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  1. Another spec will confirm you need the Andersen WDH. See the table John Davies posted earlier. It states the Maximum Tongue Weight capacity for a Titan XD hitch is 500lbs (no WDH). Your vehicle might be different, but probably not. That spec is not on the door stickers, it may be in your manual. On my truck, it’s stamped on the underside of the hitch. The Oliver LE2 Tongue Weight is 490 lbs, empty & parked, without the front basket. Therefore, you will likely be over capacity without the Andersen WDH. If you are ever involved in a crash (your fault or not) your insurance contract could be voided, because by law you must adhere to OEM towing specifications.
  2. I have a similar pole barn storage situation, it is heavily shaded, no direct sunlight. Despite this, my panels get a charge during daylight. In your situation, it might be enough to keep your batteries charged up. Given that it’s only a 3 week period of storage, perhaps you could not bother to disconnect batteries and check on it periodically to see if it’s doing ok? If you have a generator, you could charge up the batteries in a pinch. As a future mod, you may want to install a battery disconnect switch. Several posts on alternative ways to do this in this forum. Your Zamp controller does not require this. It will boot itself up quickly and work fine as soon as it gets sunshine.
  3. I don’t have an inverter so perhaps that’s why I have 4AWG.
  4. Apologies, I had a senior moment while typing, I meant 4AWG. Not sure about that wire size, just guessing from my pic. I edited my post.
  5. In John D. Original post he mentioned the upper sides of the drawer panels were already clear-coated, hence my suggestion the bottom could be done likewise to seal & stabilize. It was just a thought, I may do nothing to my drawers until it’s necessary.
  6. Looks like I have some black stuff sprayed on the ground stud. Another easy task on my list, check this out and improve this ground connection as needed.
  7. Yep, I get your point. However I meant the underside of the drawers (the side you don’t see), just as an overkill measure for those not in agreement with the glue.
  8. I’ve had only one light stop working in galley. Could have been my fault as I was tapping them instead of touching them, my wife finally trained me. A quick call to Service had a new one sent immediately.
  9. Case in point, consider Jason spent 2 hours via phone helping to resolve a non-warranty situation for a second owner.
  10. I checked my 2021 on pickup, all 4 were balanced. It seems some slip through. This has come up before, Oliver will reimburse the owner for the balancing, but it’s still a hassle. Also, just to confirm, 2019 & later are using Cooper Discoverer HT3 LT 225/75R/16 tires.
  11. I agree geO, Frank’s method is very good. I haven’t had to do it yet, but if I were removing wheels at home to do maintenance, I’d use the equipment I have, which includes large floor Jack, Jack stands, wheel chocks etc. all on a level concrete floor. However, your original post and objective wandered off into roadside repairs, which is what my posts referred to. How I will change a tire on the side of the road is different than how I will change it in my garage, due to the equipment & conditions.
  12. Yes, this is correct. The way I read your post, I cannot tell if you are asking if you need a neutral ground plug. As mossemi advised above, the answer is yes. If you have a neutral ground plug, but it is malfunctioning, it can be easily checked with a simple circuit tester. I have an older Honda EU2000, and I have no trouble running the same AC you have, with the Micro-Air Easy-Start. I cannot run it in Eco mode. Your EU2200 should have no problem. If all your equipment is functioning, it could be as simple as too many loads as mentioned in previous posts. Some things to check if you have not already…Inverter Off, Charger Off, Refrigerator on propane or Off, Suburban hot water heater (if equipped) AC switch OFF. To test, just turn off all AC breakers except the AC. To confirm your trailer indeed has the Easy-Start option you paid for, turn off the AC when connected to shore power, then turn it back on. The AC fan will start up, but warm air will come out. There is a 3 to 5 minute delay before the compressor kicks in. This is a built in system safety feature of the Easy-Start.
  13. That’s Ok, I’ll give it a try and send Jason & Rodney an email.
  14. Same with us. We do have solar panels, but opted out of the inverter also.
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