Holiday Camping: Swapping Your Dinner Table for a Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer Thanksgiving Camping
October 13, 2023

Introduction: Set the Forest Ablaze with Thanksgiving Cheer

Let us present a scenario before you cry foul (or should we say, turkey) at the idea of swapping a cozy dining room for a cold, hard tent. Picture you and your partner or a couple of friends tramping through a beautiful fall landscape. The fiery colors of autumn leaves surround you as you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving outdoors. You’ve packed your travel trailer and brought all you need for a memorable Thanksgiving camping trip—not convinced? Read on.

Planning Your Trip: ‘Forewarned is Forearmed’

When planning to cook your Thanksgiving dinner, finding a site that allows open fires or provides grills can be crucial. Many campgrounds even offer Travel Trailer RV hook-ups for those who prefer comfort and convenience.

Location is also essential. Do you want to camp by a serene lake radiant with the reflection of autumn hues or in the woods where you can wake up to a lush wilderness? You may prefer camping in a mountainous region where you can enjoy panoramic views of nature’s splendor. Also, consider the kind of activities available within or around the campground. Would you like to be near hiking trails for a Thanksgiving morning hike? Are there bird-watching areas nearby? These decisions will help dictate where you want to set up camp.

Your camping ground should be a balance of adventure and convenience. Moreover, remember that you would likely be sharing the campground with other families or groups, so it’s essential to choose a place that allows you to enjoy your Thanksgiving camping trip without disturbing others’ peace and vice versa.

Packing for your trip requires careful planning, too. Aside from the essential camping gear, you’ll want to pack suitable clothing layers for the colder November weather. And remember your food supplies! Plan your Thanksgiving menu ahead of time and pack accordingly. Remember, it’s not just about the Thanksgiving dinner; you’ll need enough food for your camping trip.

A well-planned Thanksgiving camping trip can provide an excellent and unique way to celebrate. Even those part of the festive cavalry of retired couples will find the appeal in swapping a traditional indoor celebration for an outdoor adventure surrounded by nature’s splendor. It’s about creating lasting memories, experiencing the beauty of the outdoors, and celebrating Thanksgiving in a refreshing and meaningful way.

Transportation: Your Chariot (Or Travel Trailer) Awaits

Speaking of Thanksgiving feasts, they’ve got nothing on the feast for the senses that is a well-stocked travel trailer. But before you start cramming everything and the kitchen sink into your trailer, remember the golden rule: less is more. Only pack the essentials in your RV: food, clothing, bedding, and the indispensable cooking equipment.

Cooking in an RV: Bon Appétit in Nature’s Lap

Your compact, moveable feast maker RV can provide more than just a stovetop. Outside, it can accommodate a turkey frier, a staple for those who prefer a crispier, juicier taste to their holiday centerpiece.

With your frier in place, you can add a unique spin to the traditional roasted turkey that is as adventurous as your camping trip. It goes after the turkey has been adequately seasoned and prepared for the frier. As it sizzles away in the hot oil, you can sit back and enjoy the immersive symphony of sounds around you: the gentle crackle of the fire, rustling autumn leaves rustling in the background, and distant bird calls serenading your cooking endeavors.

As the delicious aroma of deep-fried turkey starts to waft through the air, it becomes an indispensable part of your camping experience, blending perfectly with the scent of pine and earth and creating a sensory feast even before the first bite. Carving into the golden-brown, perfectly crispy skin of your fried turkey, with the tranquil soundtrack of nature playing in the background, only heightens the charm of this unique Thanksgiving tradition.

In this way, your RV becomes more than just a mobile kitchen. It serves as a culinary theater amid the wilderness, allowing you to marry the comforts of a home-cooked holiday meal with the rugged appeal of outdoor living.

How to make a Deep Fried Turkey during camping – Thanksgiving Edition | Van Life Canada

Activities: Wildly Delightful Distractions

First of all, let’s start with hiking. Hiking is a great way to keep the whole family engaged and physically active while camping during the immense beauty of Thanksgiving. The fall season paints a beautiful palette of colors on nature’s canvas – golds, oranges, and yellows sprinkled amongst the evergreen. Spending time with loved ones while hiking through gorgeous landscapes is a memory sure to last a lifetime. Depending on the location of your campsite, there may be trails for all levels of hikers, from beginners to advanced; ensure to pick one that suits everyone in your group. Also, remember to pack the essentials such as water, snacks, and a first-aid kit.

Autumn Hiking, a great way to spend time with family outdoors

Bird-watching is another fantastic activity to keep you entertained. Thanksgiving is an excellent time to spot different bird species as they migrate south for the winter. Bring a pair of binoculars and a bird-spotting guide; you’d be surprised at how many species you can spot. This activity provides entertainment and an educational experience, especially for curious kids.

Bird watching in the Autumn Season

Of course, camping is about more than just non-stop activities. One of the best aspects of camping is having the opportunity to disconnect from our fast-paced, technology-driven lives and soak in the serene atmosphere. Make sure you take the time to enjoy the tranquility and peace that the outdoors offer. Whether you enjoy reading a book by the campfire, taking pictures of the stunning autumn scenery, or simply sitting and admiring nature’s beauty, these moments of quiet reflection can highlight your camping experience.

Lastly, remember that camping at Thanksgiving is not just about the activities you do but also about the time you spend with your loved ones. Whether it’s preparing the traditional feast together in your cooking RV, sharing stories around the campfire, or simply cuddling up in the travel trailer, the authentic charm of this experience lies in the quality time you spend together. This Thanksgiving, rekindle your love for nature and strengthen your bond with your loved ones with a unique camping experience.

Conclusion: Capping Off Your Thanksgiving Camping Adventure

As the grand finale of your Thanksgiving camping trip, why not have a small ceremony under the night sky? Light a bonfire, share your gratitude, and toast some marshmallows. Let this extraordinary celebration in the wilderness become a tradition you look forward to every year. See our top 50 best places to visit for ideas!

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