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  1. I got the 22inch (2 burner added flexibility, but still potable). But, the 17 inch is perfect too. Love this thing and got hose quick connect for Oliver gas system ( or just use small bottles). Very versatile cooking machine
  2. We are ready to leave FL in the morning to visit the mothership and pickup Hull #444 on Thursday (04-04-2019). My 2015 Toyota Tundra Limited, 5.7L, 4WD is packed with way too much stuff after a year of following forum suggestions, which has resulted in soooooo many Amazon purchases - Clam tent, Blackstone griddle, beautiful wooden shower mat and sink cover (thank you Foy), rugs, chairs, pillows, blankets, table, water filter and regulator, electricity stuff, tape, door magnets, coconut coir, Magna cookware with induction stovetop, tools, Andersen levelers, wheel chocks, LevelMate Pro leveler system, LP gas quick connect hose, Solo Stove Bonfire, Mifi 8800L jetpack, TPMS, Yeti Tundra 65 cooler, food, drink, clothes, portable air compressor, propane monitor, Honda 2200i generator... Got everything except the Oliver Legacy Elite II (and, will have that this Thursday). Plan to stay in Dickson, TN, at the Montgomery Bell State Park for three nights and learn the Oliver trailer. Not too far from the factory in case assistance is needed. Then, back to FL for Karren to do her magic inside the trailer before the Rally in May. Looking at my overpacked TV, I am thinking all we really needed was blankets, pillows, and maybe a coffee maker. Way too much stuff for a maiden voyage. Over time, we will learn how to camp properly.
  3. Hobo, I think the failed attachment is on me - let me try again.
  4. You guys are so creative, and talented! Seems everything I do involves a bungee cord
  5. David, this is a super write-up and exactly the setup I need when picking up Hull#444 on April 4. I purchased the cell phone booster and WiFi Ranger sky pack options, and recently purchased a Verizon 8800L jetpack with the prepaid, unlimited data plan ($70 per month). I intend to follow your instructions to the letter. The pictures are very helpful. What I need now is a compact LaserJet printer/scanner/copier and some advice on the best place to put it. This summer, I plan to semi-retire to half-time (yahoo) but I still need to be connected as I travel into the scenic country with my lab retriever, Magnum, and sometimes my lovely wife, Karren, but continue to work part-time. I am a Professional Engineer so need the printer/scanner/copier and connectivity for my work. Also, I DO NOT LIKE ink jets. Never had any luck with the very expensive ink jet cartridges. I am a fan of HP LaserJet (my home office is a HP Color Laser Jet Pro MFP M281fdw which is too big for the Oliver). Printer recommendations? Once again, thank you for a great description - I intend to print and include in my "Oliver User Manual" which continues to improve with wonderful sections such as your connectivity recommendations. I am a bit old school - sometimes find written manuals/plans to be more convenient than reliance on the internet.
  6. George & Karen (Hull #441) - we are Ken and Karren (not a misspell) and we pickup Hull #444 on April 4. Pretty exciting! When you picked up Hull #441, did Oliver go through all the appliances, including the Truma, to verify working order before you left? I am curious about the delivery checkout "punchlist" to make certain everything is working properly. Do they fill the water tank to checkout the onboard pump, and the Truma? City water connection? Electrical components? Or is it more like a new car purchase where the salesman takes your money, hands over the keys, and wishes you all the best. We have never owned a camper so not sure what to expect. Did you stay overnight near Hohenwald and if so, was the Truma working that first night? We plan to stay about one hour away from Hohenwald at Montgomery Bell State Park, Dickson, TN, for three nights and visit friends in Dickson, TN. While at the State Park, we plan to test every feature before we head back to FL - but, we pickup on Thursday and any problems unearthed over the weekend require a stayover until Monday if we need factory service assistance. Congratulations on your pickup, hope to see you at the Rally.
  7. MontanaOliver Those are wonderful pictures! I have been to Choteau, MT, on three occasions (all in November) and absolutely love the State (my engineering company has a 3-person office in Choteau). My wife is a true Florida resident and extremely doubtful would appreciate Olivering with me in this type weather. Anything below 60 degrees and Karren is done with it. So, possibly just me and my lab retriever Magnum visit a fourth time this coming fall. (will be a fairly long trip from Florida to MT, pulling the Oliver). Once again, your pictures really are great (in my earlier life I must have been a mountain man). And, what a great looking dog - what breed? Appears to have a great winter coat.
  8. Thank you for sharing this hard lesson learned. I purchased the Truma (pickup in April 2019). Living in FL, I need to ask if winterizing is necessary in FL? We rarely get below freezing for any extended period of time. When I pickup in April, I intend to ask Oliver about the trigger needed to winterize the unit.
  9. I ordered the 1.25" receiver for my April 04, 2019, Oliver delivery. My plan is to attach a Pro Series 63155 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4” Receiver HERE to carry a Yeti Tundra 75 cooler HERE and, if space remains in the 20" x 48" cargo carrier, my Solo Stove bonfire pit HERE. Please provide comments regarding this plan, pointing out things I might need to consider. I also ordered the Oliver storage basket on the hitch to carry other items, such as Honda 2200i generator and fuel can. (this is the first time attempting to insert links into my message, apologies if did not work).
  10. I received a call about a week ago from Lake Guntersville mentioning some of the camp ground is being renovated and my reserved spot needed to be changed, and if the renovations are completed in time for the Rally they would move me back to my preferred spot. Has anyone else received such a call? To be honest, never been to Lake Guntersville so when asked for my preference all could think was near other Oliver folks and close to the bathroom facilities.
  11. I have a fairly new Honda 2200i (gasoline) and really like it. What about the conversion kit to run on gasoline or propane? Is the kit easy to install? I ordered the propane quick connects front and rear for my Oliver Elite II (to be delivered April 4) - will the Honda Generator 2200i with kit installed run on these propane quick connects? Seems pretty cool, but, I am not too mechanically-inclined and would need the kit install to be fairly easy (would hate to blow up my new Oliver with a propane leak while running the generator). If anyone has experience installing and using this conversion kit, I am interested. Also, what is easiest kit to purchase. Primarily interested in ease of install and safety of operation, not the most economical way to get this done.
  12. Now that is a great looking TV and topper combination!
  13. I have a 2015 Toyota Tundra double cab, Limited, 4WD, 5,7L, excellent condition and more than ready to tow my new Elite II when I pick it up April 4, 2019. However, what my wonderful wife of 32 years does not yet know, I have my eye on the soon-to-be-released 2019 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali HD 4WD (maybe a Christmas gift to myself)
  14. My trailer backup strategy is simple - back extremely slow and check mirrors often. That way, if something goes wrong, damage is likely to be minimal. Some like to back quick and forceful, I guess as a demonstration of skill and confidence. Not me, even though my wife is sometimes embarrassed by my turtle pace, and traffic must wait for me to complete maneuvers, this is how I roll.
  15. This truck is sweet! Loaded-out Denali probably $80K or better? Maybe my kids will pitch in and get me for birthday in recognition of the mountains of money I spent raising them (just joking, of course)
  16. I apologize with struggles with my attachment - once again, I have done something incorrect in my previous attempt to attach the PDF describing the Nissan Titan XD truck I was considering. [attachment file=Coggin Nissan 2018 Titan XD.pdf] Let me try again. Coggin-Nissan-2018-Titan-XD.pdf
  17. BackofBeyond Thank you so much for your thoughtful and helpful comments (And, the great pictures - excellent looking rig). Your response has really helped me move my thinking forward. I have been liking the GMC and, after reading your comments, decided to focus my research on GMC and not bother with Nissan or Ford. Very helpful! I am in no rush, so, should be able to find the perfect trim and price for my needs. Once again, thank you for taking time to share your story.
  18. I was all content with my paid off 2015 Toyota Tundra 5.7L, 4WD, Limited Edition, 55K miles, excellent condition, for picking up my April 2019 Oliver Elite II and using it as my tow vehicle, but now all of a sudden I find myself considering purchasing a more powerful diesel tow vehicle. My problem, I always want new, high end stuff (one of the reasons I selected an Oliver). So, my options for 3/4 tons are all pretty pricey (unless my lottery ticket is a winner this week). A new Ford F250 diesel with the platinum trim package is up toward $80K (who does that?). However, I have a good friend who works at Nissan can get me a "friend" discount on a new 2018 Titan XD, 5.0L diesel, top of the line Platinum Reserve package, with friend discount plus current incentives for $50K. I know nothing about Titan XD trucks (and very little about Ford, GMC, or diesel for that matter). Been a faithful and happy Toyota owner for many years and purchased several Toyota vehicles. This is uncharted territory for me. I welcome any opinions regarding the 2018 Titan XD diesel (some refer to is as a 5/8 ton truck) compared to the "true" 3/4 Ford and GMC trucks. I will be test driving the Titan XD Platinum Reserve Diesel tomorrow and I am worried the 2018 model dealer incentives will expire soon. On the other hand, I am certain my 1/2 ton Tundra will handle the job, but as I have learned from this forum, the numbers are close and the 1/2 ton might struggle at times. Seems the larger 3/4 ton diesel trucks can handle the job with minimal effort (except, not sure about this 5/8 ton truck). Opinions and thoughts?
  19. In case anyone is bored enough to wade through the Excel sheet I attached earlier, I think I found an error in my calculation sheet. I included both a tongue weight (10% of the total trailer weight) AND a hitch weight (460lbs that Oliver provided in their spec sheet). Now that I am thinking about it, the hitch weight is probably meant to be the tongue weight.
  20. I have a 2015 Toyota Tundra Limited, 5.7L, 4WD double cab, with LEER cap, and will pickup Oliver in April 2019. This afternoon I created the attached spreadsheet to help me check my own situation (it is raining in FL, so, nothing better to do today). There is a good chance the sheet is created incorrectly, or the inputs are wrong - I would appreciate a critical look over. If my sheet is correct, my Tundra GVWR (7100lbs) is within 25lbs of the Gross Vehicle Weight (people, cargo, hitch, tongue weight). Too close. I am seriously considering going truck shopping.
  21. Very good discussion. As I ponder the 3/4 ton upgrade, what about fuel? I have always driven gasoline vehicles. Is diesel the way to go with 3/4 ton trucks for towing Ollie? My friends with 3/4 trucks all seem to be diesel - must be a reason.
  22. I have a 2015 5.7L Toyota Tundra Limited 4WD, double cab, 55K miles, LEER cap (about 200lbs), recently paid off, - someone please tell me I am ok to use this truck with my new 2019 Oliver in April. I did purchase the Andersen WD hitch option. As much as I like the idea of a 3/4 ton truck, Toyota does not make one and I do prefer Toyota products (and, I really am happy to be done with vehicle payments). However, if the 3/4 ton Tow Vehicle is truly the way to go, suggestions? Ford? GMC? I have not shopped other brands in many, many years. My Tundra is in beyond excellent condition - I can certainly get a good price (or trade-in, except dealers always get the best of me).
  23. Simply sharing some of our purchases as we get closer to pickup in April 2019. Form these pictures, two things come to mind: no surprise Amazon is so prosperous, and, I may need to host a yard sale at the Rally upon realizing some of this stuff is not needed. My goal is to be penniless on my last day on earth, and, seems I am well on my way.
  24. Excellent point. Let me restate my effort as a desire to gather pictures showing the different ways people Oliver camp. As you rightly point out, a "Best Practice" is in the eye of the beholder, and circumstances certainly influence methods. Being a complete newbie, I am the least qualified to recognize a "Best Practice" when comes to Oliver camping. Hopefully the pictures will simply give me ideas and help me prepare my mind for this new experience. Another example (and picture) from a thread I will never be able to find again was a 30amp male connector attached to an inexpensive voltmeter and current checker meter (technical name) used to test shore power connections before connecting the Oliver. This picture represented one way to check shore power before hooking up the Oliver. I am sure there are other good ideas about safely connecting to shore power at campgrounds. These are the type pictures that will help me prepare for blastoff in April 2019.
  25. As I continue preparations for Oliver Elite II pickup (#444) in April 2019, I am putting together a notebook of camping "Best Practices" with pictures clearly showing the best way to camp with the Oliver (a "How to Oliver Camp Manual"). A perfect example is John Davies picture of hose and filter attached to the City Water Connection - truly a Best Practice. Being new to camping with a travel trailer, I am interested in actual camping pictures showing Best Practice setups with shore power, generators, rugs, grills, Clams, levels, cooking, dishwashing, setup in Walmart for overnight boondocking - practically any routine activities where your experience has found the "Best Practice". The forum is great for sharing pictures pertaining to fixing or modifying things - my request is for pictures showing the everyday Oliver camping life you probably take for granted, but, newbies like me may find instructional. Just a thought.
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