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The 6 Best Family Travel Trailers


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Whether temporary or permanent, trailer life is a different way to live with a family. If you live in a trailer full time, you will experience close quarters, less stuff, and much less space. However, you’ll be able to be free from many of the expectations associated with home ownership.

You can also buy a trailer for family vacations and short trips. Whichever method you are looking for, it’s crucial to find the perfect trailer for you and your family.

The 6 Best Family Travel Trailers

With these trailers, you can start to see what the options are for family travel trailers. All of these have ample space for a family and can be pulled behind a truck or (in some cases) a large SUV. Start with this list if you’re looking for the perfect travel trailers for your family.

Oliver Legacy Elite 2

The Oliver family of trailers has been making quality travel trailers for over a decade now. With the Legacy Elite 2, Oliver has the perfect small family trailer for you and your children to enjoy. With the option of two beds or a dinette conversion, this trailer can work to sleep four in comfort.

If you’re looking for a smaller trailer to pull behind an SUV or small truck, you can’t go wrong with the simple luxury of the Oliver Legacy trailer series.

Keystone Outback

The Keystone Outback is an excellent choice for families. With multiple layouts, a full-sized fridge, and extra storage space in the front and back, Keystone has created a lightweight, fully functional home for those who want to spend a longer time on the road.

Keystone has several excellent longer trailers, including the Keystone Cougar and the Keystone Bullet. However, the Outback works the best for families.

Jayco Jayflight

Jayco is one of the biggest names in trailers and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to family-sized trailers. Jayflights have over twenty different floor plans and customizations, and these trailers can be anywhere from 22 to 30 feet long.

If you’re looking for a travel trailer to suit your needs, you can customize a Jayco Jayflight to be exactly what you need.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail

Dutchmen trailers are well-known for their length and style, but the Aspen Trail has an added benefit for families - complete privacy. The master bedroom is at one end of the travel trailer, while the bunkroom and living area are sequestered at the opposite end.

This is the trailer to choose from if you need a little extra space for your teenager (or yourself). It’s great for a larger family and can sleep up to eight people in a pinch.

Northwood Arctic Fox

Although the Northwood Arctic Fox isn’t as well-known a name as many on this list, that’s not because it’s not a good camper. Instead, it’s because Northwood focuses on campers for larger families, which aren’t sold as often as smaller, more compact trailers.

A Northwood Arctic Fox can sleep six people and has an excellently sized floor plan. It is convenient and comfortable, with lots of extra floor space due to its extra-long slide-out.

Palomino Puma

One of the items you look for in a travel trailer is the ability to customize. With the Palomino Puma, you can choose from one of twenty different floor plans, complete with customizable colors, bed placements, and more.

This trailer comes in several different lengths and sizes, making it excellent for any family looking to get on the road.

What To Look For in a Trailer

Before you buy the trailer, you need to consider a few factors. What will you be using the trailer for? How many people will need to stay in the trailer? How long will your trip be? What is your price range? If you consider these before you buy a trailer, you’ll be much better prepared for road life.


Of course, the first thing you have to consider is your family’s budget. When looking at trailers, the budget can vary widely. The size and year of a travel trailer can determine the price. However, some nicer trailer parks or RV resorts might not allow older trailers to park for extended periods of time. Usually, a ten-year-old trailer is new enough.

Consider the average prices of travel trailers and how much you are willing to pay before you go shopping. You don’t want to begin looking for a trailer only to find that all the ones you like are far outside of your budget.

Size and Use

Size and use might seem like two very different aspects, but when you decide on a trailer, these two aspects are more intertwined than you think. Once you have your budget set down, you can start to think about your preferred size. The size of a trailer can determine what type of truck can tow it and where you will be able to park it.

If you live in a trailer, you’ll want a longer trailer. However, if you are considering a travel trailer for vacations only, you might be okay with a shorter trailer. In the end, you know your family best and how they will interact in a small space.

Layout and Floor Plan 

You should always consider a trailer’s specific layout before purchasing it. With the size of your family, do you need a trailer with a set of bunks? How many bathrooms do you need? If you plan on boondocking (camping with the trailer), you might not have access to showers or other amenities.

The amenities and floor plan of a travel trailer can make a huge difference in day-to-day life in a trailer. If you are buying a trailer for a family vacation, you will notice the differences immediately. However, trailer life will exacerbate those issues and makes looking at layouts even more crucial.

Final Thoughts

Whether you end up with a Jayco or an Oliver, you are sure to find the best family travel trailer with the right amount of research. With this list, you should have a good starting point for your best family travel trailer search. Happy trails, and may you find the best trailer for you and your family!

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I appreciate all the marketing info you have been generating recently.  95% of it most owners would agree with.

However, saying the the OE2 is the best FAMILY trailer I suspect would be considered n the other 5% group.    

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