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  1. I too greatly appreciate the pictures and will definitely hookup to city water same method. In this discussion, Brad mentioned using the OTT pump system with onboard water 99% of the time rather than hookup to city water - I am curious the pros and cons of choosing either option? I can guess using your own water eliminates concerns about the unknown quality and pressure of a city connection - are there other reasons? Also, does the OTT water/pump system deliver water pressure and flow response similar to the city hookup, for example when showering?
  2. Since I will not begin using my NH until April 2019 upon picking up Hull #444, my vision to avoid campground embarrassment is to place the urine container in a carry tote bag and proceed to the campground toilet facility. Also thinking, while at the facility, will likely use the campground facility for other necessities to reduce OTT wet bath use. Even though my vision is to stay in campgrounds with facilities a majority of the time (I live in the east where boondocking may not be quite as popular as out west), I have no desire to transport and manage black tank raw sewage. All my camping friends tell me no big deal, and I am sure it isn't, just prefer to avoid the campground dump stations as much as possible (my experience most State Park campgrounds have a single centralized dump station for emptying the black tank upon leaving the campground - not so much individual station access beside each camping site - I could be wrong). My plan is to stay at National and State campgrounds and not so much commercial camp grounds - this plan may change once I become an actual camper.
  3. I ordered (and waiting on) the two Andersen levelers and three Andersen Jack Blocks. Also, ordered (and waiting on) the LevelMate Pro. Although have not picked up hull #444 until April, have been stocking up so many different items (Amazon loves me). In one post, 3M VHB tape was mentioned as a method for attaching a level (bubble) to the exterior of the OTT. I am not familiar with 3M VHB tape, but, after a small amount of research, this appears to be incredible tape. Much stronger bonding than command strips? I am interested in hearing experience and knowledge regarding 3M VHB tape so I can order from Amazon and add to my room full of "supplies". Tape advertised to be this bonding must be a handy addition for an RVer reluctant to drill holes into fiberglass. Comments?
  4. Being new to trailers and will pick up Hull #444 in April 2019, leveling has been much on my mind. Have researched Andersen levers, lego blocks, LevelMate Pro, but still unsure about leveling. Reading this recent discussion, it occurs to me a simple carpenter level might be a good purchase. Please recommend best length and type level to add to my stash. Other suggestions are most welcome.
  5. Excellent questions!!! and I anxiously look forward to the answers as I am a newbie to travel trailers and battery management. This forum will definitely have the answers to these questions.
  6. No worries. Good heads up about the inverter. No question I am pleased to have purchased it and appreciate the awareness of the inverter power demands. Great suggestion to leave it turned off until needed. Upon taking delivery of my Oliver in April, it will be fun to monitor the various power demands and learn about optimizing off-grid camping.
  7. Quite an interesting discussion, especially about inverters being power hogs. Wishing I had thought through the options more carefully before placing my order. I elected to get practically all the options, including the solar, batteries, and inverter. Since I obviously failed to fully explore the pros and cons of these upgrades, my only defense is the same logic I apply to most of my "wasteful" purchases as I enter my final "golden?" years - leaving money to the kids will likely create family arguments so best to spend it up while I am still able. After all, $53K versus $70K - both amounts are pretty substantial (another way I rationalize my lack of self-discipline).
  8. Any suggestions for a printer that will fit nicely and operate inside an Oliver overhead cabinet, scan/copy/print (color would be good, but not absolutely necessary). For April 2019 Oliver Elite II pickup, we have ordered the Wifi Ranger and cell phone booster to help with internet connectivity - so the printer will need to be part of my wifi wireless network. Do not need to print too often, but, sometimes. Seems I read somewhere LaserJet printers use a lot of power - not ideal for boondocking. Just curious if an owner has found the "ideal Oliver printer" (saves me some research effort). My experience with inkjets has not been too good (clogging jets and expensive), but, that was my home office where much more printing occurs (I now have an HP LaserJet printer in my office and super pleased with it). Not opposed to inkjet for a part-time travel trailer office setup.
  9. Another option to guard against the harshness of winter extremes, live in FL as I have my entire life. No snow here (although an occasional hurricane might cause concern). I am paying close attention to forum comments regarding storage and mold control - we do have quite the humidity in Jacksonville, FL. Upon retirement, my plan is to take the Oliver to a place of cooler temperatures and lower humidity - leave the beaches and Disneyworld to those that do not yet appreciate how much fun is had standing in line for hours waiting to see Mickey Mouse or getting baked on a crowded beach with red tide and sharks all around. (I am sure the FL Tourist Bureau appreciates my comments). I think Maine in the summer time sounds about right. Or possibly high up in the mountains. My opinion, FL is a wintering spot.
  10. Interesting, and timely. We are on the fence about getting an installed microwave in our 2019 Oliver and I do believe you have just helped me decide - reckon we will opt for the extra storage instead. If later we decide a microwave is a useful item, couldn't we simply get a small plug-in type and carry it with us as we already plan to carry other electric cooking appliances such as the "One Pot" and an electric griddle.
  11. John EXCELLENT description, with pictures! I intend to purchase the composting on my April 2019 Oliver so this maintenance info is very helpful (as long as I can remember how to find this post when comes time to check the fan). Is there a way to "bookmark" these more helpful posts? I suspect by searching composting toilet I can stumble my way back to this post next year.
  12. Apologies, I am running a bit slow lately - is Oliver offering a $600 back bumper hitch receiver upgrade option on 2019 trailers? Will this back bumper receiver accommodate not only a bike rack, but possibly a carry basket plugged into the hitch for carrying coolers, fire wood, or other items that cant fit into the front hitch basket? I am not familiar with past attempts at Oliver bike racks
  13. The composting toilet is first on my 2019 build sheet, for this very reason. After watching YouTube about managing the Natures Head has convinced me the benefits outweigh the traditional system, at least hopefully for me. If I change my mind later, the black tank is installed and waiting for a switchover which, my understanding, is not too difficult. Would be interested hearing those that use the composting toilet and found it a good investment.
  14. I must say, you guys are really good! How come you know so much and after 62 years on this planet I am so lacking! Even looking at this stuff, I doubt I would recognize this as an incorrect connection. Clearly, I am at the mercy of Oliver folks knowing what to do when they build my Oliver and afterwards keeping a close watch on the forum for this expert advice. Pictures are really a help for amateurs like me - thank you for taking the time to clearly describe with words, pictures, links, and guidance. Is it reasonable to hire an "expert" to do an annual quality/safety inspection to hopefully catch potential problems (similar to taking my Toyota Tundra to the dealer for routine maintenance since I am not an automotive expert)? Maybe an annual trip to Hohenwald for a service department checkout (TN is a beautiful state to camp, especially in the Fall).
  15. Beautiful trailer! Looks like you selected the Lonseal Walnut and Holly flooring upgrade. We are considering his flooring, do you have thoughts on your selection? We have a rather large dog and I am thinking about durability, ease of cleaning, in addition to great looking flooring. How did you come to your decision to upgrade to this flooring?
  16. Excellent points - I have no data to back up any of my concerns - only reading these reviews by actual owners (I am not an owner yet). Another excellent point, how a company addresses problems is the true measure of caring. From what I have witnessed from reading this forum (and, as purchase time approaches, I read it daily), the Oliver company is extremely customer focused and the owners are very proud of their product. Apologies for my being over-dramatic - being a first-time travel trailer purchaser, I am a bit nervous and have nothing to compare other than reading reviews and opinions of others. We are all-in on trying out the camping lifestyle in retirement (as evidenced by all the Amazon Prime purchases originating from recommendations from this forum). Lastly, great suggestion to compile a checklist of past issues identified by this forum and use it during delivery. Someone also suggested camping a few days near the factory following pickup - another great idea. Thank you for your suggestions
  17. The storage space looks great and practical. I am now leaning toward not installing the microwave and getting the extra space. Seems you can purchase a small, portable, inexpensive microwave and carry it for those times might need a microwave - is this a reasonable compromise? Seems so obvious (there must be some reason it is a stupid idea, that is what I do best -come up with stupid ideas).
  18. Update - when I posted a few minutes ago, I must have been reading an older series of posts where folks were pointing out many issues and assigning D ratings, but my post a few minutes ago is attached to a pretty positive set of comments. Obviously, I am not all that good at maneuvering this forum. Anyway, I am now on the positive side of things and glad to read the opinion that quality seems to be improving compared to 2017. Hope I did not offend anyone or create "negative vibes" on this mostly upbeat forum. I truly am super excited about picking up my Oliver in April, and undoubtedly will have the future opportunity to share posts about minor problems and fixes encountered along the journey. Unfortunately, I am not near as handy as many of you and will not be able to fix the more complicated problems. But, with the assistance of this forum, diagnosing problems is a breeze.
  19. This series of posts reminds me of the Airstream forum - after spending time on the Airstream forum, I got so concerned with Airstream quality issues I bailed on buying an Airstream (my lifelong obsession) and came to Oliver. Up until now, I was convinced (through this forum,) that Oliver quality is second to none. Now, I am worried. Already put down 15% deposit for build start in December 2018 and pickup in April 2019 - Now I am thinking, do I have time to cancel and get my money back? The 15% is not so bad, but the full $70K is an awful lot of my retirement savings that I do not mind to spend for an A+ quality trailer. These D ratings are not very comforting (not sure I ever noticed a D rating on the Airstream forum, although those Airstream folks seem to be mighty critical owners). For $70K, is Oliver the best out there? My career was at times aggravating, but I got paid to do it. Here, I am paying $70K to be aggravated? Just venting, I guess. If Oliver is listening, please straighten out your quality problems before I pick up my trailer in April 2019. I figured in retirement some of my time would be spent going to the doctor, did not plan on spending time going back and forth to Hohenwald, TN. I understand a "trickle" of issues, but this post feels like a major flood.
  20. Excellent information! I will review the rvgeneratorbox website options - looks to be the ticket! If you get a chance, maybe a picture of your box in the tray? Do you run the generator in the box while in the tray? If so, how does it work? Looks like the box is vented and built for running the generator in the box? I will do some research. As I mentioned, I have a Honda2200i. Hopefully there is room in the basket for generator, metal box, and a fuel can. Once again, thank you for the information about the box, and thank you for pointing out Oliver fabricates the tray inhouse - I should have noticed from the pictures.
  21. The new basket is not entirely rectangular shape, but the dimensions are 28" x 21" x 8" high. I have attached (hopefully) the most current drawing for the basket. Upon picking up my Oliver in April2019, I hope to carry my Honda 2200i (20"x 12" x 17"high) and one Jerry gas can (14" x 7" x 19" high) in the basket. Looks as if I can carry them perpendicular to the hitch in a 16" x 28" rectangular area toward the back of the basket and avoid the three-sided shape of the basket front. I would like to obtain a weatherproof cover to protect the generator during road travel. Ideally, a lockable metal cover. Somewhere I read the basket weight limit is 140lbs (the Honda generator and the gas can should be under this limit). If I ever need to run the generator, it is light enough to easily remove from the basket to operate on the ground. If anyone has ideas about a cover, I am very interested. I sent note to Oliver asking if they outsource the fabrication of this basket in hopes I might contact the fabricator directly to have a lockable, weatherproof cover made (Aluminum?). All comments and opinions are most welcome. ELITE-2-STORAGE-BASKET-PRINT-09-01-18.pdf
  22. Great catch! I too much interested in propane monitoring system. Is this a new thing?
  23. Oliver folks told me the 2019 LEII options will include an upgrade Dometic 9500 Case power awning with LED light strip ($595 upgrade). Being a push-button sort of person, this is on my list. The Dometic site video shows this power awning to be pretty straightforward. Has a wind sensor, rain dump, remote control, and no vertical support arms (only horizontal extending arms that hold the vinyl top. Not sure about manual override when power and/or motor fails, but I am guessing it has one. Being from FL, we are big on shade and bug-control (already purchased the Clam screen tent).
  24. An upgrade option is the Lonseal Walnut and Holly flooring ($1000 upgrade). For this amount, it must be special. We have dogs and worry about scratches, dirt, odor, etc. A runner rug seems like a good option to protect the floor, but, pet odor? As we build out our LEII build sheet, seems very few upgrades are getting scratched from the list. Should we consider an upgrade flooring option? What is Lonseal Walnut and Holly flooring anyway (why is it such an expensive upgrade)? Your opinions are most welcome.
  25. You guys are killing me. I am all excited to pickup my first travel trailer (EII) in April2019 and now you guys are dreaming of a larger size? But, for only the two of us soon-to-be retired couple, an important consideration (in my mind) is ease of towing, setup, handling, and off-grid enjoyment. A larger (wider) travel trailer, especially 5th wheel, might be more than I want to handle. I did look seriously at Airstreams and thought much about the extra room, but, complaints about quality and the slightly larger towing burden were factors in deciding to purchase an Oliver. I can see where a "family market" would be served by a larger design. Seems the Oliver Elite II is just right for what I need at this stage of life.
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