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Looking For The END of the ROAD...

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The Western USA, Rocky Mountain States have many End of the Road opportunities.

Here are some examples. When you find ONE... mark it on your MAP.  These places are becoming scarce.

If YOU encounter The End of the Road... lay back and make yourself comfortable.  When rested... turn around and go the direction you CAME to the End of the Road.  Ahhhh.  Wyoming has many EOR's as an example. These photos are from New Mexico, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah and Nebraska. Ahhhhh.  Once you get there... it is the END.  Lay back and enjoy Peace and Quiet.  Although... there are also others... like yourself... who are also Looking for the End of the Road. Enjoy this year... if possible.  🙂









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27 minutes ago, Mike and Carol said:

Quite a pile of bicycles!

Probably just need air in the tires and lube the chain and they're good as new,  or maybe not! 

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In the Black Hills of South Dakota... Bicycles can be peddled only so far and the trail DEAD ENDS.  🙂

In Wyoming, if used or not, these Trailers have reached the End of the Road.

In Wyoming individuals tend to be located at the End of the Road. Some are being lived within.

...and in the Rocky Mountains... the End of the Road is protected from getting there.  So Sad 😞 .






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We will be taking our 2019 Oliver II out this Spring.  Our first year experimenting... with Getting TO the FINDING End of the Road... Oliver Style.

I spent two days using nearly a half of a bottle of Rejex Polymer to get DINGO the Oliver II ready to find the Beginning of the Road to get to the End of the Road.  But return home, unlike some of those trailers that just did not make it back.

Where are your photographs of the END?  Maybe just the beginning and then turned around... End?



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You cannot get LOST on the Prairie, only confused.  "Where am I" is not what the family wants to hear. They are already terrified.  OK?

North is where it always has been. Same with the other directions.  Find Landmarks and know what direction they are from where you are presently.   Have whoever is following the map follow the road.  You will also see it on the Tow Vehicles GPS... sometimes.

Your clearance is better than most of ALL AIrstreams.  We have a 3 inch lift to make up for the low clearances.  It is the Length that gets you into trouble. Dragging the rear... is for tired hikers and for low clearance trailers.  Olivers...  you will have to work at dragging the bumper.

Travel in twos.  Safety in good company,  Too much company, three or more... too many different likes and dislikes.  You cannot fly fish in the desert.  You cannot swim in the Yellowstone River... unless you want to drown in Montana.  Those kinds of others...  Have company that likes to do what you are doing. We have not found anyone... once and we never see them again.  🙂  It is hard to describe.  OK?

Planning?  Nope.  Not at all.  We do not know where we will be going or getting lost at.  RV Parks for those owners who like RV Parks and tourism. We have our trailer to Explore and create an Adventure, if we planned or did not plan to discover unknown 'ends of the road'.

Next time going in the Rocky Mountains region.  No Plans.  Plenty of DeLorme Atlases.  Food, Water, a couple good hats in the event one blows off the cliff, and comfortable sandals, shoes or boots.  I climb with my sturdy Sandals for decades.  My mountain boots had their purpose...now they hold the floor down in the closet.

Not inspired, yet? That tells me you are not interested. That is good for your safety and comfort. This is not for everyone.  Maybe less than 15% of trailer owners.

Crowds?  Only if you are giving away Free Flathead Cherry Pie along the Yellowstone River...

I am only showing you those photos to discourage some from trying this.  If you saw only the 'End of the Trail 'photographs... I would have to find a small place to camp, as everyone and their ATVs and idling Generators... it is NOT the End of the Road.  It is the Bye Bye beginning.  You can do this.  Well, maybe after a few mistakes, but the best is out there for everyone.  Take a deep breath... if you coughed... maybe the dust will not do you well.   





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5 hours ago, John Welte said:

Probably just need air in the tires and lube the chain and they're good as new,  or maybe not! 

This was the End of the Road for the bicycles.  You begin and you end.

Same with Junkyards of trailers and tow vehicles.  The End of the Road.

Junkyards are littered with Wrong Turns, Mistaken Road for a Tree and other Human Bean confusion.  

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