Hard Alee Adventures with Their Oliver Travel Trailer!

Hard Alee Adventures with Oliver Travel Trailers
October 12, 2023

Welcome to Hard Alee Adventures!

This is Jason, Kelly, and their poodle companion, Stormy, and they are thrilled to share their exhilarating voyage of exploration by sea, air, and land. With Jason’s extensive background as a retired Navy Senior Chief, his expertise and passion for adventure make him an invaluable asset. Meanwhile, Kelly, a remote worker, is always eager to venture into new territories and experience new things. Together, they form the perfect team to navigate life’s unpredictable currents.

They adore glamping in their 23′ Oliver Legacy Elite II travel trailer, fittingly named Piccolino. Moving from a boat to this cozy mobile abode ensures that their adventures extend onto solid ground. With the freedom to roam wherever the road leads, they’ve stumbled upon awe-inspiring landscapes, enchanting towns, and extraordinary hidden gems. Their beloved Oliver travel trailer has become a sanctuary on wheels, offering the comforts of home while allowing them to embrace nature’s wonders.

Beyond their maritime and terrestrial escapades, Jason and Kelly indulge in various hobbies that bring immense joy and fulfillment. Jason has developed a talent for brewing beer, and the process of creating his unique concoctions brings immense happiness. Kelly’s green thumb has led her to find solace in gardening, nurturing vibrant flowers, and cultivating fresh vegetables. Quilting is yet another pastime that brings her tranquility and inspires her creativity as she transforms fabric and thread into stunning works of art.

In addition to sharing their adventures, one of their goals is to ignite a spark within others, inspiring them to seek their happiness and explore the wonders of new experiences. Through their YouTube channel, they document travels, provide valuable tips and tricks for fellow adventurers, and offer insights into the hobbies they cherish. Sharing their experiences can motivate others to embrace life’s journey and forge their paths to happiness.

Whether you’re an adventurous soul, a hobbyist searching for inspiration, or simply looking for a fresh perspective, we invite you to accompany Jason and Kelly on their Hard Alee Adventures. Together, let’s navigate life’s unpredictable tides, uncover new horizons, and embrace the sheer joy of discovery. Life is an extraordinary adventure just waiting to be lived!

We Made it to Alaska: A Journey of Triumph and Adventure. COVID! Wait, what?

We Made it to ALASKA!!! And got COVID šŸ™

Jason and Kelly traveled over 4,000 miles to Alaska, taking the ferry from Dawson City, YT, and driving along the Top of the World Highway. They celebrated their first stop in Chicken, AK, before Jason fell ill and tested positive for COVID-19. They isolated themselves and received a puzzle from their friends Beau and Caryn. After recovering, they explored Fairbanks, attending the Midnight Sun Festival, visiting the Museum of the North, and dining at The Hungry Robot pizzeria. They also enjoyed Latitude 65 Brewery in North Pole, AK, and went on a 14-mile paddle along the China River, witnessing Apache Helicopters flying overhead. Despite the challenges, they cherished the countless unforgettable moments of their Alaskan adventure.

Into the Wild: Exploring Denali National Park & Preserve in Alaska

Into the Wild of Denali National Park & Preserve

Jason and Kelly set off from Fairbanks and stopped at 49th State Brewing in Healy, AK, before continuing their journey to Denali National Park & Preserve. At the brewery, we reunited with Caryn, Beau, Lee, Kelly, John, Kaitie, and their loyal Golden Retriever, Lucy. The next day, their group, consisting of Caryn, Beau, Lee, Kelly, and Jason, embarked on an unforgettable four-night stay at Teklan.

Adventures in Alaska: Hiking Root Glacier and Salmon Fishing the Klutina River

Hiking Root Glacier, Visiting McCarthy & Kennicott, and Salmon Fishing the Klutina River

Leaving the Denali Highway, Jason and Kelly ventured onto the Richardson Highway in Paxson. Their fishing endeavors at Paxson Lake proved fruitless, prompting them to continue their journey to Chitina and Copper River Campground. Overcoming the challenges of a treacherous road, they eventually arrived at McCarthy, immersed themselves in the history of Kennicott Mines, and embarked on a breathtaking hike to Root Glacier.

Their next destination was Squirrel Creek State Recreation Site, a serene spot for relaxation, paddling, and fishing. In a stroke of luck, Jason caught five rainbow trout, which they joyfully transformed into a delectable dinner. Jason tried flossing for salmon in the Klutina River when moving on to King for a Day Campground. The persistence paid off, and they all savored the delicious rewards of their successful fishing expedition.

Shipwrecked on an Iceberg: Thrilling Valdez, Alaska Adventures and More

Shipwrecked on an Iceberg – And other Valdez, Alaska Adventures

Jason and Kelly embarked on a picturesque drive through Thompson Pass, passing mesmerizing waterfalls like Rudleston, Bridal Veil, and Horsetail Falls. Eventually, they took a left onto Danville Road and found a spot to park at Allison Point Campground along Port Valdez. Despite encountering rainy weather for several days, they made the most of their time in Valdez.

On their first night, they explored the town and indulged in the delicious offerings of Valdez Brewing.

We Got Friends in High Places: Hiking to Byron, Raven, and Portage Glaciers and Paddling Portage Creek in Alaska

With Friends in High Places – Hiking to Byron, Raven and Portage Glaciers and Paddling Portage Creek

Jason and Kelly had a fantastic week in Alaska with outdoor adventures. They started with work and provisions in Anchorage before heading to Tangle Pond. They hiked the Byron Glacier Trail, paddled down Portage Creek, and explored the Crow Pass Trail. They also visited Girdwood Brewery and went to Whittier, capturing stunning views of Portage Glacier. Their time at Tangle Pond ended with a paddle and a surprise visitor. Reflecting on their week, they were grateful for their friends and looked forward to future adventures.

A Whale of a Good Time: Exploring Seward, Alaska!

A Whale of a Good Time in Seward, Alaska!

Despite the rainy weather, Jason and Kelly had an incredible time in Seward, Alaska. Kelly embarked on a Wildlife and Glacier Tour, where she was treated to sightings of magnificent creatures such as whales, porpoises, sea otters, harbor seals, stellar sea lions, eagles, and puffins. It was a memorable experience that exceeded Gilligan’s three-hour tour, extending to six thrilling hours.

Meanwhile, Jason embarked on a fishing adventure and successfully reeled in halibut and Pacific cod. The thrill of the catch added to their enjoyment of the trip.

Aside from the exciting tours, they also took the time to explore the town, indulging in the local eateries and admiring the artwork at the Coffee Shop Art Gallery. They cherished the opportunity to catch up with friends.

See more of Jason, Kelly, and Stormy on their YouTube channel: @HardAleeAdventures

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