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  1. You, Sir, are a master craftsman! Excellently done! And I agree, OTT should offer the full Foy package as an option. Bravo!
  2. I am not an owner nor did I get the survey, but...Quiet is always better than noisy for an AC unit. And a larger fridge would be so nice, but not with a microwave so near the ceiling. That is simply not safe. Not reachable for someone 5'3". And on a side note: Dearest Engineers and Designers of Oliver Trailers, While you are looking to "improve and redesign the Elite 1" why not also consider the Elitist III? You know, the OTT that is between 25-26 feet in length? It's the one with the full bath in the front, the walk around queen bed or wider twin beds, and that wonderful new larger fridge without the microwave on top! I think it is just 6-12 inches wider but still has so much storage space. I know I've seen one somewhere--in my dreams! Sincerely, HMD
  3. I am so very sorry to read about Steve's health issues. Brain bleeds can be so very serious. He and his family will all be in my thoughts, my heart, and my prayers.
  4. I pray that 2021 brings everyone much joy, peace of mind and soul, love, and good health to enjoy!
  5. Well, it seems that Tiffin RVs is now part of Thor Industries. Tiffin was the gold star of Class A Diesel Pushers. Thor owns Airstream. I suspect Tiffin RVs will now have the same quality control as Airstream and the rest of Thor RVs. How sad that another independent producer is now part of the big industry "get em done" attitude. Any thoughts?
  6. I am always amazed at the modifications Ollie owners can do! Well done! And beautiful too.
  7. I am so happy for all of the Oliver Owners that a non-rally rally is organized! Have fun lucky owners!!
  8. To all our Veterans, thank you so very much for your service!
  9. My state if facing yet another hurricane today. Delta is headed to the SW corner of our state. This will be the second storm to hit that area. The entire Louisiana Gulf coast will be affected by the winds and storm surge. Please keep our state and all of its citizens in your heart and prayers. Thank you. Hope
  10. Oh my gosh, Foy!! Your work is simply gorgeous! Truly, you are a master craftsman!
  11. I really like the look of wood for the dinette table, under the microwave, under the pantry, and on the nightstand (twin). It gives an organic feeling of a home. Not sure I would want to replace the fibergranite at the sink/stove and bath areas with wood because of heat and moisture. Would also love to see a pretty navy or royal blue in the ultrafabric. And an induction stove option instead of propane. Solar all electric!! JMHO.
  12. Ooops! BobC, you're correct! I went back and took a second look (shoulda done that before I posted) and it isn't an Ollie. I am so very sorry! Thank you for correcting my mistake.
  13. I was just watching the new "LOLOHO" video for this week. The scenery there was gorgeous. When they were driving through the south rim campground, I spied an Oliver II being pulled by a white truck. Was it you???
  14. Bye bye lil overpriced Nest! Airstream also stopped making the Globetrotter 26ft, which actually had a very nice floorplan--but I think they had problems with the macerator toilet. It's a shame the product quality control isn't good as many folks want the look of an Airstream.
  15. THANK YOU!! David, I knew I remembered seeing this configuration, but couldn't find it. Why on earth did Oliver stop making this model? I love it! Thank you again!
  16. Now that is just lovely!! Wonderful change.
  17. Grays and browns...blah! JMHO, but still would love to see dark blues or green. The white could use some color. Why is it that most RV manufacturers go with black, gray, and brown for the cushions? Some might even choose a happy red for interior. Again, JMHO.
  18. I would love to see a larger fridge/freezer in the EII. Would it even be possible to place the convection microwave under the sink/stove area? I know those six drawers are wonderful, but losing 2 (or 3) wouldn't be that bad, would it? Just a thought.
  19. In the early Elites, wasn't there a floorplan that had a back single bed with a seat on the driver's side and a fold up desk/table on the passenger side? I would swear I saw that plan...in a picture, somewhere.
  20. I have often wondered about the king standard arrangement and reaching the overhead storeage. Would it be possible to have and use a standard or queen mattress in the back? The remaining space could be used with cushions for seating or additional storage containers. Not sure about a support underneath the mattress between the sides...what could or should be used? Can the present table be easily cut down to accomodate a smaller mattress?
  21. Why isn't the lithium battery option available on the "shorty" Oliver I? Thank you.
  22. Oh my...I sure hope Ford offers driver training classes on this new wonder-truck!! I does seem to be a dream truck!
  23. Overland, did you add the solar panels or did Oliver? And your lithium batteries? Were they diy or professionally done? Thank you!
  24. My nephew teaches at the college in Brevard. It is a lovely little town. I fell in love with NC many years ago when a friend and I took a car trip to explore the parkway. It was simply breathtaking!
  25. You drove your Ollie trailer to Arkansas To see the total eclipse of the sun Ollie owners are where they should be all the time And when you're not it's cause of the corona virus and Stay at home orders. Oh, you're not vain You probably just own an Ollie You're not vain, You know this song is about you...don't you, don't you! Ok. I'm bored. Forgive my plagiarism. But I do think this would be a wonderful eclipse rally!!!
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