Area, Drop Anchor, and explore. Then the BRP and the Shenandoah Skyline Drive, to Luray, VI. Eventually up to Maine, then back to ND.
  8. We will be accompanied by "Willis" a CAT. he has his papers, as do we, and all of us are up on our shots!!!😂
  9. the the forum, I was hoping to hear from some of you as to your favorite camping location in your home state. this could be for a boondock or full hook-up location. Right now that would be for the following states; KY, WV, OH, PA, NY, VT, ME, NH, MA, NJ, DE, MD, DC & VI. we will be on the road, but connected and would appreciate hearing back from you. if your home state was not referenced, do not feel left out. there is always next adventure and more travel in us. edit/correction 😬 "VI" Virgin Islands... I wish... s/b "VA" for those who reside in Virginia. Regards, Bryan (Scrambled) & Maggie (SNYSDUP)
  10. Just let us know if you are in North Dakota😄 Hopefully we will be on our next outing before August.
  11. "Brandi is second owner of #10, occasionally drops in here. Cutest, only red Ollie ever." aka "Jellybean"???
  12. after i punched submit/reply, Maggie reminded me that we have reg. fabric. her comment was, "it may not work as well on ultra-fabric". So no, this may not work for you. 😬
  13. Steve, i have been looking for that adapter. would you please reply with a link as to where you found it? or a name of the (brick & mortar) store you purchased it from. Thanks, Bryan
  14. Susan, we use the following https://www.amazon.com/DAZZ-8714388-Taupe-Classic-Shelf/dp/B01LWASQEE/ref=asc_df_B01LWASQEE/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=216569127040&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15415255600688357079&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9021082&hvtargid=pla-361000286526&psc=1 i believe we got the 18" x 5' roll. or as Nancy K. said - "We just use a rubber webbed mat similar to shelf liner."
  15. Spike, did you use the same magnets that Mike & Carol used? if not, which magnets did you buy???
  16. VERY GOOD POINT... Overland. As always, Thank You.
  17. if you have two gens, coupled together, do you still need the soft/easy start for your A/C???
  18. have not made any MOD's to SNYSDUP. i am still absorbing all that i am reading about mods on the forum... were hooked to 120A, probably charging from solar. had been hooked up in the driveway for a week with no issues, whilst, cleaning and restocking while in-between outings. Because of the temps (yes it gets hot in ND), i added water to the Black, and disconnected power and went to the City Park and dumped and flushed. returned, and re-hooked to shore power, in the driveway. it was a bright sunny day, so we were probably again charging from solar. later while outside and inside SNYSDUP, Maggie noticed a rotten egg smell, and looked for something we (or Travel KAT) might have left around inside, from our last outing. when i returned home, i began to sniff around and determined that it was coming from outside, not inside. checked the black hose to see if it was leaking, it was not. sniffing around, i determined that it was coming from the Batt Compartment. unlocked it, and felt the batts. the s/s front batt was so hot, it was uncomfortable to touch. the s/s rear was hot, but not as hot as the front. Both c/s batts seemed normal. disconnected the shore power. began to disconnect the cables, making sure not to touch cable ends to anything whilst removing batteries. NOTE - (1) MARK BATTS BEFORE AS THEY SIT IN THE COMPARTMENT. (2) TAKE PICS BEFORE OF THE CABELING AS IT IS. (3) if time allows...before disconnecting cables, use "Clap-on to measure line voltage". it may or not be meaningful/useful. the ZAMP appeared to show it was directing energy to the cables in the batt compartment. covered the solar panels with a heavy packing blanket, to reduce/eliminate any energy coming from the panels. Tape (black electricians) all the individual connectors coming into the batt compartment, turned off the 4 breakers under the dinette, taken multiple voltage reading of the Batts, (2) in the 12's, (2) in the 13's. there were codes appearing on the ZAMP and an alarm. some are obvious, i.e. 601 - Batt disconnected. i just check now (6/2) and ZAMP is dark. i opened a ticked which was read by OTT Cust Service Monday, that day i was asked what type of BATTS (AGM) and the voltage readings after removal, i responded. So my questions to the forum are; has anyone experienced this before, what was the cause, what was the resolution, any additional issues with other components/sub-systems like the ZAMP Kindest Regards to all this "Camping Season"..., i await the collective knowledge/experiences of the forum.
  19. Actually the Garmin 890 GPS has the "Ultimate Campgrounds" aka "UG" built in to it, so it shows them to you. along with Forsquare, National Parks, and a few others. it appears as though you can download additional apps to be available thru the G890, however i have not done that yet. Bryan, Out
  20. What are your thoughts??? This has been on my mind ever since we picked up SNYSDUP, probably should have been thinking of other things, but that is how I am wired (or weird). I ran across this article from 2015, so some of you may have seen it, and like me thought of it until someone with more common sense, reminds you of reality. There are a couple of additional articles on this, one even shows interactively how the route was optimized, which is cool. How to Really Drive Across the U.S. Hitting Major Landmarks : Discovery News (archive.org) and Computing the optimal road trip across the U.S. | Dr. Randal S. Olson (randalolson.com) I personally think this would be cool to attempt, with the "Oliver Twist" being routing by “staying in 1 or more CG's that we are interested in per state, not just driving through the state/area non-stop, this is not a race, we are not in our 20's any more. The toughest part would to not be stalled/stuck (Donner Pass comes to mind) when winter weather sets in as you travel in some states. I am thinking it would take about a year to allow for inclement weather, and to stay those locations you have chosen in each state. Because of the algorithm used to determine routing, you could start in your home state and about 52 weeks later be back home. Someone snap be back into reality, and tell me one of you have already done this... Bryan, Out
  21. so it appears that the book of preference (by some) is; Camping with the Corps of Engineers (7th Ed): The Complete Guide to Campgrounds Owned and Operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Hinkle, S.L.: 9780937877500: Amazon.com: Books (pub. 2007) my only angst with this book is; i see was published in 2007, so how current is it? how many CoE campgrounds have been created or closed since then, and have they added or removed hookup / amenity options? i see newer (2018) books by others, so are they just updates or rewrites of the same. the cost of the book is running about $50, because it is no longer in print, and is scarce (the law of supply & demand), but WTH, we bought an Ollie, so i will buy this book, if it is the best reference. just a FYI, i did score a free CD https://corpslakes.erdc.dren.mil/visitors/booklet/Whole.pdf which can also be found on the www.CorpsLakes.us - Corps Lakes Gateway (dren.mil) website, in the Office at Great Salt Plains State Park, Jet OK. the reason i pulled it, was because of our limited cell/INet coverage in some of our boon-docking campsites, while trying to plan for locations on our route ahead. we look at the CD on the PC in SNY SD UP, find the future sites we are interested in. then when we have cell/INet, we start making our reservations for our CoE locations. now at home (suffering from Post-Camping Depression), we are looking at that CD's link on the CoE website, as we begin planning our next outing. Regards to all this Great Camping Season. Bryan
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