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2020 in the rearview mirror

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I know many of us are in a mood to say "good riddance" to much of what 2020 brought, but I'd like to say, I'm thankful for many things that did happen this year.

Early in the year, my nephew married one of the sweetest young women I've ever met. Much of my family was here. I'm really thankful my nephew and his bride chose a February date for their wedding. It's the last time in 2020 that joy and hugs abounded,  and so much family could gather.

During our more quiet, more isolated time, since March, we've completed dozens of projects we'd been postponing. And, of course, made new lists. I'm studying yet another language, hoping to be able to speak to some of Paul's cousins when they (hopefully) can visit next year from Italy, without resorting to Google translate on my phone.

I've renewed several old friendships over text and phone, as we check in with each other. Most especially,  I've  reunited with a cousin who was my BFF as a little girl, but we grew apart. We speak often, now. The shared experiences of today have brought renewed memories of our shared childhood experiences. 

I'm thankful that my mom, with all her health issues, has done well so far, with the help of all my siblings, and great doctors .

I'm thankful that the younger members of our family who still work are all employed, happy, and healthy. And the few who did get covid, survived and are back on their feet.

And, I'm thankful for my neighborhood, where we can talk over the fences, or on patios, share stories (and eggs, sugar, etc.), and never feel alone in quarantine times.

Not to ever make light of this strange year, or minimize the tragedies. I lost one cousin, and there was only a small, immediate family only funeral. For those of you who have lost loved ones, I offer my heartfelt sympathies. I  know what loss feels like, and this year, without our customary practices,  it's especially and uniquely difficult. Not to be able to travel, and hug my aunt and hold her, and comfort her in her time of loss,  was very difficult for me, and for my mom, her sister.

In these difficult and very different times, I'd also like to say thank you for the community here. Every morning,  I  look forward to seeing friends here, as well.

I wish you a very happy, and healthy, new year in 2021.




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2020 was a mixed bag.  We were happy to welcome a granddaughter, our 4th grandkid.  Both of our kids and their families were able to work through the COVID thing and actually do very well.  We did have to cancel a couple of our camping trips due to family health issues that kept us close to home and the hospital to assist and support.  Then the discovery that my 4 old AGM’s were in worse shape than I thought which is going to delay our January trip a week or so.  Bottom line - we’re looking forward to 2021 and getting back on the road!  Happy New Year everyone!!  Mike and Carol

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