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Plug in air freshener smell removal


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Just in case anyone has this problem in the future, I wanted to give an update on the plug-in air freshener smell that permeated every inch of our used Oliver.  I finally found a product that actually works to remove it!  I tried everything the internet suggested:  vinegar, vodka, baking soda and many more.  Then I saw a can of ZEP Heavy Duty Foaming Degreaser that's been sitting in my cupboard for years.  I decided to give it a try.  It's a miracle!  The only material that it didn't work on was the window screens including the screens in the door.  We will have to replace them.  I think it might be because the plug-in was right by the door.  Thank heavens the smell came out of the floor!  I'm still airing out the liners that were in all the cupboards...need another can of spray.

One can was enough to spray ALL surfaces down...I wiped with a Magic Eraser sponge which I believe may have helped remove the "film".  Apparently those plug ins have silicone oil in them.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to save the cushions...those have to be replaced. I'm going with LEATHER because we have dogs!  The spray actually worked on the windows, shades, and frames.  (I completely removed them and sprayed them down, let them sit for a few minutes and gently hosed them off). I think the mattresses will be OK...we let them sit out in the sun with baking soda on them for 2 weeks and we are leaving them out to air in the garage over the winter.

I'm so relieved to be rid of that AWFUL STENCH!!  I'm dumbfounded as to why people think those things smell good???

By the way I'll post a picture of the leather cushions when I get them done.  I think they're going to be luscious!

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2 hours ago, Mike and Carol said:

If those things coat the walls and other surfaces I wonder what it does to the human lung….

Sure I tried it - but - I never inhaled! 😁


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So, are you ordering real leather cushions?

At home, where humidity is controlled, we have leather sofas.

On the boat, ultraleather in the main salon, crypton commercial fabric in the bunks, like the trailer. In the trailer, synthetic, tightly woven commercial fabric with crypton coating (anti-mildew, water/stain resistant) 14 years, and looking great. I may have to repair a few stitches, and one ykk zipper, this year 

I wouldn't do leather, or any natural fabric, in a trailer or boat, personally.  @ScubaRx, I think, has real leather in the small dinette, and dogs.  Maybe he'll chime in.

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