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New 270 Ah Battle Born battery


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For a battery that advertises "unlimited mounting possibilities", you'd think you could fit more than zero in the LE2 battery tray (it's 23" long and the battery tray is 21").

It might be more easily fit within the hull space I suppose, somewhere.  Or perhaps it would work in an LE1.

The other battery they announced, the BB8D - you could fit one of those in the Ollie 2 tray, so maybe a good solution for an LE1, if it fits. For LE2 owners though, it's $100 more expensive than buying three of their standard 100Ah batteries, for 30 less Ah, so maybe not a good idea unless you really want to simplify your battery box.

So, I think these may be solutions for someone trying to do something unusual, but at least for LE2 owners, not practical for a typical battery swap.

It's an interesting case though - looks like it may be user serviceable.

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I rather like having multiple batteries, as opposed to one, though. 

If one battery goes down, we can take it offline and still run the trailer.

I doubt we could even fit one of these new big batteries in an Elite I tray, anyway.

Now, on the boat, I  have lots more room in the battery bay...


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Interesting - as BB seems to have very adaptable design - why not maximize a battery for the common battery trays/storage solutions of OEM's that are interested  in the  LI solutions. Sure engineering and design may be a factor - but how about  2 - 150's (200's) that fit snugly into the Oliver II tray. Dreamer fir sure.

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