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  1. I've had a variety of fresh water fishing boats, got tired of the expense and maintenance, even if they're not being used, bought two fishing kayaks, one for me, one for Betty. One of the best decisions I've made ( other than the Ollie), I hope I'm never tempted again! Got to quit looking. Lol!
  2. Well stated Raspy, I don't feel the need for a tpms system either, with over 5 million miles driving class 8 combination vehicles, I've had a lot of experience with tires, though I'm not a tire guy. Several years ago FedEx added tire monitoring systems to their trailers because the drivers wouldn't or couldn't ( take your pick) check their tires on a regular basis, the system automatically adds air as needed to the tire, while you would think this is a great idea in reality, not so much, what happens is tires don't get checked on a regular basis and if you pick up debris in a tire you're not aware of it, end result tire failure for loss of pressure and the heat involved in that. Every time I stop I check my tires and wheel hubs, I run my tires at 65 psi and I can tell just by "thumping' them if their low, I also touch the tire and hub to make sure their not overheating, if one is hotter than the rest, there's a problem. If you run good quality light truck tires they very rarely fail. Tpms systems are a great addition to your trailer, but there is no substitute for regular maintenance and periodic checks of running gear.
  3. Betty and I signed up for the rally today, site d15. Matt include me on the list for golf and the zip line, Betty is out for golf but zip line maybe? Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  4. I don't know if we'll be there that long, but thanks for responding!
  5. Alison, Towing in bad weather won't effect your insurance, just your patience, I've towed trailers in all sorts of weather, don't let it affect your winter camping, it's all about timing the storms, there's always "calm" between them!
  6. Dome rock it is then, thanks! Reed, we're at our sons house in Vegas, we're leaving here monday for lake havasu for 1 night, then on to quartzite for ?? Many days then I'm not sure where we're going, thanks for the offer though.
  7. Betty and I will be in quartzite Tuesday, 1/8 if anyone wants to meet, just tell me your location.
  8. I disagree, if you just swapped controllers and left her monitor and shunt alone that's a pretty fair exchange.
  9. ccarole, in early 2017 oliver switched from the blue sky solar to the zamp, in my opinion it is a comparable system and Reed thought that's what he was getting, he's done quite a bit of complaining about them switching to the zamp ( as far as I know he's the only one). I can only guess that oliver changed from blue sky to zamp for the reason that you are experiencing, it is a much less complex system to deal with. I have had the zamp system since may, and have had zero issues with it, there is no adjustments with it, it just works. My advice to you would be to contact Reed and see what he says, and I can guess he will tell how much better the blue sky system is but only if you have the patience and knowledge to deal with it. I have done a lot of research on the two systems, and on the size of the solar systems that we have there's not enough difference between the two to matter, the blue sky might recover a few more "amps" in certain conditions but it is much more complex to deal with, you don't have to do anything with the zamp. Reed has been talking about switching out his zamp to a blue sky system that's why I thought you two might want to talk. Good luck with your problem I'm confident you'll figure it out! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
  10. ccarole, here's just a random thought, Reed of karen lukens fame is very dissatisfied with his factory installed solar, which is the zamp. That's what they're installing now, a much simpler system,but it works, I believe he's going to quartzite, maybe you two could swap systems and everybody could be happy.
  11. DAVIDS post about a battery disconnect is a good one, also, you can minimize the parasitic amp draw on the 2017 and up Oliver's by flipping off the breakers in the compartment over the nightstand without disconnecting the batteries. The propane leak detector is hard wired and still draws power, but the tv, radio, max air fan,and refrigerator will be disconnected and every little bit helps.
  12. Welcome to the club!! Your question on solar is a hotly debated subject on this forum, not so much its use or function but the particular model that oliver installs. I for one like the system that they install, but I'm sure you'll get other opinions! On the question on wether to go with solar is going to depend how you intend to use your camper, we have the solar and the agm batteries and boondock almost exclusively, the combination works very well for us.
  13. I really like my friends comment, he also added that I'm cheap, I countered that I prefer frugal, but I couldn't disagree with him!! And yes i agree, it is nice to return to ones own bed and not feel like we're imposing on friends and families space!
  14. I can attest to the boondocking capabilities of our 2017 Elite ll, we took delivery of ours in may and have traveled about 6,000 miles so far, and on every trip we have stayed at friends homes at least part of the time, without hookups of any sort. This revelation prompted one of my friends to comment that we're "seeing America one driveway at a time"!!!!!
  15. Short answer to the first part, yes. It doesn't matter if it's 15 or 30 amps ac shore power or generator, 15 amps won't run everything (i.e. Air conditioner) but the charge wizard part of the converter will charge and maintain your batteries. The second part if I understand your question correctly is yes you can over charge your batteries if you hook up your generator directly to your batteries, I have a 2000 watt Honda inverter generator and it has dc output but it's not regulated, and it will overcharge your batteries.
  16. I went with the almost the same cover as you did, mine is the fibermax. I really like this cover, it's easy to install and use, the bed is dry and secure with the locking tailgate of my 2014 f150 and it doesn't cover the stake pockets on the bed rails, so I installed a ladder rack and can haul my kayaks on top. The only problem I've had was the self tapping screws stripping out on the rear latches, they were an easy fix.
  17. Reed i had the same issue, started off with 4 green lights then two of them turned red, seems like the wiring running through the cabinets were causing feedback ( don't ask me to explain, don't know) Richie at oliver moved the antenna to the sidewall right above the window, problem solved!
  18. Ditto with everyone else Dave, mine looked worse than yours ( may - november), i just reinserted it and will check it in he spring sometime.
  19. Tessa roadster, 0 to 60 1.9 seconds!!!! Think of all the testosterone!!
  20. Hello, If you contact Oliver directly they will do the search for an owner for you!
  21. If you go way back on the forum posts another owner had temp probes inside the trailer and in between the hulls, if I remember correctly there was only a 10? degree temp difference between the hulls. On the twin bed model there is a vent below the street side bed, it looks like a register in your house, it's not hooked up to anything. When it's cold just open that vent and warm air from the cabin should circulate in between the hulls.
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