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  1. .Buzzy, we ordered a fiamma privacy room about the same time you did, have you heard anything at all from them? We're taking deliver of our Oliver on may 1. Scubarx have you completed your skirting solution? Thanks
  2. I'm relatively new to this retirement thing, i have to keep my eye on you more "experienced" retirees, make sure I get it right!
  3. Canoe 12, I'm not an expert by any means, but from everything I've read the major differences between pwm and mppt charging profiles are at the extremes (freezing weather- low battery voltage) normal conditions are marginal at best, (read "handy bob" or trimetric sites). I would think you will be just fine, especially if you go with the agm batteries, it seems that they charge at a faster rate, and you can draw them down farther with no damage.
  4. Thanks to everyone for their posts. I've done quite a bit of research since my original post, I've come to the conclusion that the zamp gear would be sufficient for our needs.it seems that the differences between the two types of controllers is minimal at the wattages of our panels, so I'm willing to trade off the extra power for the benefits of the pwm charging profile and ease of use.
  5. I can't figure out how to add that link, the site is, ecodirect pwm vs mppt controller.
  6. oliver is in the process of building our trailer (completion mid may?). Just trying to decide whether to stick with the zamp, or possibly upgrade to the blue sky. I've been following reed's post on his experiences with the zamp and I'm unsure which way I want to go. I guess it really comes down to your preferred camping style, boondocking, full hookups, or a combination of the two. This is the best description I've seen yet for someone like me still on the fence.
  7. It's my understanding that the current solar controller being installed is the zamp pwm,were the prior blue sky controllers pwm or mppt?
  8. Just remember to return to normal pressure when unloaded, it will increase wear on the center of the tire because it reduces the area of the tire that actually contacts the road.
  9. Increasing tire pressure will decrease rolling resistance, lower operating temperature,and increase fuel mileage, up to a point.
  10. Steve, thanks for the posts, can you share what you have done for skirting on the trl?
  11. They strengthen it that much? Ok, thanks.
  12. I'm leaning heavily towards the privacy room mainly for the extra room it provides for our 12 year old beagle, he gets restless and has to "find another place" to sit. Does the center rafter come with the awning? I to have had awnings bow in the middle from rain.
  13. If you were to buy the privacy room what options would you get? I can see use of the tie downs but are the kit magic (side bars) really necessary? Thanks
  14. According to the fiamma web site the awning should not be left up in the rain, would the addition of privacy room change that?
  15. Thanks, we dealt with Heather, she gave us a tentative date of feb 19, she was working around the schedules. The motorcycle is a Honda goldwing and the thought of riding a 900 lb motorcycle up a ramp into the bed of my truck makes me awfully nervous. I appreciate your response, I have learned an awful lot of information from this forum, this is the first time I have actually joined one, I'm more of a lurker.
  16. STEVE, (nice name by the way) a few questions about the privacy room if you don't mind? Did you get any options other than the standard room, if so what did you get? Have you solved the issue of the skirting? Thanks
  17. Really curious about the privacy room, have something similar on our motorcycle camper but it's a screen room.
  18. Been following the web site for a few months, just ordered a new "Ollie" 1/10, expect delivery mid may.
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