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  1. That's what I was wanting to hear. I live in Illinois, just east of St. Louis, and for the last 10 or so years the county has been doing a "rails to trails" conversion. We now have over 200 miles of paved bike trails. I've not seen all of it yet, doing so currently would require me to transport my bike, and I like the idea of an assist so I don't get to far away and run out of "juice". Steve
  2. Thanks for the post Pete, I have been looking at that exact bike, test rode it twice now, the cheap side of me is having a hard time pulling the trigger. Just a few questions, it's pretty flat here, does it pull the hills well? Does the battery power last as long as they advertise? Would you buy "that bike" again? Thanks, Steve
  3. John, you have waaaay to much time on your hands. Driving a truck for as long as I did, my wife diagnosed my problem with to much time to think, pretty early on. Both of our sinks drain just fine, and my solution for sewer gas bypassing the traps is to put the sink stoppers in when we are traveling. Steve
  4. Sorry, I was typing, ( hunt and poke) when you posted about your inverter being off. Steve
  5. Just to be clear, on your first post you stated the switch was under the street side bed, subsequent post you stated curb side. The switch that townsew posted is a "sail switch" when it trips a yellow flag pops up, you push it down to reset, it's under the street side bed on the elite 2 with twin beds. I've never had what you describe happen, but I can imagine if you have the inverter on while you're plugged in and your water heater on the ac setting, or any additional devices drawing ac current, when you unplug and your transfer switch switches over to D.C. It overloads the D.C. side and it trips your "sail switch". steve
  6. I do refill mine, although it's not recommended, like bill says, the bottle has to be completely empty and I'll only refill mine 2 or 3 times before disposal. Steve
  7. That's pretty cool, who would of thunk it, comic book writers predicting the future, Apple Watch... etc, what's next, flying cars? Sign me up!
  8. I have to say, Foy, you and mirna are the nicest and most tolerant people I think I've ever met, dealing with yet another issue and you still handle it with class and patience, a lot of people would have already lost their "cool", good for you! Steve
  9. Foy, I just checked mine, no cracks. I imagine your diagnosis is correct, either the mounts are loose or have never been connected. I seem to remember someone else posting about their microwave coming out ( it wasn't mounted correctly) Steve
  10. On our ollie( hull #219) there are two ways two remove power from the D.C. Circuit, in the upper rear compartment there are a set of switches, and under the street side bed ( twin bed) there is a sail switch that a flag pops up when it is activated. But Garryand kristi is correct, even with both switches off there is still a parasitic drain from the co2 detector, the smoke detector has a 9 volt battery in it. Steve
  11. I know you didn't ask, but I have a 2014 f150 5 liter v/8 2 wheel dr with 3.31 rear axle ratio. Our last trip took us over the Rockies twice, we averaged 13 mpg over a 5,000 mile trip, normal highway mileage is 19. Steve
  12. I agree with everyone above, but do yourself a favor and weigh your setup when you're ready to camp, where you need to be careful is with your gross combined vehicle weight, and your individual axle weights, olivers are very well balanced trailers to pull , but you need to keep mindful about how your truck and trailer are loaded. Steve
  13. Mike, we camped at badlands dispersed for 4 days, and visited badlands np, Rushmore, Custer, and wall drugstore, if you don't mind driving a bit it's doable. When we were there it was the middle of "bike week" in sturgis and it was never crowded or noisy.
  14. Mike, 8miles south of wall sd is badlands dispersed, as you're going south look to your left, you'll see cell towers, when you are parallel with them there is a barb wire gate that you have to open and close, but it's a great spot, plenty of room, quiet, and "free". The entrance to badlands state park is a 1/2 mile to the south, highly recommended, and free with the geeser pass. Steve
  15. I don't mean to discourage anyone from a 3/4 ton diesel anything, but we just finished a 5,000 mile western trip, crossed the Rockies twice, with elevations exceeding 11,500feet and anywhere from 5 to 15 percent grades. My truck is a 2 wheel drive 2014 f150 with the 5 liter normally aspirated v8, it has the 3:31 rear end ratio with electric locking differential. There was never anytime when the truck struggled or I felt unsafe at all, uphill or down. Our Ollie is an elite 11 and our loaded weight is 5,940, truck weight 5,980,for a gcvw of 11,920, rear axle weight 3,580. When you spec a truck, payload and towing capacity are meaningless, the towing capacity on my truck is 8,000 lbs, but to get to that figure my truck weight would have to be completely empty, same thing with payload capacity, they just generalize because no one knows how much you weigh, options on the truck etc... The important numbers on weight are the gcvw ( gross combined vehicle weight) and your axle weights.
  16. Fishing not too good eh? What are your expectations 100 per day?!!! Nice pictures, bill.
  17. That would be STEVEnBETTY, sorry about the slow response, we were on our way to glacier, but changed our mind because of the fires. We went south on Montana 12 by missoula thinking we could find topgun2, but no luck, we ended up boondocking in white bird idaho(great spot right on the salmon river). We're currently in steamboat springs gradually working our way home.
  18. I prefer to have a little weight cushion when towing, but it's not really necessary, when the manufacturers publish weight limits, it's okay to go right up to it. The newer vehicles are much more capable than past offerings, a previous set up was a 2003 Silverado with the small v/8 pulling a sob 27 ft travel trl, everything was within specs but that truck was over matched, fast forward to 2014 (current truck) and there's no comparison, with close to the same displacement motor, it has 100 additional hp,(can't remember the torque stats) and a six speed transmission. The transmission made the biggest difference, with additional speeds it lets the motor perform at the peak torque and unlike the older automatics the torque converter "locks" up in every gear and so far it's never heated up even on some pretty good hills. I'll see how it does in a couple weeks, I haven't been over 10,000 feet with it yet, but that will be tested shortly. Steve
  19. Here are my stats and my certified numbers for our 2017 elite2. T.v. Is a 2014 Ford F-150, 5 liter motor 3:31 rear end ratio. Gvrw 7100, gcrw 13,100, front axle 3,450 rear 4,050, trl empty from the factory 5,050 with most of the options ( 4 agm batteries solar etc) except I stayed with the 20lb propane tanks to keep down the tongue weight. actual weights: truck fully loaded and ready to go ( generator, case of bottle water, way too many tools, kayaks,bikes and in general more than we need for months long trips) front axle 3,140 rear 2,840 gross 5,980 Hooked up and ready to camp( full fresh water tank, 6 gal water heater) front 2,860 rear 3,580 trailer 5,480 gross 11,920. I am 1,180 under gross, 420 under rear axle. All of these numbers are cat scale certified, it's alright to go all the way to your maximum ratings but don't exceed them. I have pulled this trl over 12,000 miles with this setup with no weight distribution hitch, but I did add a hayes sway master because all trailers are susceptible to sway. The oliver is a very well balanced trailer, all the weight is centered and very low , it tows exceptionally well, I would try it with your ridgeline, but do yourself a favor and weigh it on a scale, most truck stops have them and it's better to be safe than sorry. Steve
  20. Foy, my response at this point would be to remove the lines to all of the faucets, toilet valve etc.., and blow out the lines at the source I.e. Fresh water inlet and water pump. Steve
  21. I believe he's referring to the inherent strength of an oliver, they tow extremely well, with a low center of gravity and if they are involved in a crash I don't think they'll self destruct like the stick and staple trl in those photos. All trailers are susceptible to sway, and given the right circumstances any of them will roll. Steve
  22. Somebody with a sense of humor! Thanks Steve
  23. John, I agree with your statement about the appliance issues being between you and the manufacturer, however oliver will try to intervene. My story began the day before we were leaving for the spring rally, on my pre trip inspection, I discovered a loose wheel bearing, when I removed the wheel the axle dust cap was rattling around in the hub cap, I had no idea for how long. Needless to say the bearings and races had to be replaced, I replaced them and when I got to the rally and talked to the dexter rep, he said " it happens" and told me to turn it in to oliver. When I got home two weeks later I called Jason and sent a copy of my receipts, one week after that I called and he said dexter denied the claim (out of warranty) give him some time he'll work on it, four days later a check arrived in the mail. Outstanding customer support! Steve
  24. Foy, thank you for your follow up, just another great example of Oliver's outstanding customer support, they could have tried all kinds of jury rigged fixes I.e. Modifying the fenders, re drilling the existing subframe etc... Maniac, I wouldn't overthink this issue, if foy's fenders hadn't been damaged, he would have never known he had an problem, I've towed mine (219) over 12,000 miles and upon hearing of this problem checked my fenders for damage, and when I couldn't find any quit thinking about it. The subframe being located forward or aft a few inches, can change weight distribution by a few pounds (tractor trailers subframes are designed to move several feet to redistribute weight),but as long as nothing is making contact, and the trailer is tracking straight, no harm done. STEVE
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