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Another thread on security locks...newbie here


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Hello all:


I just purchased my Ollie in November and I love it.  Unfortunately I found out that the place I have it stored had a trailer theft last year.  I'm trying to put good security on it remotely- the storage people will install for me.  I went through all the threads and the recommendations for hitch locks seemed old and the pages were removed or the lock mentioned actually doesn't fit my no-sway hitch system.

I'm thinking of two wheel locks (so they can't cut one wheel then use the spare).  And I'd like a hitch lock too.  I'd love to do the fuse idea for the jacks but the trailer is six hours away from me and I already had to go down to winterize it in an area where cold temps hadn't been expected but were happening.  I'd rather not take the 13 hour RT drive again if I can help it.

What  locks are people using these days?   The trimex is relatively cheap (so I can get two...and because I realize that all of this is simply deterrent)  https://www.amazon.com/Trimax-TCL65-Wheel-Chock-Lock/dp/B0031XULF2/ref=sr_1_20?dchild=1&keywords=proven+trailer+lock&linkCode=sl2&linkId=88f789d3c1576eebb81124f0743b7686&qid=1609626381&sr=8-20&tag=loloho-20

The amp lock people seemed to like doesn't fit my hitch.  I'm having trouble finding something I'm sure will fit and be strong, not aluminum.

Thanks all in advance!



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Yikes, you are a long way from your baby! Are the batteries hooked up and connected to shore,power? Is this a self storage place? If yes to both, consider renting one of their very small storage units, and ask them to raise your trailer, remove all four wheels and store them in there for you. They should also lower her down partially so some of the weight is carried on jack stands or big wood blocks under the steel subframe, behind the rear wheels. You could buy a pair of TALL 6000+ pound (per pair) stands and have them sent there so they could do it. Cost for a pair would be around $50

jack stands 14-21”

Nobody will bother messing with trying to haul her away with all the wheels missing.. I don’t think any locks will do much more than slow a pro down a little, a battery powered saber saw with a metal cutting blade, or an angle grinder, will make short work of most anything you can bolt or padlock in place.

I’m sure others will wonder, why so far away?

John Davies

Spokane WA


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I am with JD, almost any security device can be defeated  given planning, tools, and time. Given your situation - a questionable storage site -  the distance from home for regular visuals, I would probably do as John has suggested.

1. Put it on jack stands -wheels/tires removed. Tires/wheels stored at home.

2. Best locking device I could afford installed on the tongue.

Yes - this sounds extreme. 

Yes - it is much more work.

Percentage of theft - very low-to not gonna happen. Well I suppose a really motivated thief would bring his own wheels----- Would I go this far - only once I had failed to find a storage site closer to my home base. 

Or - just fully insure - and forget about it.

Welcome to the Oliver clan.


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Most bad guys will be looking for the bigger RVs in storage areas.  Thinking more items to steal on the inside for quick money TVs  CD players etc. the likelihood of a whole trailer being stolen would more likely be for insurance fraud.  Even if you have a security system in place.  It would take law enforcement several minutes to arrive at the facility then more time for a key holder to arrive to let the police in. Most storage facility’s are not responsible for theft in there contracts. The best item for storing at a storage facility  is replacement insurance for the Oliver and its contents.

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Lauri, I have all of the "normal" things for theft in place. Cameras with speakers, motion detector flood lights, hitch lock. But, and I think the most important, I have full insurance coverage.  The camper is about 2 blocks away from my house (Homeowners rules), but I could be there in a couple of minutes.

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