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  1. Mine are Galgos I adopted from Spain. Since they are in the sighthound family, I would never be able to release them from a leash. My vision is me being tethered to them 24/7.
  2. Thanks to everyone who responded. I do have a good financial planner and one that I trust (even though he works for WF). He has advised me to get a loan for the Oliver and not take it from savings. He said it would cost me $30,000 in taxes next year and $9,000 the year after..a snowball effect. It makes me sick when I think I saved all of those years to pay a hospital bill or some whacko thing like that. I am 72 years old and in no way am I thinking about going back to work. I volunteer at Kairos Prison Ministry and am a caregiver for Hospice in Savannah..and love both. If I had it to do over, I would put the savings in a safety deposit box and be able to pull it out as I wanted. Again, thank you all and hope to meet some of you at the rally in May.
  3. Thank you everyone for your wonderful advice. Now I have another dilemma and I think this is probably not the forum to use, but since I am on it, I will. All my life I have saved using the 401 at work. (And this was working at a paper mill). After retiring, I transferred the money into Wells Fargo. This is what they are saying: I will be paying too many taxes to draw from my account. I absolutely do not want to go in debt for a new truck and an Oliver when I have the money in Wells Fargo. I also do not want to sell the house unless I am sure that I want to go full time. I am toying with just throwing caution to the wind and do it, but also am a little scared. Has anyone been in this same boat? What did you do? Thanks again.
  4. Woody Folsom in Baxley, Georgia has some 2018 1500 left, but no 2018 2500 left. Will I be OK pulling an Oliver II with the 1500? I know I have probably asked this question before, but since I do not know anything about towing vehicles, I am at the mercy of the salesman. Thanks again.
  5. Dear Coy, I did call them today and left a voice mail. No one has called me back yet and my AOL is down now for over 24 hours..so no e-mail from them or anyone else. Thanks, Nan
  6. Besides the lodge...under this grey hair is a blonde.
  7. Hey all. I signed up for the Rally today. But, the lodge has my name as Nan Walker...it is Nan Wallace. I wonder who I have to contact to make this change??? Thank you, Nan Wallace
  8. Thanks everyone. The reason I have my eyes on the larger Oliver is because I have two Galgos. One is 45# and the other is 55# and I think I would need the space for the three of us. I plan on going to Tennessee soon.
  9. I have never pulled anything. I hope to be buying an Oliver II and have been reading all of the posts about a TV. I have not bought one yet because again, I do not know anything about a TV. I do know that I am a small woman and at 72 years old maybe all of this is a dream and I should just find a rocking chair. About the Anderson hitch..I read that you said it was a PITA, so do not think I want to go that route. But, thank you for answering.
  10. Little nervous about hooking up an Oliver to a TV by myself. Thanks.
  11. They have the factory tour on this website so you can just stay put and watch it. Also, the Oliver factory had 2 or 3 of their 23' campers for sale at the plant. You could add any option you wanted on them..just saying, because they are already built so that would cut some construction time out.
  12. Hello everyone. I do not have an Oliver yet, but do plan on owning. I will also need a tow vehicle. I absolutely know nothing about any of this and will be reading all of your posts! Thanks, Nan
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