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  1. Nan You may not remember meeting us at the Rally. We have the 2019 Oliver Elite II, Clam Outdoor tent, large black Labrador "puppy", and live in the Jacksonville, FL, area. Anyway, I have decided to upgrade to the 2020 model GMC 2500HD Duramax when they come out in the fall 2019. Camping beside KountryKamper at the Rally and admiring his new GMC 2500HD Duramax with matching truck cap convinced me to make the upgrade. So, my metallic gray, 2015 Toyota Tundra Limited, 5.7L, 4WD, Double Cab, matching truck topper will be for sale this fall when the 2020 GMCs come out. This truck currently has 62K miles and been serviced exclusively at the Keith Pierson Toyota dealer according to the recommended maintenance schedule. I purchased this truck in March 2015 from Keith Pierson Toyota and have all service/maintenance records. The dealer provided a lifetime powertrain warranty (that is why I so carefully adhered to the recommended maintenance schedule and serviced at the dealer), but unfortunately I do not believe it is transferrable. I also purchased the "same-as-new" detailing package which provides dealership detailing every 6-months (I enjoy riding in a clean truck but working full-time little desire to detail it myself). Also, purchased 20-inch Michelin tires July 2018 at 46K miles (they have a 70K warranty). In 2018, I added a Tekonsha 90195 P3 Trailer Brake Controller ($145) in preparation for the Oliver electric brakes (my research suggested this to be a top notch electric brake controller). The Kelly Blue Book value for this vehicle is $30K. Knowing this truck to be in exceptional condition, I do not want to trade with the GMC dealer - this is the quality used vehicle you would want to sell as a favor, not deliver to auction. We added a LEER topper (Model 180) in July 2018, with carpeted bed liner, pet screen sliding windows, and height 8-inches above the height of the cab. This LEER cap was around $2K and is not included in the Kelly Blue Book $30K value. However, it is a half-ton truck, but perfectly capable of towing the Elite II (we have towed our 2019 Oliver about 2000 miles with this Tundra - mostly flat interstate between FL and TN). I intend to sell in the fall, for $30K. I only mention in case you are not in a rush and would be satisfied with a half-ton Toyota truck. I hesitated to put this on the forum because I am not ready to sell this truck, but, it will be a great deal for someone satisfied with a half-ton and not in a rush to purchase. Give careful consideration to the type truck you will need and do not consider this truck unless you are certain you will be satisfied with a half-ton truck pulling your Ollie. After all, I am upgrading to a 3/4 ton and others seem to upgrade from half-ton to 3/4 ton too. There are definitely pros and cons in doing so. I will have little trouble selling this truck in the fall to someone in need of a good truck. If you are interested in looking at this truck, send me a PM and we can schedule a day. However, this truck is not for sale until fall 2019 after the 2020 GMC trucks are available.
  2. KountryKamper, that sure is a good looking truck!!! Color, topper, the whole package. Going to sell my 2015 Tundra Limited and get one of those trucks. The desire is simply too great.
  3. funny - folks often refer to me as SOB, now I know what that means (Some Other Brand) - might be a compliment
  4. Headed to the 2019 Rally with my two favorite camping buddies - Karren and Magnum. Sunset on Lake Seminole, FL. [attachment file=Karren and Magnum.jpg]
  5. On our way to the Rally, two nights at COE Eastbank Campground, Lake Seminole, Chattahoochee, FL. A lake view from every window. So far, very good - fish fry Saturday night and Mother Days feast today. Hopefully, pictures attached. [attachment file=Lake Seminole, FL, COE Eastbank.jpg]
  6. Being a fan of switches, we opted for the Oliver optional auto-drain option ($300). This switch is located in the closet and opens/closes the shower drain valve to the gray tank (with the auto drain option, the manual handle in the shower to open/close the valve to the gray tank is not provided). Interestingly, in the open position, a red light flashes continuously as reminder the drain valve is open. At home, we leave the Ollie parked under our pole barn, hooked up to 30amp service, with drain valve open so always ready to use sink/shower at home (our adult kids like to sleep in Ollie when they come visit). So, the red light flashes A LOT (the bulb will certainly run out eventually). I wonder if it makes more sense to close the valve, turning off the blinking light, and remember to open valve whenever need to drain bathroom water? Also, keeping valve to gray water tank closed may limit possible odors in the bathroom coming from the gray tank? Hmm. I think I just talked myself into keeping the valve closed as part of "normal" storage.
  7. Hull#444 (Elite II) took delivery April 4, 2019, with the new Dometic power awning (I am all in favor of buttons and switches whenever available). We love it! Can extend partially, or full length. Has remote control that also powers LED lights on the awning. Sensor will auto retract awning if wind is too much. No vertical secure poles to get in the way. We do not extend the awning too often, and always retract at night or when absent from the camper. I forget the option charge for the powered awning, but, well worth it in my opinion. We did not elect to get the 2nd awning for street side. Being new, everything is bright and shiny so I cannot comment on long-term maintenance considerations.
  8. CedarForks I have not verified the accuracy, but, many thanks for the effort. I printed and included in my "library" of onboard knowledge. Did you use Visio software to produce this flow diagram? Nice work. As a new owner our first night camping, one thing I did not realize, but quickly figured out, the boondocking arrangement is for pumping in water to add to your onboard tank. Being a new owner (and sometimes not too bright), I thought the Boondocking configuration was needed when not relying upon pressurized city water. What I learned, the "normal" valve configuration is used both for pressurized city water and for using the onboard pump to use water from the onboard water tank. I only share my ignorance in case another new owner is initially confused by the meaning of "Boondocking valve configuration" in the Oliver Owners Manual.
  9. The Dakotas are on my list - mostly to hunt ducks and pheasants.
  10. New Oliver owner (Hull#444) and very much interested in learning at the Rally. Good topics planned for Sunday - unfortunately, I am still working (ugh) and need to return back to work Monday morning. With an 11 hour drive back to FL, we must leave Sunday morning and head south. Hate it. Hopefully from Wed night to Sunday morning we will meet new friends and learn much from experienced owners. Next year we will plan better (and, starting in July, I will be semi-retired at 20hrs per week - working for the medical benefits).
  11. Thanks KountyKamper for the grease advice. Now, does anyone have a favorite grease gun recommendation for those Oliver axle fittings? I have a cheap gun, short metal pipe, not flexible for reaching all the 8 grease fittings on each side of the axles. Looking on Amazon, can go for $25 manual pump grease gun with flex hose, or what appears to be a battery power gun ($200). Clearly, I have not performed much greasing in the past. Oliver owners are excellent at maintenance - grease is certainly an important responsibility. Should I invest in a hassle-free easy to use tool? Or, is the recommended 3000 mile maintenance too infrequent to warrant the expense (I probably should be greasing some of my other items around here more often).
  12. you guys are spot on. Spoke with Jason (Service) and he suggested the purple hot wire on the back of one of the 3-way switches needs to be on the center post. Sure enough, the hot wire was incorrectly placed on an outer post. Simple fix. pump switch in bathroom now working independently from main pump switch. Another question - during pickup, I recall Blake mentioning the Dexter (Axle) has 8 grease points on each side to be greased every 3000 miles. He mentioned the type grease Oliver uses, but I did not write it down. Recommendations? Also, I need to purchase a grease gun with a flexible hose to reach these fittings. Recommendations?
  13. Getting use to our new Ollie hull #444. The switch in the bathroom is supposed to turn the onboard pump on and off? It only does so if the main switch on the tank monitor panel is in the on position (green light on). Seems to defeat the purpose of being in the bathroom, forgetting to turn on the main pump switch, to use the bathroom switch to power up the pump. Am I confused (likely). The bathroom switch will turn the pump on and off as long as the primary switch is in the "On" position (green light on).
  14. somehow the wrong picture was inserted (my error, I am sure). Let me try again. [attachment file=Cargo Carrierlowered.jpg]
  15. oops the cargo carrier picture was the previous picture, before I fixed the drop - let me try again. [attachment file=Cargo Carrier.jpg] [attachment file=Carrier attachment.jpg] Better?
  16. We picked up Hull#444 on 4-4 (2019) and ended up with tag number VVK 44 (whole lotta 4's). As we learn and personalize our Oliver, want to share and few items and practice attaching pictures (been having trouble with sideways pictures). First, a picture of our Oliver parked in its home: So far so good, picture seems to be oriented correctly. Now, a picture of Happy Wife Karren enjoying her new Oliver: [attachment file=Happy Wife.jpg] Another good attachment. Now, something I am really happy about, a B&W LaserJet printer/scanner/copier fits in the attic (HP LaserJet Pro MFP M29w) and setup easy with WiFiRanger. If you look close, you will notice my ROKU in the attic too, connected to the HDMI cable (really nice setup). [attachment file=HP Laserjet Pro MFP M29w.jpg] We had problems with the screen door staying connected to the main door (flimsy latch), so I installed a magnet at the base to help stay connected (works well): [attachment file=Screendoor magnet1.jpg] [attachment file=Screendoor magnet2.jpg] Lastly, my worries about the cargo carrier blocking my tag and lights - fixed by switching the cargo carrier to drop from the hitch rather than raise from the hitch - still plenty of ground clearance. [attachment file=Carrier attachment.jpg] Looks like all of my iPhone X pictures are oriented properly - the secret seems to be hold the iPhone sideways when taking the picture, not vertical.
  17. on another note, I simply cannot get these pictures loaded in the forum oriented North/South. When I grab the file, it is oriented properly but goes sideways when I select and insert. What am I doing incorrectly? Very frustrating
  18. Thanks to all for great comments. Possibly my easiest way to resolve this is to change the payload in the cargo carrier. The griddle and griddle box supplies provides a lower profile, hopefully enabling the tag and brake lights visibility. Using the cargo carrier for these items provides more room in my TV for other luxury items, like Karren's Yeti full of ice cold beers. [attachment file=Cargo Carrier.jpg]
  19. Installed a cargo carrier into Oliver installed 1.25" hitch. Current arrangement blocks tag visibility. I assume the license plate must be readily visible during travel? Any suggestions for attaching license plate to cargo carrier? [attachment file=cargo carrier.jpg] [attachment file=Hull444 cargo carrier.jpg]
  20. Our first night in Hull #444, at Montgomery Bell State Park. We are learning.
  21. Hobo The chairs in the picture belong to friends visiting. We carried 3 chairs for two of us (not sure why we carried the extra chair). I am still in search of the perfect camp chair - possibly one that rocks? With all the stuff we purchased for the Oliver (thank you Amazon), amazed at all the storage space remaining to be filled.
  22. My apologies - I just read a similar forum conversation that corrected my issue - the valve diagram for Boondocking Configuration is intended for filling the fresh water tank from an unpressurized water source (water jug) - I mistakenly aligned the valves for Boondocking thinking intended for pumping water from the fresh water tank and not a pressurized (city) water source. After returning the valves to Normal Configuration, all is good with pumping water through faucets. I am still not clear why two water source inlets (one for city water and one for filling fresh water tank) if the same valve configuration provides water for either option. I am sure it will come to me as I ponder it and maybe review the plumbing diagram.
  23. Filled fresh water tank, set valves for boondocking, cant get the pump to pressurize system. Water gurgles and burps from fresh tank overflow under the Oliver near doorstep. Manual mentions waiting for pressurizing - been a while now. First time using the boondock water system (new Oliver owner). What am I doing wrong?
  24. Now we are back at home and fine-tuning our new Ollie, based upon 3 nights camping experience at Montgomery Bell State Park, Dickson, TN. We had an absolute GREAT time and the somewhat crowded camp ground a few did visit and very interested in the Ollie. One Casita owner was quite familiar and considering a change - we enjoyed talking with him. Anyway, a few comments about the delivery and first camp experience: 1. Blake and Hunter did a great job explaining the Oliver to us (10AM to 4PM). The final hour was trying to hook the Andersen Weight Distribution hitch - had to call in the big guns (Jason) who declared our new Andersen WD hitch defective and returned with a new one out of the box, installed, and it worked. Very painful process for me when we tried to hook up and leave Sunday morning - I am thinking more seriously about a new 3/4 TV and hopefully do away with the Andersen WD hitch altogether. But, the 11 hour ride back to FL was without incident and the WD hitch appeared to do its job. 2. We had a significant problem Day1; My wife swears not her fault, but, the door locked behind her with all keys inside. We purchased the auto/code electric locking mechanism and possibly it locked behind her? the code would not open it and all keys were inside. Anyway, had to push skinny wife up through basement, through basement access hatch, and into Oliver to open from inside. We learned to keep one set of keys in TV at all times. Still not sure what caused problem, but, kinda regret getting the electronic lock. 3. Had to purge antifreeze before hooking to campground water - not a problem but a bit scary first time. 4. Every thing seems to be working great and we could not be happier! At home, testing/learning systems and should be a bit more confidence in time for Rally. Question - At home the Oliver is hooked up to house AC power (120V, 15amp) and we are running lights, frig, television, Roku, etc.; the AC started with Easy Start and ran, but, is it safe to run AC for extended time on house AC power? Hot in FL, so would like to run Air Conditioner. We plan to get 30amp service soon.
  25. All day pickup at the Mothership on Thursday (April 4) was quite enjoyable. Rainy day, but delivery occurred in the Sales Office "showroom". Great young techs, Blake and Hunter, demonstrated all things Oliver (0930 until about 4PM). Extra hour due to defective Andersen Weight Distribution hitch ball (had to get Jason involved to get my TV hooked to the Andersen WD hitch). Apparently, slightly new ball design (will send pictures in another email). Got to Montgomery Bell State Park late (before dark) and had to setup in the rain. Plumbing was winterized, so decided to spend first night without water (power hookup only). No problems leveling trailer with Andersen levelers. On Friday (today), flushed antifreeze, got Truma going, tried out composting toilet, drained potable water tank, all good. Internet using my Verizon MiFi 8800L, but also got the WiFiRanger connected to the State Park Wifi to test it all out. Still a bit uncertain of the WifiRanger - need to review some more. Very enjoyable camping setup, picture attached.
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