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  1. The Mega-Dinette attaches to the wall and the pedestal using the same fittings, tightened down with the 2 thumbscrews. The table and all other tops are a fast, easy DYI install, and Foy provides clear written instructions.
  2. The primary ingredient in WD-40 is mineral spirits. At home I always have a gallon can of mineral spirits around. Many years ago I had a friend that worked as a chemist at a DuPont. One time we were hanging out, and another friend asks him the best chemical to use to dissolve old duct tape stuck to aluminum. He explained that he frequently got questions like that, everyone always looking for the quick chemical fix, the magic bullet. His answer was…….heat & time. Don’t rush the job, just use inexpensive mineral spirits, or diesel fuel. Warm the sticky substance to be removed with a heat gun if needed, and let ‘er soak. Wrap a rag or paper towel soaked in it on the stuff to be cleaned, and go find something else to work on. That advice has worked countless times for me since.
  3. We picked up 797 on May 7th. No decal, just the nice placard.
  4. Many of us here in Ollie World are familiar with the beautiful woodwork of fellow Oliver owner Foy Sperring. Not long ago he introduced an extended dinette that adds 5” to the length, it’s been a very popular model. Our 2021 Oliver Elite II was ordered without the fiber granite (not an option on 2022 models), so we could invest that money into Foy’s woodwork. Andrew K suggested to me the dinette could be improved by adding 2” width on each side. We took a chance and asked Foy to make us a complete set of tops and cutting board in walnut. We also ordered the drawer organizers. We are thrilled with the outcome! The extra 5” length, 4” overall dinette width, is a good size, and looks great too. It’s amazing how much extra space is now available to us for dinner, and we don’t have to scoot way forward on the seat cushion to eat. The walnut looks terrific, but I think mahogany or other woods are beautiful too. This dinette top will not work as a bed, but we still have the fiberglass top if we take the grandchildren camping. We are very grateful we have a master craftsman like Foy on our team, I strongly recommend his products.
  5. Good idea John, but I regret I don’t have a typed checklist I can copy and paste. I made notes to myself in a spiral notebook, and then took more notes during the delivery process. What I learned is several of the problems or deficiencies of the past have been corrected or improved by Oliver. What would be more useful to new owners is a list of problems we are finding in current models. Same list should be communicated to Oliver as a work order. In any case, this might make an interesting new topic if you’d like to start one, but I don’t have much to report right now. My biggest gripe is the lack of an electrical diagram, everything else is small stuff. If this is all I can complain about, I need to go camping! If you’d like to PM me your phone number, I’d be glad to discuss with you.
  6. I took delivery of #797 on May 7th. The delivery was a very pleasant experience. Having owned an Elite 1 previously, I knew how most of the stuff worked and had already done the research on the stuff I didn’t know about. As I advised this forum, I discussed electrical diagrams with Jason. He has been asked about this by old and new customers many times recently, so I got a smooth and polite response. I’m guessing my experience was similar to Donna and Scott. The short of it is electrical diagrams are not available to us at this time. Liabilities, many variations in design due to options, etc. He suggested I use the 2019 version in the Oliver University, and call and ask questions about anything I can’t figure out. I’m In the process of inspecting and mapping out the key systems, and labeling the wires, fuses and breakers myself that are not already identified. Yes, it’s a hassle, but I try to pick my battles. I had several questions my delivery person could not answer, but she went and found Jason, who expertly answered them all, I was very pleased I did not find any significant problems with my Oliver (still looking). I had come prepared with a checklist of every problem I had read about on the forum, and I went looking. Many of the minor problems have been corrected, it seems Oliver has been listening to feedback. The trailer was not perfect, but much better than my expectations, and nothing I can’t fix myself easily. My wife and I are just grateful to have it, been waiting since September! Life is good.
  7. Glad you suggested this Landrover, I think I may go with that option.
  8. Followed Overland’s suggestion and looked for Hardigg cases on Facebook Marketplace. I found dozens of good candidates for less than $60 within 50 mile radius. I’ve got some smaller ones, but plan on getting a bigger one for cargo tray. Search “aluminum storage tray dimensions” in this forum if you need to figure out what sizes will fit.
  9. The 5200 lb de-rated axles make sense, he didn’t elaborate. Apologies for the confused statement on the disc brakes, I was referring to the 2022 models. My salesperson said that disc brakes are not an option on the 2022 models that are being ordered now. Perhaps they will be an option on later models. Just passing on the information I was told, I recommend it be confirmed by any prospective buyers.
  10. My guess is Oliver Production has great wiring diagrams. They just don’t want us to have them, don’t understand why. I plan to pester whatever management I can locate when I take delivery early May. In the meantime, Ive downloaded the 2019 version. If you don’t have the Solar Pro package, I would assume it was nearly the same. If there are significant changes, please share. Thanks.
  11. My Salesperson, Josh, told me 2 weeks ago that 2022 models of LE2 come standard with Dexter 3500 lb axles, drum brakes and sealed bearings. 5000 lb axles are available as an upgrade. Disc brakes are not an option they are offering at this time.I’d suggest you confirm these details if you are looking to get a 2022.
  12. Wife & I have reservations for 3 days. We are scheduled for delivery of our second Oliver on May 7. If all goes well at Davy Crockett we plan to meander down the Natchez Trace & loop back to site E41. Looking forward to sharing ideas and potential future modifications based on meeting you all!
  13. In Florida, we have no annual property tax. We pay a one-time sales tax, in my county it’s 7% total. Annual tag and registration fee is < $50. I don't know if you can license your Oliver here if you are not a resident. They validate my drivers license when I register a vehicle.
  14. I had the same tires you have on my Elite I. I followed advice on this forum from experienced owners, kept them at 55psi. As expected, the trailer rode much softer, good wear, no fallen window shades, no parts rattling loose. I checked the temps at every stop, never got above warm. I’m just guessing, but this is just one of those issues that many OTT owners seem to disagree with Oliver. When I get my new Elite II in a few months, I’m going to air the tires down to 55 before or shortly after I leave the lot.
  15. Retracting this suggestion. I just received an explanation from AndrewK. It seems Oliver can’t modify the door due to RVIA requirements for areas where batteries are stored. They can’t even sell the door without holes. Easiest option is plug the holes and insulate the compartment. Andrew was able to get some of the fiberglass hole plugs from Oliver.
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