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Still working on Build Worksheet, Some Questions

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Back at home from our second visit to Hohenwald. ¬†Lucky for us it is only a two and a half hour drive and Phillip with Oliver is very patient ūüėÄ. ¬†I have¬†a Tacoma so decided on the Elite during the first visit. (owned a Casita in the past so size is similar) ¬†About 2¬†months later, I have traded the Tacoma in for a Tundra so back to Oliver to change our order to¬†the Elite II. ¬†(love the twin bed floor plan, more storage, etc.) ¬†So--one minor question first--any all black exterior graphics out there? ¬†My truck color is calvary blue, which is not a great match with any of their blue colors, so leaning towards the black and trying to decide on solid graphics versus the pin stripes. Second question is about solar power. ¬†Never really considered it until we looked at all the boondocking posts¬†and the beautiful pictures so many of you have shared. ¬†Trying to decide whether to (1) get one of the solar packages (lithium pro or solar pro) or (2) to spend $1650 to get the 12V wet cell batteries, 2000W inverter and then¬†get the solar port installed after production by the service department¬†so that we can use a portable zamp solar panel¬†(140 Watt). ¬†I have searched through the posts to find comments about this. ¬†Lots of the discussions are over my head so if anyone has the time to share your experiences and expertise I would really appreciate it. ¬†

By the way, saw quite a few beautiful Elite II's today waiting for their final inspections and future owners.  Excited for you guys! 

Happy Holidays everyone!




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Here is a picture of regular and metal flake black.  If we had it to do again, we wouldn’t pay extra for the metal flake, as it is very difficult to see any difference between the two.



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Andrew, Carianne and Buffy | San Diego, CA

2019 Legacy Elite II Hull #468 "California Burrito" | 2018 BMW x5 35d 

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If you would like technical reasoning, I can provide it, but if you are not going to get the LiFePo batteries, then get AGM batteries. Avoid the wet cell type, if possible. AGM batteries are "maintenance free", will not freeze in winter, come in all voltages, 6 and 12, and amp hour ratings. 


2014 Toyota Tacoma 4x4

2021 Elite I #758       

      image.png.d972b5fc86270818b1e0f030bfaa433a.pngMap of Provinces I Visited

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We chose black graphics, as well. We've towed our 2008 Elite with three different vehicles (so far), three different colors.

Black and white work with any color. Like a tux, or a black cocktail dress..  

And, works in all seasons.




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2008 Ram 1500 4 √ó 4

2008 Oliver Elite, Hull #12


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AndrewK and SeaDawg--thank you for the pictures.  I think black will work the best with my truck color.  

JRK--I would appreciate hearing what you think about the Lithium Pro vs. Solar Pro packages.  I think I will do one of these instead of piecing together options. Your comment about the AGM batteries definitely makes sense.  Thank you!

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Ours has the solar with 4 wet 6V batteries. We have not plugged in at home, since bringing it home 4 years ago. 

It is always charged up and ready to go. It has given tours, acted as a TV room, a reading room, and an occasional guest room. You would never know it wasn't plugged in (AC is not often needed in Maine). A remote CG on Moosehead Lake runs on a generator for an hour, three times a day. With the solar you never know, or really care, whether the generator is on or not. Went for a solo trip once that lasted 8 days. Never plugged in once. (The best night was alongside an old stone mill with a turning waterwheel). 

As you might guess, our vote is for solar. We don't have a plug for a suitcase, or a need to run AC. But it still works in the winter. Runs the blower for propane heat, and gives us light.

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