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  1. Happy Thanksgiving from a future Oliver owner...
  2. Not having RV'd before in my life, this is a potential new territory for my wife and I. Watching YouTube or reading forums, it seems like there's a definite culture around the RV lifestyle. We're used to living in a major city, and security is constantly an issue. My questions: Has anybody had security issues while boondocking? Or even while staying in a campground area? Issues of theft? In campsite situations, is it common for other campers to join you? Frankly, this seems to be an easy way of being set up. Particularly if someone wants to see the inside of the trai
  3. Hello - I was wondering how people clean the exterior of their Oliver trailer? Is it ok to wash them using a pressure wash at a typical car wash? Do you recommend waxing these trailers? Also, is the roof safe for walking? What's the best way to clean the roof without damaging equipment? I don't yet own an Oliver. Just looking into these and learning about the RV life as retirement approaches. Thanks
  4. Jekyll is one of my favorite spots. Great bike riding areas... lots to explore.
  5. Congratulations on your new trailer! I hope to buy one in a couple more years. Enjoy the journey!!
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