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Tips to Find the Best RV Parks in 2024

Tips to Find the Best RV Parks
April 2, 2018

RVing, It’s a lifestyle

Getting your family in an RV and exploring various places is not just a one-time activity but a lifestyle. Once you are in this lifestyle, it’s hard to quit. More importantly, once you have chosen to live the life of an explorer and nature lover, you want to learn things quickly to make your RV Park stay enjoyable. Thousands of RV parks are nationwide, but you won’t have the same experience everywhere. To have the best time with your family, you must know the factors that help you pick the best RV Park. Here are the top tips for doing so.

RV Parks vs. RV Campgrounds

rv park space

The first thing you will have to make up your mind for is the type of RV park you want to stay at.

There are different types of settings to choose from. RV resorts are the most expensive kind but have the most amenities and luxury options available. RV parks are more like “parks” where you will settle in a location with many trees and grass. They also have several amenities, so at least partial hookups will always be present.

The next on the list is an RV campground. Campgrounds have fewer amenities than RV resorts and parks. At times, you might not even have electricity hookups available. Campgrounds are not the best places for motorhomes. There is another category of RV parks called regular campgrounds. In most cases, they are best for setting up your tent, and taking your RV to these campgrounds is not a wise idea.

Spacious Lots

rv parks vs campground

A look at the online reviews shows that a common complaint from RVers is their inability to sprawl freely due to the small lot sizes. If you have a full-sized recreational vehicle with slides, it becomes even more critical to have enough size to open your slides. You have to keep in mind your neighbors as well. Are they able to open their slides when yours have already been opened?

Even if you don’t have a full-sized RV, you would want space to put chairs near your RV and enjoy a small barbecue. If you have the barbecue equipment with you but the lot size does not allow you to use it, you carry unnecessary weight. So, when you are looking for the best RV park, make sure that they have spacious lot sizes that can accommodate your vehicle and some basic seating for a family session.


rv parks budget

Budget-friendliness has to be one of the top considerations when looking for RV parks. The critical thing to remember is that there are standard and luxury RV parks. These parks are resorts, and their price difference is visible in their features and amenities. When you choose luxury RV resorts, you enjoy a fusion of RV and luxury life. The luxury ones will offer things like Jacuzzis, swimming pools, and saunas. However, the price can be high for staying there. You can quickly expect them to charge you $100 for a night for your stay.

In simple words, how much money you end up spending depends on the number of amenities you want. If you are looking for a budget-friendly place, you might have to discard looking at any RV parks that like to proudly put the term “resort” in their names.

The Community

rv park community

You have to decide about this before you finalize your choice. Different RV parks offer different communities. In some settings, you can enjoy your private time and spend most of it close to nature. Some other parks offer more community-oriented settings, where they have many social events to bring like-minded people closer together. Of course, your choice depends on your preferences.

If your main aim is to enjoy nature and spend quality time with your life partner, you should pick a spot that offers privacy.

Online Reviews

Believe it or not, online reviews are your best friends when picking the best RV parks. A park might seem like the perfect place to visit after looking at the online pictures, but the people who have been to that place can give you the best opinion about the experience. They will tell you what’s missing and what’s good. They can even give you tips about how you can make your stay at a particular location memorable based on their experience. The good thing is that most RVers like to talk at length about their experiences, and that’s why you will find their reviews very helpful when making your choice.


One thing you should be clear about is that your choice of an RV park also depends significantly on the type of setup you have. However, the points mentioned above apply to almost any RV owner and should, thus, be helpful for anyone ready to go on a trip to some distant land.

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