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Oliver winter (cold temps) travels


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Hi Grip, there are tons of posts on the forum that cover various aspects of trailering and camping in cold temps with an Ollie.  To sum it all up, if you haven't made some modifications to heat/protect some of the more vulnerable plumbing areas (outside shower, check valves on the exterior water inlets and from under the bathroom sink to the toilet) it's generally recommended to leave your plumbing winterized - especially while traveling in freezing temps.  While camping, freezing temps won't be as dangerous to the plumbing, especially if you keep your propane heat on as that does help keep the basement warmer.  Everything depends on the conditions of course (temperature, wind, duration...).

Probably not the answer/advice you were hoping for, but I'd say better safe than sorry.  🙂 

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Here's one recent thread to get you started


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Tons of posts that have eluded my feeble search attempts. Thanks for the response and bait to dig deeper.  Since it is currently 9F traveling in winterized state seems wise. I am interested in researching those mods; traveling the Rockies can bring all kinds of weather challenges. And I simply enjoy working on the Ollie.

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Supposed to and already is warming up. Since I don’t want to be travel limited by weather I’m looking to IDing and mitigating risks for all future events as well. This forum, it’s brain power and experience, is worth tapping into.

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