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  1. If you have WiFi (intent) service, you can use the Sensorpush Gateway and one (or more) sensors to monitor temp and humidity from anywhere using a phone app. WE use this system in our Oliver to monito the refrigerator and the room temperature and humidity (2 sensors, one gateway) provided the Oliver WifiRanger has internet service where we are camped.
  2. I am considering purchasing a remote (tripod) satellite dish and receiver for my 2019 Oliver Elite II. When we took delivery April 2019, we assumed the Wineguard Omni-Directional TV antenna picking up local TV stations would be sufficient for our needs. However, with Fall football season upon us, I am missing too many college football games (and some Pro games). In my experience, DirecTV offers more sports coverage than Dish (we have DirecTV at home). My question: Is the 2019 Oliver Elite II "wired" to effortlessly accommodate a satellite dish and receiver hookup to the television (TV)? Has anyone gone through this addition and is this as simple as connecting a coaxial cable from the remote satellite dish to the external access port on the back of the Oliver, connecting the cable in the attic to the receiver, and plugging the HDMI cable from the TV into the receiver? Will I need a splitter switch to toggle back to the Wineguard when not deploying the satellite dish? I am guessing some of you have installed satellite service, please offer guidance. Thank you.
  3. I am from Chattahoochee, FL, and very familiar with Lake Seminole, about 45 minutes west of Tallahassee. The COE have a couple of really nice campgrounds near Jim Woodruff Dam that the snowbirds have not taken over completely (yet). Not much to do in the area except appreciate life. My favorite is River Junction COE campground, actually in GA (Chattahoochee is on the FL/GA border, and AL is nearby). I am actually camping at River Junction COE campground next week for my Chattahoochee high school reunion (many,many, many years ago; only 60 in my graduating class). No reservations required, usually only 2 or 3 campers there. A really best kept secret and only $10 per night with Senior Pass. Another more known COE campground is East Bank (also in GA near Chattahoochee). Beautiful view of Lake Seminole and Jim Woodruff Dam. The snowbirds have found that one, so advance reservations are recommended. My third secret place is Three Rivers State Park (local secret spot, in FL) on Lake Seminole. Unfortunately, Hurricane Michael did a number on that park, most trees are gone, but recovering. A very nice FL State park located on Lake Seminole. And the Apalachicola River actually starts in Chattahoochee, south of Jim Woodruff Dam, which backs up the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers to form Lake Seminole. Great fishing, lots of alligators, this time of year lots of bugs that bite or irritate. AC is required until late fall. Near Panama City, FL, is St Andrews State Park. Very popular campground - not sure if crowded. Some damage from Hurricane Michael - have not stayed there in a while, very good fishing (on the Gulf)
  4. I have good experience with Rejex. Being a lazy sort, only applied Rejex to the front of Ollie and the hood of my TV just before the FL love bug season (for those that have not experienced love bug season on the interstate, you are fortunate). Worked great - the millions and zillions of love bug splats came off pretty easy. However, with the cautionary experiences of others, I may try Dura Gloss next time and do the entire Ollie. Someone posted a discussion of a Dura Gloss mixture for the inside of the Ollie, and it works great! Use 4 parts Duragloss 923 Fast Clean & Shine mixed with 1 part Duragloss 952 Aquawax in a spay bottle, spray interior including mirrors, and wipe with microfiber cloth. Spectacular results!
  5. If you live in SE Louisiana and do not need AC, my hat is off to you! I live in northeast FL, and AC is a must, year-round. In fact, the humidity right now is so unpleasant makes going outside a dread. So, the Oliver AC is very important for my camping experience and certainly worth carrying my Honda 2200i with gasoline stored in Jerry cans when not camping at locations with power hookups. Have lived in TN for 5-years and agree AC makes life better most of the year (some snow days, but many hot, humid days). Next summer we intend to find that camping location without humidity - that is the worst. I can do hot, but, when the air is 95% saturated, and mosquitoes and gnats are never-ending, it is quite difficult to enjoy camping. Thankful for breeze. Obviously, this is a hot-button for me - humidity and bugs. Been in north FL most of my life and seems to get worse every year (or maybe I am just getting older and less tolerant - who knows). As I recall my days as a young man, I did not seem to mind as much (or, it simply was not as bad?). I do believe fuel cells will replace generators, and nuclear power for generating electricity (and electricity for powering vehicles) will replace fossil fuel combustion, these technologies have zero greenhouse gas emissions and will move the planet toward the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 (by the way, doubtful I will be alive to experience this goal). Solar panels and wind turbines simply will never get the planet there (but, another topic altogether). I do wish Oliver could find a quieter AC. As I grow older and experience more hearing loss, the AC does seem to get quieter.
  6. Is the park actually on the Atlantic Ocean? I thought was on the St Johns and the Intercoastal, but real nice photos of ocean beach
  7. Considering camping at Hannah Park the first week of September 2019 - please provide comments regarding Park, bathhouse, fishing, beach, etc.
  8. Stopped at rest area along I-10 in FL panhandle, a Casita pulled up beside me and two gentlemen from Arizona asked to check out the Oliver. They seemed to be quite familiar with the Oliver story, and were quite impressed with the tour. Oliver sightings are rare, it seems.
  9. side, extended view of Cargo Glide 1500XL
  10. In preparation for my ARE truck cap, I recently had installed (1 hour at $120 - the installers have a forklift) a Cargo Glide, 100% extension, 1500lbs cargo capacity, stops at every 12 inches. Crawl around in truck bed looking for that chair I thought was packed, careful not to bump my head on the truck cap, simply slide the bed out and take a look.
  11. Safety hooks on the Oliver cables are too fat and will not fit into the receiver hitch hole of my new 2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax Diesel. And with the u-bolt/clevis pin setup, the hook fits through the u-bolt, but I bent the spring gizmo latch part of the hook trying to get it to close. Super-aggravating. Decided to attach safety chain hook to hitch by screwing and unscrewing clevis pin each time. Not as graceful as hooking and unhooking, but, lots better than fooling with that spring gizmo (thought about taking it off and hoping the fat hook does not jump out of the hitch hole). There must be a simple solution.
  12. If you camp in FL during the summer, that annoyingly loud AC seems to startup during the best scenes of your movie. I tried (unsuccessfully) to pair my Bose Soundlink wireless headphones to the Jensen Stereo (JWM40). The headphones were more than happy to pair to my iPhone, but no luck pairing to the Jensen audio DVD player system. I did manage to run a headphone cable to the back of the TV (with TV speaker set to "on") and enjoy the TV through the cabled headphones, but no luck with DVD and headphones (cable or Bluetooth). Any technical advice on making this work is very much welcome. My goal is to watch DVD movies wearing headphones.
  13. My 2019 Oliver (hull 444) came standard with a "push shut? new feature on the kitchen drawers supposed to keep them from opening during transport - I have never had a drawer open on me, so assume it works. When you push shut the kitchen drawer, there is a noticeable "snap shut" seems to be quite secure.
  14. A tale of two Tow Vehicles; Upgraded to 2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD, 4WD, Duramax Diesel, Denali, crew cab, standard bed. The 2015 Toyota Tundra 5.7L , Limited, 4WD, is promised to Nan. After thoughtful advice, I did purchase the extended warranty (10 year/100K mile bumper to bumper) for the GMC - simply do not want any hassles this late in life. Leaving this Wednesday first time towing Oliver LEII with 2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD, Duramax Diesel - I expect it will be a different experience.
  15. Nan In addition to the bed length and width measurements of my 2015 Tundra provided earlier in this topic, my truck cap is a LEER Model 180 which is 8 inches higher than the truck cab (not flush with the cab), so you can plan your cargo slide out with that in mind (my understanding, Steve design has a vertical component too)
  16. Extended warranties - Very interesting! Thank you for the insight. Sometimes I get the extended warranty and some time I don't (never really decided the best course). Did not occur to me to negotiate the warranty. I have put money down on my new GMC HD2500 but not yet met with the Finance Manager and gone through that dance. I have decided to pay cash (not finance) so I have an opportunity to bleed more money into the dealership bucket. Maybe listen to the warranty song and then offer half? With free lifetime powertrain warranty (and this will be my last truck), additional extended warranty offers will be of moderate interest. Having never owned anything but Toyota products, I do not know much about the long-term quality of today's GMC products. I welcome opinions regarding getting an extended warranty. Please hurry with opinions, I close the deal Thursday afternoon.
  17. Nan My 2015 Toyota Tundra is easy to drive and quite the pleasure. My wife Karren uses it frequently to do her Master Gardner projects and has absolutely no problems driving and parking the truck. Park away from everyone, do not try to get into those crowded parking spots up close to the store. Walking a bit farther is better than trying to maneuver a truck into a parking space designed for a Prius. A big advantage of a 1/2 ton pickup like the Tundra over the 3/4 ton like my new GMC 2500HD is the smoother and easier handling of the 1/2 ton Tundra. The 3/4 trucks do drive a bit stiffer, and, the diesel requires a bit more attention compared to the gasoline Tundra. I am certain you will be just fine in the Tundra. As for backing an Oliver, it is really easy, just back slow, check mirrors and camera, and if backing alone, I always get out a few times during the backing process to check behind me for obstructions and to envision my maneuvers. NEVER get in a rush when backing. At very slow backing speeds, even if something went wrong, the damage would be minimal compared to those macho backers who want to show off by "speed backing". I am an old man and I drive like one - no shame in it. Careful is key.
  18. Just purchased 2019 GMC Sierra HD2500 4WD crew cab Denali with Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8 engine and 6-speed Allison transmission. The dealer offers a LIFETIME powertrain warranty as incentive (seems like a good thing for a diesel truck?). Have not towed anything yet, but expecting to experience a different compared to my 2015 Toyota Tundra (which towed the Oliver just fine). Now, purchasing ARE truck cap and Master Glide cargo slide. All it takes is money (and apparently, lots of it).
  19. That plan works. We actually carry our lab the same as it is too hot in the far back in FL during many months of the year.
  20. Nan I certainly understand getting a cargo slide; in fact, I intend to get one for my new truck. Just want to mention the 2015 Tundra has carpet and pet screen windows in case you want to carry your dogs in the back. The cargo slide will create a new challenge for transporting your big dogs in the bed. Rather than crawl around in the bed, I have used a "pole" to move cargo toward me. And, when I do need to get into the bed, the carpet makes it easy on the knees. Once again, I fully appreciate the cargo slide, just wanted to provide additional thinking. Attached is a picture of the carpeted bed and "pole".
  21. Steve On behalf of Nan, the 2015 Tundra bed measures 49 inches between the wheel wells and 78 inches bed length
  22. Bill Yesterday, I upgraded from my 2015 Toyota Tundra to a new <span style="margin: 0px; line-height: 107%; font-family: 'Calibri',sans-serif; font-size: 11pt;"><span style="color: #000000;">2019 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali, crew cab 4WD Duramax 6.6L Diesel with Allison 6-speed transmission, 445hp, 910 ft-lb torque, 3.73 rear axle, 20-inch Goodyear wranglers, GVWR 10,000 lbs. (payload 2500lbs). Plan to install ARE truck cap. Looked at the Slide Master web site and very interested. Please keep me posted on your thinking and progress with Slide Master since we now have similar trucks. Curious as to your decision on the Slide Master model, steel or aluminum, tray, etc. I did call Slide Master and install does require drilling into that brand new, Denali-liner truck bed (ouch). Not being a skilled person, I likely will outsource the Slide Master install to a capable craftsperson (maybe Cap World since they will install my truck cap). Exciting stuff (all it takes is money). Quite sad about drilling holes, but, seems to be the way to leverage that 100% slide out. </span></span>
  23. Having purchased both, I simply cannot imagine showering without this finely crafted shower mat - I highly recommend it. And the sink cover/cutting board really adds counter space and classes up the kitchen. Super nice additions.
  24. This discussion reminds me one of the reasons I got a composting toilet. Just sayin
  25. What is diameter of hitch pin holding chains to the triangle plate? Is it 1/2 inch diameter? I want to get a longer pin with the pull handle. Also, is it possible to tighten the chains too tight? I am at five threads showing and the chains are mighty tight. No give at all.
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